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Episode 18 - Why can’t I relax into my knowing?: How to reclaim play and flow

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, Oron chat with Beth about why struggle to just relax into knowing we’re divine? They discuss how to find play and flow in a society that pushes rigidity and conformity. Oron examine our constant focus on the next thing to work on and highlight the direct path to reconnecting to our deeper selves.

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Being estranged [00:02:45]

When you're not ready to forgive [00:07:51]


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Oron: We are here and ready.

Beth: So it is my belief, therefore it's my reality, that we as humans come from an energetic vibrational place of unconditional love and infinite wisdom. Yet as humans, rather than embracing a journey in the physical form, it's like we constantly scramble and dig into all this infinite wisdom. Why can we not just embrace this life with the knowing that it is all within us anyway?

Oron: Your question is stated in ways that are very absolute and we will remind you that there is a lot more subtlety than the words that you have chosen to express your question with. We understand that the reason that you chose those particular absolutist words is because the feeling of wanting to break through this barrier for you is strong and is intense. And there is a feeling of "why don't we just embrace the amazing wisdom and awesomeness and flow with it" that has a level of intensity in your field. We will remind you that children come open. They are open, they are receiving, they are giving, they're in a state of exchange and that is something that is your natural nature. And none of you have actually lost it. But as you are socialised and guided to a process of disconnecting to yourself and your own validation in exchange for the validation that you seek from others, there are - we will say - blocks. There are impediments to your experiencing that connection. But the wisdom is within you always, and the process is one of unlearning the ways that you have learned to disconnect. And you are not disconnected from your wisdom in any real way, only in superficial, experiential ways. Each of you, even those of you that think you have no intuition, have gut feelings, have knowings, have insights that you often then ignore with the power of your mind. You doubt yourself a lot. And the process of evolution of humanity, but also of you as individuals, is often of losing something and then reclaiming it consciously. Those of you that choose the conscious path, do the work of untangling, unraveling and always reclaiming what is already there. You do not find external divinity and insert it inside of yourself. It is always a process of clearing and amplifying what already exists. Medha speaks about "clearing the crap and building the awesome" because that is what is required. But never is it about getting something external and adding it to you. It is always a process of uncovering the ways that you are blocking what is already there and allowing what is already there to shine. But we remind you of this: you all have wisdom and you access it every day. So the first advice that we would give you, the first suggestion that we would present to you is to not think about it in such absolutist terms. Because if you feel into your experience of both yourself and those around you, you will come to realise that you are not always disconnected from your wisdom. You are not always heavy. You are not always denying the bliss and the joy that is available to you, as well as the wisdom and the guidance. That is not what's true. And if you continue with that story, you will continue with that experience, as you so expertly started your question with. So be playful with it. And again, we repeat this regularly, guide yourself by watching your children - that level of openness and curiosity that they have. Rather than coming to this with an energy of, "This is wrong. It needs to be different," come to it with an energy of "I wonder how I could make this more expansive for myself? I wonder how this could be more expansive for others? I wonder how I might play with this in order to create more of an experiential connection to my wisdom and my flow?" That will be the first step because it will be getting rid of any rigidity that you are using to fight against the thing that you want to improve, and you can never use rigidity to fight against what you want to improve and create improvement with flow. Rigidity does not lead to flow and what you want is flow.

Beth: Absolutely. So in saying that, with watching the children playing and trying to bring the playfulness into our flow, I guess it's difficult when we're in such a rigid, I guess, social structure. Does that make sense?

Oron: Say more.

Beth: So how do we bring so much playfulness and childlike playfulness when we are surrounded by so much rigidity and, I guess, restrictions almost on being so playful?

Oron: By realising that you are not a victim to your circumstance. By reclaiming the power within, to work with yourself, to play with yourself and free yourself from the inside. Herein lies the problem: many of you are seeking salvation from the external. Medha works with money energy and a lot of what she finds is that people that want money want it for a sense of freedom that they do not experience in their daily life. And her work is to create a recalibration of the energetics or to encourage and help the people that she works with to recalibrate the energetics so that they are already feeling the sense of freedom. Because nothing external is an antidote to what you are feeling internally. So firstly, do not expect the circumstances to change before you can find your playfulness. And secondly - we adore you humans - you are impatient. You want the things when you want them, and you want to go from rigidity to playfulness in one quick leap. That will not work. Instead, encourage yourself to slowly, gently, easefully move towards playfulness, because playfulness has the energy of gentleness. Playful and force and push, they're not the same. So encourage yourself gently and playfully, to become playful. Do not make it serious. Do not make it this: do not hear our words and interpret it in the form of: "If I want the things that I want, I have to learn to be playful and I must make a list of structured activities in order to regain my play." That will not lead you where you wish to go, because, again, we remind you, you wish for flow, you wish for expansiveness, you wish for freedom. And all of those things are available to each one of you, even if your external circumstance does not look as though it is conducive to that experience. Find it inside of yourself and do it slowly. Do it slowly. Do it gently and allow slow to be OK. Because we will guarantee you this: as you take gentle baby steps that you are comfortable with, in an attitude of exploration and expansion, you will gain... you will gain a level of ease and effectiveness that trying to push yourself and force yourself into playfulness will never achieve.

Beth: It all makes perfect sense, of course. So...

Oron: We will interrupt you to say this: we are not really here to teach you anything new. We are here as a form of you to remind you of what you already know. What you are experiencing is a resonance with the deep knowing, which is also a reminder of where we began, that you always have access to a deep knowing. The fact that this feels like something to you means you know it, you recognise it. You are having resonance with it. You are wise and we are merely here as reminders of your own wisdom.

Beth: Thank you for the reminder.

Oron: We will remind you again and again and again and again and again. And you will forget again and again and again and again. And we will remind you again and again and again and again. And that is our game. That is playful. Do not make it heavy and hard because it is a game and we are playing it with you.

Beth: Yes, and that just leads on in an answer to my next question with manifesting and the week just gone, I had quite a productive week of manifesting. And I guess once - I don't want to say once I got what I was manifesting - but something came to me that I had been thinking of for a little while, and now that it's come to me, it's almost like, "Well, I've got it now. So what else can I work on? What else can I put out there?" And I guess it's a bit like that playfulness that you're mentioning. Like during the manifesting it's a playful, fun experience of, "What else is possible? What can I do?" And then it comes and you want more of that feeling?

Oron: Yes. So we noted that you said once I got the thing I manifested, I wondered what else can I work on? And our thought to you, that we are offering and you are already feeling and we are just again reminding you is: "What else could I play with?" Feel the difference between the statement: "What else can I work on? And what else could I play with?" Feel the energetic difference, the experiential difference between those two questions. And the difference between them is subtle. But it is also pronounced. And as you guide yourself towards that feeling of "What else could I play with?" the lightness, the bubbles of lightness that arise within you when you consider that, you will be guided to more and more lightness. The growth available to you is exponential. The miracles that you are destined to create when you flow are going to be incredible to you. You sometimes experience manifesting and that is joyful and delightful. And we are not minimising those achievements. But there is so much more that is available to you. And the way forward is play. The way forward is following the breadcrumbs of the energetics that are lighting you up. The way forward is to follow your heart. And when you hit resistance - because you will - to not reject that resistance but turn towards it. Please do not yell affirmations that are not true inside your inner world to try and silence the parts of you that are in doubt. Instead, turn towards the parts of you that are in doubt and dialogue with them. Open up to them. Ask them what they need because they need something. They feel as though they are protecting you. They are there to guide you in a particular way that has been productive for you in the past. There is no part of you that sabotages you for no reason. The current idea that you have of self-sabotage is incorrect. It looks like self-sabotage because it looks like you stop yourself from achieving the things that you want. But we will tell you this: that occurs because there is a part of you that is fearful of the consequences of you having the thing that you want. And if you do not address that, if you do not heal and integrate that part of you, you will keep bumping your head up against brick walls and wondering what is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. You are all divine and you are all meant to experience flow, which is why when you do not experience flow, you wonder what is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong. There is just some areas that need attention and integration and love. They do not need rejection. And what is happening with most spiritually conscious people is when they turn to those parts and they see them as blocks, they want to cut them out of themselves as though they were a tumour. That will never lead to wholeness. That will only lead to division of self, less energy with the self, conflict within the self. And what you wish to do really deeply is return to wholeness. Return to the wholeness with which you are born, which you have actually never lost, but you have lost your connection with it. So play and when the energy goes down, notice and be curious. Be a scientist of your inner world and discover why has the energy gone down. "What thought did I think? What memory did I have?" And be curious, not because you have to fix a problem, but because you love yourself and you want to know what's going on for you and you want to be there for yourself to encourage yourself forward to all of the things that you want. Be your own best supporter, be your own best ally. Be there for yourself in deep ways, the way you would to those outside of you that you love. You prioritise others in a way that compromises you. And if you were to reverse that, if you were there for yourself unconditionally, you would be surprised at how much energy you would have available to help those around you. The analogy of the oxygen mask is important because as you actively choose you, as you actively support you, as you actively love you - not just as a theory, not just as an idea, not just something to take off your self-care list, but genuinely love you - you open yourself up to the experience of the divinity and the wisdom that is always within you, always within you, always within you. That is the path to reconnect to the real you, the real you that is in flow, that is miraculous and magical and generous and giving. That has never left. It is just that parts of it are buried underneath some heaviness. And the way to reconnect is through the heaviness. Turn to it. Ask why it's heavy. Unburden it. Clear up your misunderstandings and you will experience a level of miraculous flow that others will be astounded by. And they will want to know what you know and you will be able to help them. Love you. Love you through the expansion. Do not berate yourself. Do not reject yourself in order to get to expansion, because that is not the way. Love you, love you, love you the way we love you. Be mindful of the fact that we do not have a job and we choose to show up here because we are playing this game with you; because we love you and we are being mirrors of you. Feel how much we love you and love yourself more. We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

Medha: That made me want to cry a little. Oh, they really love us so much!

Beth: Oh, I know. I'm just covered in goosebumps.

Medha: Oh, are you? Oh, my God. I think I'm going to cry.

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