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Russia and Ukraine - how are we, collectively, an energetic match to THIS?

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

We have a kind and talented member of our team who produces our podcast, youtube videos and meditations. He's a delightful human, with an amazingly positive, can-do attitude. He makes his own music and sports killer dreadlocks.

He lives in Kyiv and his country is being invaded.

I’ve had days of contact with him since this started, and days without. I’m googling ‘what is happening in Kyiv - latest’ about once an hour and I’m stressed and tense thinking about him, his country and his people.

Why that country? Why those people? Did they create that reality?

It’s times like this that the message Oron keep giving us - 'the universe is a mirror' - can feel a tad... preposterous? Ludicrous? Like a steaming pile of dogshit?

If the universe really is a mirror, what the fuck is happening in our collective energetics to make us a match to THIS?

As I've pondered this, and chatted to some of my wisest friends about it, I discovered something that's helped me reconcile the ridiculous fuckupness of what is currently occurring, with my firm belief in Oron's 'the universe is a mirror'.

This is my take.

What we're seeing is Putin - a person with a lot of power + resources + belief in his ability to 'win' - responding to his strong dissatisfaction with the current configuration of the universe by taking massive and violent action to create what he considers better.

It’s big, it's violent, it’s horrific, it’s heartbreaking, and it totally royally sucks.

But when we boil it down to its essence, and if we're willing to be brutally honest with ourselves, isn't that how most of us live?

Not with that level of violence and brutality, obviously. And not on a global scale.

But the pattern? The trying to force the universe to be what we want it to be?

Don't we all do a hell of a lot of that?

When we really care about something, and its form in the outer world is unacceptable to us, there are very few of us on the planet right now who don't look at it and deem it 'wrong'. Who don't feel like we should act to change it. Who don't wanna 'fix it'.

Even those of us who are trying to live conscious lives get WAY more caught up in this 'make the universe different' dynamic than we even realise, let alone admit.

Myself included.

And because the universe is so incredibly well calibrated (we planned the timing of this episode before Russia invaded Ukraine), last week's podcast episode just happens to be me talking you through how I recently discovered that I've been trying to control the universe too.

I try to live consciously. I've got no dramas admitting when I've fucked up, or where I could have done things better. And I try to be honest with myself.

And STILL it's taken me YEARS to see that I was trying to use my spirituality to control the universe.

Humanity is going through a massive process of evolution right now. And the fact that this pattern - the tendency to try to force the universe into the configuration we wish it would take - is being shown to us on a grand scale.

That's how our collective energy is a vibrational match to what we're seeing.

And there's something else that's critical here - particularly after most of us have been in some degree of 'isolation' for the better part of 2 years.

I have NEVER seen the world in this much agreement about ANYTHING.

I have never seen one country inspire the global respect, love and support that Ukraine is inspiring.

I'm not a history buff, so it may have happened and I just don't know about it. But even if it HAD - it's never been with this much energy and this much consciousness. Because the world has never been this connected (a solitary win for social media 😉?).

And that's another thing Oron keep telling us. We are all connected.

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