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Learning to hear (and trust) your intuition with ease...

The most practical and effective thing I ever did to help me learn to hear and trust my intuition was to stop deciding where to walk the dogs. Instead, I’d start walking and when I came to a choice point (eg the end of my driveway), I’d imagine turning right, noticing how that felt in my body. I’d then contemplate turning left.

Whatever choice felt lightest in my body is the choice I’d make. It didn’t take long for me to notice that whenever I let my body ‘decide’, my walks were always smoother. People were friendlier. I’d encounter less aggressive dogs. I recently realised something I’d never noticed before: it takes a bigger energy to take me off-course, than it does to keep me moving in the direction I’m already heading. The energetic momentum of my current trajectory has power. So if I'm to deviate from my current course (whether on a dog walk, or in any area of my life), the energy inspiring me to change needs to be greater than the energy of my current momentum. In October 2019, I was surprised to discover that I felt inspired to go on an Abraham-Hicks cruise to New Zealand (I used to listen to Abraham-Hicks every morning, but I haven’t felt like listening to them for years). The cruise got rescheduled a bunch of times (covid). But as I watched the final date getting closer on my calendar...

...I felt ZERO excitement about the trip. When I considered cancelling, I realised that if I saw the cruise being advertised for the first time now, I wouldn’t feel inspired to book it. But, given that it was already booked - cancelling didn’t feel right. And that, my friend, is the power of ...

My dad is in the middle of brain cancer treatment and I’m his primary carer. The idea of organising myself a holiday in the middle of his treatment wouldn't even cross my mind.

But given that it's already booked, the chance to get away for a couple of weeks of R&R during this super challenging and demanding time feels divine and destined. I'm organising things so dad is immensely supported while I'm joyfully filling my cup.

I’m leaving in 4 days, and I’ll be in absolute relaxation and renewal mode, which is why I’ve already written your next email! Speaking of which, future emails will (mostly) be coming to you from Substack. If you missed the festival I organised in your inbox while announcing this last week, you can catch up on that here. I’ve had quite a few shit things going on in the last few weeks, but the thrill I get when I think about the whole Substack thing is still lighting my soul on fire. I can’t wait!!

Substack provides a space for commenting on posts, and I can’t wait to lounge by the cruise-ship pool sipping piña coladas as I casually type hilarious responses to your comments (because chatting with you isn’t work - it’s play!).

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