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Episode 32 – A spiritual perspective on health and vitality and complicated conversations

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, Oron chat with Rychalle about how to best support our bodies so that we experience more health and vitality. They also discuss how to have healthy conversation around challenging topics such as sexuality, sex and sexual orientation and conclude with a practical discussion of how we can encourage kids to stay connected to their wisdom. Here's Oron and Rychalle.

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How to have more health and vitality [ 00:00:27]

Having healthy conversations about sexuality [00:03:33]

Helping kids to stay connected to their wisdom [00:08:52]


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Oron: We are here and ready and wish to begin by complimenting both you and Medha on the light and playful attitude that you have both maintained in the face of some technical difficulties. Let's begin.

Rychalle: Thank you. So my first inquiry is what are your suggestions for aligning us in our bodies for optimal health?

Oron: Your bodies are vehicles of wisdom. Your bodies are miraculous and do amazing.. And do an amazing multitude of things for your benefit without you requiring any active, conscious input. However, your consciousness, your attention is one of the most powerful and also can be the most healing force in the universe. And as you bring the miraculous wisdom, power and ability of your body and the amazing, miraculous power of your mind and your intention in your consciousness together, you are capable of creating amazing level of flow, amazing level of vitality, amazing level of connection with yourself, with the aspect of you that is your body and therefore with the aspect of you that is the physical universe around you. Because we remind you that the universe is not separate to you. We are not beings that wish to prescribe anything other than self-knowledge. You have got access to so much wisdom intuitively with your mind and also with your body. And it is just a matter of learning to tune in to what your body is letting you know constantly. And we remind you that you do this regularly anyway. It is just that there is more depth available. You hear your body tell you that it needs the bathroom. You hear your body tell you that it is thirsty, that it is hungry, that it is tired. You are already trained in listening to aspects of the wisdom and guidance of your body. So as you consciously intend to connect into aspects of your body - and you can do it to a very, very subtle degree, but it is a matter of practice. So remind yourself that you are not learning something new, you are reclaiming something innate and something that you are doing regularly. And then take time with space, with silence - possibly with nature if that is something that helps you to connect to expansion - and begin to feel into your body. Some of you will have the ability to ask questions and hear answers. Some of you will sense things. Some of you will have intuitive insights that land in ways that you cannot quite express, but that you know the wisdom of. And so intending to not follow a prescription or a list of one, two, three or four or five, ten things that you do in order to support your body whilst ignoring the wisdom of your body, we guide you to the knowledge that lies within and the connecting of you and your consciousness to the power that is available when you work in unison with your body because your body knows, which means you know.

Rychalle: Thank you. My next question is around the curiosity I have about questions and conversations to be had and held around sex, sensuality and sexual orientation. If you could speak to the guidance of healthy conversations in these arenas and how we as humans can go about them in an authentic way and hold a container for healthy conversations.

Oron: Healthy conversations with others are only available to the degree that you are capable of having healthy conversations with yourself. So if your aim is to have healthy conversations with others, we may surprise you by firstly guiding you internally to the ways that you are communicating with yourself, because that is a foundational structure you will then employ in your conversations with others. So this might feel like an aside, but it is actually instrumental and connected to the previous answer we gave you about connecting in with yourself; connecting in with yourself in terms of your body, connecting with yourself, in terms of your wisdom and getting clarity on how you interact with yourself in your inner space, in your space of thought and feeling, and playing with creating so much more support in that space. Because the other aspect, communication with others, is that you will come to your communication with others from the space that you are inhabiting in the self. So if you are in a space within the self of feeling confident and supportive and love, your ability to have a healthy conversation is much more than if what you are actually feeling is insecure and rejected. So when you have conversations that you consider may be somewhat difficult or more challenging than, for example, "What would you like for breakfast?" we encourage you to tune into the self first and get a level of clarity about what you really want to say. And also deeper than that, a level of clarity about what the context from which you want to say it is. Where are you sitting in relationship to the things that you wish to discuss and what are you seeking to have a discussion for? What is the purpose? Is it to communicate how you feel or is it to ask something of the other and in your healthy communication with yourself and also with others, the healthiest, most empowering thing, most healing thing that you can do in those conversations is to remember that you are powerful, that you are whole and that you are not a problem and that whoever you are interacting with is also powerful, whole and not a problem. When you create that openness of supportive space within yourself, you are capable of creating that openness, supportive space in your communion and in your communication with others. So we would invite you to get really clean and clear and connected with self first before you attempt to be clean and clear and connected with others. And it will create a much more open flow potential for communication, because the other point is this: when you are communicating with others, the healthiest conversation is had when you free them to be themselves and have their own opinions and their own perspective, even if it feels completely wrong to you because it is completely different or opposite to yours. The space of self acceptance that we are asking you to develop within yourself will be mirrored by a space of acceptance of the other. And that when you see the other as whole and powerful, when you come to a place where you are willing to speak from a place of authentic acceptance of self and authentic acceptance of other and authentic acceptance of the present situation with a desire to create more, that is the best container to support healthy conversations for matters that are deep and for matters such as "What would you like for breakfast?"

Rychalle: Beautiful. I hear you. That resonates deeply with what has been coming up for me in both of those realms.

Oron: We will say something more. You do not just hear us, you feel us. And notice that the feeling is something that your body is facilitating for you. You are feeling us on the energetic level, but you are also feeling it physically. And that brings us back to the initial point. Your body knows. Your body knows so much and is capable of supporting you in so many ways. More deep - correction. And it is capable of supporting you in ways that are much deeper than just being a physical vessel that carries your mind around. It is wise and it is connected to the Earth because it is a part of the earth and therefore holds her power. Your body is amazing, as are you.

Rychalle: Delicious. Just to lead on from that, how would you teach young children that are already born with this knowing to keep and continue and revisit the space within themselves and the honor that it is a wonderful point of navigation?

Oron: You're only able to guide children in that way if it is something that you can model. So to the extent that you are able once again to do it within yourself, you will be able to encourage it in the others. The ease in this situation is that the children are already connected to that. And so pointing them to it, making them aware of it, the fact that they can check in with themselves and their bodies and having games - games that we also encourage adults and grown ups to have. But having games with your children where you say, "Okay, so we're going to do some movement now, but I'm not going to tell you what to do. I want you to ask your body, what does your body want you to do now? What does your body want you to eat now? What do you feel like doing inside your mind? What do you feel like doing inside your tummy? So that you are guiding them to the depth of the levels and layers with which their wisdom is communicated and the space of communion with self and honoring of the whispers of the self that come in various forms. You will be supporting them in staying connected to that. But we will also remind you that there is no problem in the fact that often humans lose that connection and then reclaim it. The reclaiming process is not a problem, although humanity is going to be evolving beyond it in the future. But presently we invite you to stay connected to the idea, the feeling that those children are perfect no matter what they are experiencing in the moment. And if what they are experiencing is disconnection or pain in that moment, you can be there as a comfort, as a net to catch them and hold them and love them through it. But them experiencing hardships or difficulties are not problems. And as you guide yourself, in that same way, through the hardships and difficulties that you experience, when you offer it to your children, it will have energetic integrity. And that is something that children recognize. They know when you are guiding them towards something that you are not capable of doing. And although they may not understand it, they feel the energetic incongruence between what is being said and the energy behind it. Beings currently young on this planet are subtle to a degree that is somewhat unfathomable to the human mind. The increase in the ability to sense the subtlety of things is available to grown ups also. But the children come prewired with it. And so the more authentic and real you can be within yourself, the more that your guidance will have impact and power for those beautiful ones, young ones who are here on the planet to model connected sensitivity with empowerment, ease and flow. We love you. We love you. We love you, Go well.

Medha: That was nice. I always have to touch my face after for some reason. It's like I think I'm checking I'm here. It's unconscious, but it's like, always have to just like...

Putting the container back in.

Yeah. Am I back?

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