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Stop Holding Yourself Back!

Transform your patterns of self-sabotage to achieve what you desire


Are you ready to go from self-criticism to self-support? From pushing through your own resistance, to joyfully creating the things you want with so much ease that those around you will think you're “lucky”?

You’ve been working on yourself for years. You’ve read enough personal development books to fill a library, done a workshop or six, worked with some healers and generally expanded your mind and perspective. And you’ve even seen some progress.

But none of it silences the persistent gnawing feeling that keeps tapping you on the shoulder, saying you really should be doing better. You should have achieved more.

Where, for example, is your:

  • inner peace that doesn’t crumble the moment you realize you hurt your friend Amanda’s feelings?

  • fabulous career (is fulfilling work that fills your heart AND your wallet too much to ask?
    … as in, seriously -  is it greedy to want it all?)

  • soul-stirring connections in family, love and friendship - where you show up as your unedited self, loving with the open-heartedness of a labrador, all while maintaining happy and healthy boundaries?

  • feeling that, right now, without having to do a single other thing - you are enough?

So what’s going on here?

You’re smart and competent, so why TF can’t you create the magic that all the books and podcasts (and a small part of you) keep telling you are theoretically possible?


There’s a reason you can’t bring these things into being. And once you know what’s happening (and how to change it), your entire world will change.

Introducing the


Self-healing mini- course

This free mini-course helps you answer that question for yourself, and guides you through the integration process necessary to stop the self-sabotage cycle and create inner peace that feels as relaxing as a hot rocks massage!

Added bonus? You’ll finally be able to move forward to get what you want, AND you’ll be happy and peaceful while doing it 

(and not just once you get there)

I firmly believe that the universe can give you all the things you’re working so hard to create — but you’ll need to clean some things up first.

If you’ve been telling yourself that you need to ‘toughen up’, or ‘get your sh*t together’, what you’ve really been doing is putting one foot on the brake, and the other on the accelerator.

Think of it like this:

If you’re swimming against the current, there’s so much energy pushing you in the opposite direction, that even with maximum effort, it feels like you’re barely moving. Which is fine if you’re swimming for exercise, but not so fine if you’re actually trying to get somewhere. 


When parts of you are scared of moving forward, and you tell yourself to ‘just effing do it!’, you’re swimming against the current. Yes, you’re putting in all that work to create what you want, but parts of you are actively pulling in the opposite direction. Parts of you that….

🤔 Are afraid of change

🤔 Aren’t too sure you really deserve everything you want

🤔 Are concerned that if you get it, something terrible will happen

How fast do you think you could go if that current stopped fighting you, and was supporting you, instead?

It’s not that you’re not working hard enough. Adding more muscle to your effort won’t get you where you want to go.

If you wanna move forward, you need to shift the current. 


That’s what the Return to Wholeness Process helps you do. It’s not just one more theory to add to your collection. Return to Wholeness is a practice and it helps you to bring all the parts of you into alignment. 


The result? All of your energy works in harmony to propel you forward, with no part of you dragging you back.

This Return to Wholeness mini course will give you the fundamental principles you can use right now to…

Become your own best supporter, the wind beneath your own wings

See, value, and love all aspects of you (no more knowing that self-love matters while secretly treating yourself worse than you treat anyone else)

Connect to your intuition and inner knowing (so you can be in your body and your life instead of your head!)

Learn to completely align your energy before you take action — so you can create magical results

I’ve kept this mini course simple and 100% actionable. You’ll get:

  • A video where I explain the Return to Wholeness process, what it is, how it works, and why it’s probably unlike what you’ve tried before

  • A recorded guided meditation to help you practice the RtW process

  • A recorded audio of me taking myself through the RtW process, so you can hear a real example

  • A summary of the process you can return to for quick reference

The RtW process has wildly changed my life and that of my clients. If you use it, you’ll radically increase your self-love, worthiness, resilience, safety and inner peace. 


Your shoulders will relax, and so will your energy. You’ll smile more. And you’ll start doing things because they feel inspiring and authentic, and not because you wanna feel validated or worthy (because you’ll feel that already)!


The Return to Wholeness Process is the how-to of self love


I have so much more love and acceptance for myself, for those parts that I thought weren't so great. The tired me, the angry me, the not so fresh me, the after-I’ve-had-wine me, the lazy me. I now  love and accept all of me. I feel whole.


Before RtW, I didn’t realise how little love I had for myself and how mean I was to myself. Now I feel like I can love myself under all conditions, and I can get to a place of peace, even if I don’t have all of the external answers.

I want that for you and for anyone else who’s willing to flip the script on the ‘push through’ mentality that ultimately guarantees that we can’t flow forward to what we want.


Enough swimming upstream!


Get your FREE Return to Wholeness Mini-course now

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