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The evolution of self-identity

For as long as I can remember, I’ve thought of myself as a writer.

Every potential home I've ever looked at has been assessed through the same filter:

But I recently realised that the only thing that's ever inspired me to actually sit down and write ... is you.

Writing these blog posts and working on the accompanying cartoons is the highlight of my days. I craft them like they’re works of art. I edit and polish them until they're as shiny as my soul.

It's work, but it feels like joyous, effortless effort. Even when my drawings aren't working, it’s never frustrating. I feel so deliciously in flow that the entire process is delightfully fun. It fills me up.

One of the greatest compliments I’ve received is that even though my recent posts have been about the pretty heavy topic of my dad’s brain cancer, my drawings have brought lightness, pleasure and delight to my readers.

And honestly, that makes my eyes mist up with joy a little.

A week ago, I was hit with the most delicious bit of inspiration. It’s going to mean a lot of changes for how I do things in the future. I don’t yet understand the implications of it, but my heart is on fire with the following directive:

If you haven’t heard of Substack, it’s kinda like Patreon for newsletters. It creates a community space and allows for different levels of involvement and participation, depending on your personal preferences.

From now on I'll be spending a lot more of my time and energy writing, drawing and publishing on Substack.

Publishing! You know, like a proper writer cartoonist person!

I don’t know the details of how this will unfold. But I do know with every cell in my body that this is an impulse I need to follow.

The Substack newsletter will be called Great Things and I can't wait to share it with you.

This is a new journey and I don’t yet know the terrain. I know just enough to take this step.

Here are answers to potential questions you may have about this change:

Do I have to pay to subscribe to Great Things? Absolutely not. Accessibility and social equity are hugely important to me. Although paid tiers will be available, the bulk of my writing and drawing will remain accessible and free. The newsletter will be in a new platform that allows for comments etc, but you can still choose to read my posts/emails in your inbox (the way you are doing this with email) if you prefer. Will Great Things be the same or different to what I’m used to seeing from you?

This is something you and I will discover together. I suspect that as Great Things evolves, it’ll become separate from my business as an intuitive energy healer and channel. I see Great Things as a standalone resource, whose primary objective is to share ideas and sprinkle delight and joy, while quietly fostering self-awareness and self-acceptance in people who desire it.

What will people who pay get that people who don’t pay won’t get?

I’m still working that out, and I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please hit reply and let me know what kind of additional support or resources you’d like as a thank you if you were to choose a paid option. I’m currently thinking that people who choose to pay will get access to an audio version of the email in addition to the written one (although if someone needs the audio for accessibility purposes and can’t pay the $5 monthly subscription fee, I’ll happily waive it). I'm toying with a few more ideas, but nothing is final yet. Again, I'd LOVE to hear your ideas!

If you have any other questions about any of this, just comment down below!

Let's be my email penpals

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