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Well, hello there!

You’re in the right (magical) corner of the internet if you’ve been working on yourself for what feels like forever, and you’re ready to start wildly supporting yourself instead.


Oron and Medha creates daily digital content – from our podcast and YouTube channels to our emails, socials and beyond –  that helps self-aware people like you get clarity on how to work WITH yourself (instead of ON yourself!). 


About You

We’re definitely for you if what you want:

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Personal development that doesn’t make you hate yourself (or constantly tell yourself that you should’ve done better, or been less triggered, or more considerate, or just a little more… aaarrgghhhh!!!).

To slay your Inner Critic and Impostor Syndrome demons once and for all (the how-to on this one will surprise you!).

To feel completely worthy of having and enjoying all the things you want. (No guilt. No shame. And no compromising your compassion or your values).

To fully back yourself in creating all the delicious things you want - no self-doubt and no holding back!


To trust and accept yourself enough that you are genuinely and authentically yourself in all your interactions and relationships.

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To bring together all the shiny concepts and ideas that your spiritual wonderings have unearthed in a way that’s cohesive, easy to understand and actionable.

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A profoundly powerful (but quick!) process that you can use in the heat of your busy life that will help you clear your resistance, and connect to your inner guidance and self-love (and no, you won’t have to live in an ashram for a month, because you can Eat, Pray, Love on your own damn terms!).

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If you wanna lift the hood and understand how the whole law of attraction and manifestation things really work – not in an airy fairy superficial way, but practically

About Medha

I’m Medha and I’m an intuitive energy healer and channeler.

When I’m channeling Oron, I feel the compassion and wisdom of the universe flowing through me. I get to feel how much the universe is there to love us, to support us, and to give us - not necessarily everything we want - but everything that we’re ready and willing to receive.


For most of my life, I didn’t get the importance of the “ready and willing to receive”  bit. 


I thought that consciously wanting something meant that I was willing to receive it. And so, I assumed that I wasn’t receiving because the universe/grace/God simply wasn’t giving it to me. Which made me feel like I had to work harder. Be better. Do more. So that I’d earn it.

Most of my first 30 years on this planet were a deep dive into disempowerment. I meandered through such delightful experiences as poverty, an alcoholic mother, a physical disability, an emotionally abusive relationship and more. 

None of that was much fun at the time. 


But those experiences eventually catalysed the most profound transformation of my life. The one where I learned to reclaim my sense of safety, security, empowerment and self-worth - despite the fact that my external reality was consistently showing me evidence of the opposite. 


No one will ever again convince me that I’m not worthy or deserving. That I’m insignificant or powerless. I now know my worth, my value and my power with every fiber of my being. 


I also know this: when you learn to support yourself unconditionally, the universe will mirror that back to you.


And when your worth and power is unquestionable to you, the universe will be a mirror of that to you too.  


It has to. And deeper than that, it wants to.


And honestly, when you stop walking around in circles, the process of learning to open yourself to receiving is way more fun, and also much easier than it might first seem.

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