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Imagine being absolutely clear on your next step.

In your relationship. Your finances. Your career.

A chat with Oron is like a chat with the Divine part of you.

Where you can ask your questions directly... and actually get answers!

Here’s an opportunity to have a direct line to infinite intelligence!

The part of you that knows all the answers. Holds all the wisdom. And loves you unconditionally.

These sessions are more than just listening to expansive information. Oron transmit energy and provide an experience of healing that penetrates all the way to the center of your being. As you percolate in their high-vibe presence and hear them answer your questions, you all of a sudden realise that you now have clarity. That you've rediscovered your inner knowing. And usually, your self-acceptance and immense worthiness.

About 12 years ago...

I came across Abraham-Hicks, and immediately wanted with all my heart and soul to become a channel like Esther. I begged the universe to give me that ability and promised that I'd use it for the good of humanity.
I meditated all the time, I started seeing a channel regularly and began working in the healing arts. And I passionately kept willing(/trying to force) the universe to make it happen.
And I kept it up for YEARS. Yep, years. That's how long it took me to let it go. I eventually forgot it and got on with my life.

Fast forward to a random Wednesday in September last year. I lay on a massage table, ready for a relaxing intuitive massage when I spontaneously felt like my mind was expanded and I could answer any question about the nature of life and the universe.

And that’s how I met Oron.

Oron is the wisest, most loving, kind and healing energy I’ve ever come across. They consistently blow my mind with their insight, wisdom and compassion. And they have a way of simplifying complex ideas and expressing them in a way that makes it feel obvious. Like you already knew it.Because deep in your soul, you did.I absolutely love doing these sessions with anyone who's open to their magic.I hope that's you.

Medha x

Sessions are $125 AUD (Approx $96 USD)

Oron wants you empowered and creating the future that you want. Your channeling will therefore be super practical in guiding you towards what you want. But it won't predict your future. Because future predictions imply that the future is fixed and not open to your impact. And you won't get that from either Oron or me.






I’ve never felt such a pure connection before. The loving energy, the tears of pure joy that flowed. I felt such clarity and depth to the answers to my questions. I will carry this experience with me for a long time, holding on to their words “love yourself as much as we do; then add some!” I love the confirmation Oron gave me in being more playful, have fun, love life and most importantly love yourself! I feel so blessed.

Listening to Oron is like listening to the deepest part of my soul. I feel a calming and transformative effect from their guiding wisdom which helps me feel light, expansive and aligned with my true self.

I really appreciate how Oron simplifies big concepts into digestible bites to be further contemplated and explored in my own journaling practice. Listening to Orons response, I felt really affirming. I really appreciate how the essence of the conversation served as gentle reminders of our innate magic and power as divine beings.”

If you want to get a sense of what a session with Oron is like, here is an example from our Youtube channel

[ACP] YT Thumbnails.jpg

This was a conversation between Oron and Laura. It covers:

  • when you feel like the inner work is just not working

  • the difference between a block and being redirected by the universe

  • how to handle people's negativity (eg around topics like politics)

This is Laura’s experience.  And yours will be different. That’s because Oron responds to YOUR questions and YOUR energy - so your experience will be personal to you. Oron will address the things that will be of most benefit to you personally, to help you reclaim your knowing, your clarity and your personal power. 

And it will feel simultaneously amazingly magical, and like the most natural thing in the world. Because it is.

Ready for your private and personal 1:1 chat with Oron?


Are the sessions done online?

Yes. The session is done on zoom.

What do I need to have for a session?
A computer or phone with internet speeds capable of supporting Zoom.
A quiet space where you will not be interrupted.
An open heart and mind, a willingness to be surprised and a question or 2.

How long will it go for?

It's hard to predict in advance and it's not something that Medha can influence. Oron are a little tricky like that, in that they talk until they're finished. And when they're finished, they're done. The exchange with Oron usually goes for about 20 minutes. So sessions will tend to go like this.


5 minutes - chat with Medha and Medha gets into channeling mode
20 minutes - you chat with Oron
5 minutes - Medha comes back to normal consciousness state and you have a short debrief

Will I get a recording?
Absolutely! And you will want to use it. Oron may only talk for 20 minutes, but they jam pack a bunch of information that in my experience takes repeated listening in order to access deeply. So you will be getting a recording.

And as you evolve and grow, you will receive the information and healing on a deeper level each time you listen.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

Oron doesn’t answer future prediction questions. So things like ‘will my business work out’? are not really their jam. 


They want you connected to your personal power and will therefore not support any ideologies that leave you feeling as though things are out of your control.


But they will help you get clarity on your best next step. Or perhaps a way that you can change your current perception in order to open the doors to the things that you want. 


So “will my business work out? - is not a great question for Oron.

But “I’m having this issue [insert details] with my business. Do you have any guidance?” is a brilliant question for Oron!

Ready for your private and personal 1:1 chat with Oron?

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