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Episode 13 - Why do I limit my vision of what’s possible?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode Oron chat with Cara about our tendency to try dream small rather than big. They explore our relationship with time and conclude with practical guidance on connecting to our greatest vision in a way that calls in forward rather then pushes it away. Here’s Oron and Cara!

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Self protection and dreaming small instead of big [00:00:16]

Exploring the notion of time [00:04:32]

Zero point [000:06:47]

Guilt [00:08:58]

How to connect to your greatest vision for yourself [00:13:07]


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Oron: We are here and ready.

Cara: I was chatting to a friend recently about the connection between fear of loss and self-worth, as in feeling like they don't deserve what they have. So there's this fear of loss and connection to self-worth as well. I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about that.

Oron: There is a lot of self-protection that happens with individuals and humanity and the collective. And as you disconnect from yourself within the boundary of your own being, your connection to your heart, as you continue to sacrifice aspects of yourself for the perceived benefit that you will get from others in terms of validation and love and move further and further away from that connected experience of your own worthiness, you do begin to feel unworthy and that is validated by external experiences when you do not receive what it is that you expect or wish to receive from others. And as you start to fear that you are unworthy and feel that you are unworthy, you then create a self-protection mechanism of feeling that you will lose the things that you have because, A, you feel that you are not worthy of them and, B, you want to prepare yourself for the imminent loss. So you remind yourself consciously and subconsciously of both of those things. And what that does is contract your energy and minimise the ability that you have to attract, to create and to hold everything that it is that you want. But if you then do not create, receive and hold everything that it is that you want, you use that as validation of the fact that you do not deserve the things that you want. And so it is a cycle that continues and continues and continues. But it only needs to continue when you are unconscious of it. When you become conscious of it and you circumvent the pattern by going deep inside your heart and reconnecting with that feeling of self-love, of self-support, of being your own best support, of allowing yourself to rest in the love that you have for you and the love is felt by you and it is much more possible than what you think it is. You do it, you touch it sometimes. It is just that you spend more time focusing on the external and the validation and the love that you seek from outside. But as you begin to expand that ability to receive that love and validation within yourself, you start to radiate that to the universe and you start to feel more of it and you start to attract more evidence of it. But it is a matter of where you put your focus. Do you put your focus into building the evidence log of your worthiness, or do you face - correction. Or do you face your worthiness, turn towards your worthiness and start to activate the worthiness within you by focusing on all of the validation that you get externally and internally - primarily internally - of your worth. You get to choose where you put your focus. And where you put your focus, the energy expands and grows. It is just that you have become habituated to focusing on the unworthiness or the evidence that you perceive of your unworthiness. It is not actual evidence. It is evidence of what you are feeling about yourself internally. It is never a statement of your worth. Because if you are receiving direct statements of your worth, it would be of you being one hundred per cent worthy always, because that is the truth of who you are.

Medha: We had a tech issue here and lost the sound of a Cara's follow up question. Cara asked: So if you're feeling one hundred percent worthy, would the fear of loss still exist?

Oron: If you are feeling one hundred per cent worthy, the fear of loss would not exist in the way that you describe it. Because when you are feeling one hundred per cent worthy, you are in a state of expansiveness and appreciation and enjoying the thing that you are immersed in in that moment, whether you have the physical thing or not. When you are in a state of total and complete worthiness, you are not worrying about the loss of it, because in the moment that you worry about the loss of it, you are then no longer in that fully expansive state that is your natural state. You flip from one to the other, but you cannot be both simultaneously.

Cara: OK, I see. So you're more in present moment awareness. OK, I understand. I don't know if this really leads in from that, but I was curious about the concept of time. Obviously, we're living in a time-space reality. And I'm just wondering, why does time exist?

Oron: That is an interesting question. Time exists in a variable form to all of you, but because you have clocks, you begin to think that you all have the same time. There is a saying you have twenty-four hours in a day. You all have twenty-four hours in a day, so you have the same ability to achieve things. But when you experience yourself being in a state of flow and you create the magical ability to facilitate change, transformation, action, exchange, you may still theoretically have the same twenty-four hours that everyone else has in the day but you are able to achieve so much more. You are in a space-time continuum when you are in the physical body, but you are not limited by the physical body. You are so much more than the physical body. You are the whole, you are the universe. You are all of it. So again, it is a matter of focus. When you are deeply focused in something, you lose yourself in time, you lose yourself in yourself, in your connection with yourself. So there is a way that you can say that time does not necessarily exist the way that it doesn't exist in that same linear fashion in your dreams. You are experiencing it in a completely different way in that space. You have time, but you also do not have time. And you experience time and you also do not experience time. It is a matter of focus. You have experience, particularly in moments of deep consciousness, being in an expansive state of consciousness - whether you're aware of it or not, whether you're a meditator or not - you have experienced the wholeness and there is no time in that experience. So you are within time and also outside of it simultaneously always.

Cara: That's a really good explanation. Thank you. And I've heard a lot of people say recently talking about zero point - which I feel to be that present moment awareness, heart awareness. I don't know if you could expand a little bit on that as well.

Oron: Speak to us more about what your experience or understanding is of the zero point.

Cara: Well, my mind doesn't fully understand it, which is why I guess I'm asking. But what I feel it to be is a state of present moment awareness with the connection to self, higher self. It's, I guess, a space of where all creation is possible, a space to... to create from.

Oron: You can name that zero point, you can name it something else and names are kind of irrelevant. But the experience of it, you have all had. And it is the birthplace of you in each moment. It is not something that you came from and then disconnected from. It is something within you which you access regularly. And the spiritual people, the people who are working on personal development and personal expansion, wanting to uplift their consciousness, your aim is to become much more connected to the experience of that. You are always, always in that space. It is just that sometimes you are not aware of your being in that space. And so bringing your consciousness to it, as the fact that that is your existence point always, will help you to make it less difficult and it will help you to make it more accessible to yourself. You can label it so many different ways and sometimes that is helpful and sometimes it is not. But we remind you that it is not different to what you experience in each moment. You experience it always. It's just that your connection to that experience is sometimes muted and you do not feel as empowered in those moments.

Cara: That's beautiful. Thank you. So, I had a question about guilt. And I guess I'm wondering about a way to release guilt and old patterns of guilt and why that guilt exists and if it's having a purpose.

Oron: Every emotion that you have has a purpose. It is never there for no reason. And guilt, like all of the other emotions, serve a variety of purposes. So there is not one thing that guilt necessarily is trying to show you, but it is showing that something is going on that requires your attention. For example, some of you use guilt as a way to make sure that you do not repeat previous mistakes. You punish yourself and you punish yourself and you punish yourself to make sure that you do not repeat that mistake. You carry that guilt around, that burden around so that you are constantly aware of it and then you do not repeat that mistake. We would counsel you, however, to be mindful of the fact that you all respond so much better to the carrot than the stick. And encouraging yourself to grow and expand with love is much more productive if what you are wanting is to live from a place of wholeness. If you are wanting to live from a place of expansion, you will never beat yourself into expansion. But you can encourage and nurture yourself forward. So if you experience guilt, if you experience any of what you call the challenging emotions, we invite you to turn towards the parts of you that feel that emotion and enquire because we remind you of this: you know. You are an energy being. There are parts of you that hold things inside of you that are outside of your conscious awareness only because you wish them to be outside of your conscious awareness. It is entirely possible for you to make a different choice. And the fact that you are not aware that you are making a choice does not mean that you are not making a choice. There is a need for support sometimes as you turn towards those parts and those emotions, and if that is what is required for you, seek that support. But if you want to live that beautiful, powerful, joyful, expansive life that involves returning to wholeness with all of the parts and all of the aspects of you. And the parts of you that are doing behaviours that you don't deem good are not bad, they are doing that for a reason. They are doing that because it is something that has been beneficial to you in the past. The parts of you that beat you up in order to encourage you to do better, they are not bad. They are doing that because they want the best for you and they have felt that that is the best way to get the best from you. So as you turn towards them and restructure the ways that you interact with them - because the reality is often you reject those parts of you anyway. You are in internal war constantly. And it is exhausting and it is entirely unproductive - but as you follow the trail of the energy that leads you towards those what you consider negative emotions, you are being drawn to aspects of yourself generally that you have in some way rejected and as you bring acceptance and as you bring love and as you bring expansive energy rather than contractive energy, as you stop to reject those parts of you, they begin to open up to you. And when you ask them what they need, they will tell you. They may not tell you initially, but they will tell you if you are there constantly and if you are there regularly and if you are there with the space of openness and love, they will feel that. If you are there with the space of rejection whilst pretending that you are there with love, they will feel that also. So bringing acceptance, bringing love, bringing attention to any negative emotion - and in particular, the part of you that is holding that negative emotion - has got the potential to radically transform your life so that you become, in a lived way, the powerful being that you are meant to be. Because that is about you returning to the wholeness of you and not being divided in the way that most of you currently live.

Cara: That's really beautiful. Thank you. I guess I think I just had maybe one more question. Can you share a practice to help us be aligned with the highest possible outcome, our own highest possible outcome? Maybe for the planet, too, but I don't know.

Oron: We would encourage you to do this process more with your heart and feeling than with your mind. But we would also encourage you to address your mind before you do that. It is never of value to reject any aspect of you. And the mind has some limitations in its ability to have a large vision when it has been trained to have a small one. So if you are trying to encourage your mind to have a vision that is bigger than what it is accustomed to, first address it and nourish it and love it and tell it that you want to have an adventure and you want to have a joint adventure with it, and you are going to dream and play the way you used to when you were young in an unlimited way. And ask it if it is ready and willing to come along on that adventure with you. And it will either say yes or no. If it does, you can proceed. If it says no, something there needs attention. The mind does not feel safe to have expansive thoughts, possibly because it is worried - as we discussed at the beginning - of having things and then having them be taken away. It does not want to be disappointed. So address what needs to be addressed so that your mind is on board to you having an expansive, playful vision of what is possible and then sink into your heart and have your heart dream. Give your heart permission to dream. You do not need to be told how to have the highest vision for yourself. But what you do require - if you want to do this in a full way - is a releasing of all of the limitations that you have placed upon yourself, and in relation to this, in particular, your heart and your mind, so that they can really deeply connect in a way that does not fear that it will not happen. Don't make it serious. Don't sit down and say to yourself, "I am now going to imagine the most expensive thing so that I can make it happen," with a level of pressure because that will limit the energy and it will block the ability for your heart and your mind to feel safe in really, truly, expansively, whomping impossibility. Train yourself in this and do not expect to go from a place of being limited in your dreams of being completely and utterly expanded in your dreams. Take it slowly, take it playfully, and do it in a way that feels comfortable to you and your heart and then ask yourself questions. You respond so well energetically to questions. Ask your heart, "What do you really want? And what could be better than that? And what could be more fun? And what would you really want about this? And what would be really fun about that?" Keep it light and playful. And if you do that in a space of safety, where you are not fearful of having too many dreams and too much expansive thought because you may not fulfill it, if you take that pressure away, your heart and your mind can play the way that you did when you were children. Children are one of your biggest teachers. They show you expansion constantly if you allow them. They are here to be up-lifters. And children as they are coming into the planet now, are more ready for expansive living than those of you who have come before. Because the universe is always expanding. Children know how to have fun. They know how to be joyous. They know how to dream big. They know how to really be in their imaginations and they use their imaginations to connect to their consciousness and their energy and they create amazing things. You are still those children and you have that ability within you. And as you relax and as you take the pressure off, and as you stop telling yourself that you are doing this in order to create something, if you just enjoy it, it will be the most creative thing that you can do. Your actions when they come from an inspired place will create better results, much better results when you are doing it from a place of playfulness and joy. You are here for joy. You are here for fun. And you are here for impact. And the impact is had in a much more smooth, flowing way when you allow yourself to relax into the joy that is your very nature. We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

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