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Episode 12 - The truth about divine timing

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, Oron discuss the truth about Divine timing. They explore the difference between using the concept of Divine Timing to disconnect from our creative power and absolve ourselves from responsibility and using it to align with what we want in order to create it.

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Divine timing and how to work with it [00:00:15]

Decision making in relation to divine timing [00:08:01]


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Oron: We are here and ready.

Mel: My question is, if everything happens in divine timing and is already orchestrated, what is the role of our own decision-making processes and making choices in our life from a mental realm?

Oron: There is a perception that humans have that they are the same person moving forward through time. But the reality of what is happening is that you are creating yourself afresh in every moment, in every moment, in every moment, in every moment. There is a lot of guidance that you have access to. And the way your society has developed and has been structured, a lot of emphasis is placed upon the mental. And due to that, some of your other avenues for wisdom are sometimes not as honored, they’re not as followed, they’re not as valued, they’re not as prioritized as the mind. There are some humans who are energetically designed in order to make the bulk of their decisions with their mind process and that is what is in fact aligned for them. But that is not the majority. It is actually, in fact, the minority. And there is a multitude of facets with which your wisdom communicates to you regularly. The mind being one component. When people hear this, there will be a tendency to wish to disconnect from the mind and overrule the mind with the other various forms of wisdom about which we are speaking. There is no value in dishonoring any aspect of you, including the mind. The mind, like all the parts of you, does the best that it can to help guide you forward to what it conceives as the best path to get you to where you want to go. The mind, though, does hold on to a lot of old ideas that it has created based on previous experiences. And so the mind can sometimes be not completely clear. It is like glasses that have not been clean for a while. And cleaning the filters of your perception by looking at your previous experiences, by looking at your current energetics, by looking at your reactions to situations is an excellent way to help the mind be in a place of clarity in its perceiving of what your options are in the process of deciding.

Mel: So we would not encourage you in any way to dismiss or devalue the contribution of your mind. But we would absolutely encourage you to also value the contributions of the other aspects in which your wisdom chooses to communicate with you regularly.

So the divine timing aspect where things come to us when we’re ready for them and everything is already unfolding and we tune in and aligned to that, does our decision making every day influence that or is it not relevant?

Oron: Yes, it is. Because you are actually talking about whether or not you have free will. You do have free will and you recreate yourself in every moment and you make decisions in every moment. It’s just that you often choose the same decisions as previously. And so your world feels as though it continues the same way that it has before. Divine timing isn’t that someone outside of you has decreed that you will only access this thing in three years time? There is no outside authority that you must please. There is no one outside of you making decisions for you about what you are allowed to have and what you are not allowed to have. The universe is an incredibly interconnected being, actually, and it is constantly adjusting, constantly adjusting, constantly adjusting – as are you. The likelihood of something happening to you or for you or something that you want coming to you is adjusted constantly as the energetics adjust. And so do not think of divine timing as something imposed upon you. Divine timing is something that is used by people in a spiritual community -sometimes to absolve themselves of responsibility, and sometimes it is used to disconnect from their power. Sometimes it is used in a way that is helpful because it encourages them to not force and to not push. So the concept itself is neither good nor bad. It is the way in which you use it to encourage yourself to engage with the world in a manner of acceptance rather than fighting. Acceptance is always going to trump fighting. Acceptance is the place from which you can move forward to creating the things that you want with much more flow than attempting to fight the universe. Because when you fight the universe, you fight yourself. You are the universe. You fight the universe, it fights you back. There is no action that you can take with any level of pushing that will not beget more pushing. Because what you are putting out is the energy of pushing and as you know, like attracts like. So divine timing is really a reference point for the fact that you will get the things when you want, when the energy is aligned. Divine timing is not saying, “Yes, you have that thing. No, you will not have that thing.” It is actually a statement of knowing that it is much more likely to come to you when you are aligned to it than when you are not aligned to it.

Mel: So if we are aligned to it, it will come regardless of our decision making.

Oron: Well, you cannot say regardless of your decision making, because, again, that would mean that you don’t have the impact in your external world that you do. You are not a passive being in the existence of your life. If something is aligned for you, it is because you are actively aligned to it. So as you make decisions and take steps and create actions, ripple effects of energy go out into the universe as a result of that. And because of that, and reflecting that. So again, the universe will recalibrate in each moment and each moment and each moment. Divine timing does not mean that someone decides outside of you. It is not something external to you. Your life is something that you create internally and it looks to you as you experience it externally, but you actually experience it inside yourself.

Mel: So alignment to what makes us feel good is essentially the main attractant of the things that are in our best interests.

Oron: It is more than the attractant. It is your path. Because as you follow the things that feel good to you, as you follow that clear calling of your guidance and your intuition, you are moving towards the things that you are being told to. You are moving towards flow. You are moving towards ease. If you experience tension within yourself, that is letting you know that there is something that’s standing in the way from you, having the thing that you want. When you are moving in a state of ease and flow and floating almost towards the things that you want – that feeling that children have when you watch them play, when they’re in their joy, that is the feeling that you should be using to engage with your life in order to create the most efficient creation of the things that it is that you want, the ease, the flow, the feeling good. It’s not just the cheeky sneaky formula mechanism to create the things that you want. It is alignment and alignment leads you to the things that you want because the things that you want, you want because they are aligned to you. We understand that this is a difficult concept to understand sometimes. So we ask you if you have any additional questions. Is this making sense to you?

Mel: Yes, at a deep level, it’s making sense. I am still wondering the degree of effort that we put into making decisions and taking actions could in fact be working against our own alignment to a degree, based on what you have said. So we will get in our own way and misalign ourselves, if you like. What is at the base? What is at the heart of this choice making to make sure that it is in alignment?

Oron: The first thing I would invite you to do is to be okay with getting it wrong. Sometimes getting it wrong – or as you what you would perceive as wrong – is actually a really incredibly valuable learning experience for you in order to clarify and decipher with much more detail what it is that you do want and what it is that you don’t want. So the first step would be to get rid of the idea of wrong. And remember that it is a process of recalibrating and recalibrating and recalibrating and recalibrating. We know that you are a yoga teacher and Medha uses this analogy regularly. When someone is standing in the tree pose, when they are standing on one foot, the process of the body undergoes is not one of being static. It is a constant adjusting and adjusting and adjusting and refinding the balance and refinding the balance and refinding the balance. That is how to live. You take a step forward towards what feels best for you in that moment, and then you see how that feels and then you adjust or you stay on course. And as you learn to do this without the pressure that you are used to putting on yourself to make sure you get it right and make sure you don’t get it wrong, as you adjust and adjust and adjust, your ability to decipher the wisdom that is communicating within you in all of those various forms increases dramatically. And you are able to sense – before you even ask yourself with your mind, “Should I do this? Should I do that?” – you feel it. You reel called towards it. And that is the way to not even really make decisions. It’s discovering, uncovering what feels the rightest for you in this moment. And that needs to be enough. If you want to live a life of flow, if you want to live a life where what you are doing on the spot is responding to your wisdom, this feels like the right thing for me to do right now needs to be enough. When you ask for it to be the guaranteed right thing, you are then pushing against the universe and what you will beget is pushback.

Mel: Hmm. That makes perfect sense. That’s all my questions. Thank you.

Oron: It is a pleasure. We wish to remind you of something and we have reminded you of this before and anyone who is listening, this material, this applies to you also, there is a tendency to feel that you are at the affect of life. And because the outside world is so alluring and so glittering, it can reinforce that idea for you. The Earth is going through a tumultuous time at present, and there is a lot of people who are experiencing a lot of difficulty. And it can be really easy to feel like you are the affect of things, at the effect of the coronavirus, at the effect of your government, at the effect of all of the things. It is very easy to feel like you are one small person who is just affected by the things going on on the planet. That is never the case. You can look at it that way and you can feel that way and you can feel completely disempowered. But the place of power lives inside of you always. How you respond to things creates further things for you, and you are not a victim of any of the things that are occurring. You are never a victim, you are never a victim, you were never a victim. You are never a victim. You are never a victim. You are powerful way beyond anything that you currently comprehend and conceive about who you are. You are so much more powerful, but do not be frightened by the fact that that power is so strong and so potent. Walk towards it with ease and with lightness and with joy. Follow the good feeling to reclaim your power at a pace that works for you. Do not attempt to overwhelm yourself with the fact that we are telling you that you are all powerful. If you go from where you are right now to attempting to be all powerful, that won’t work out well for you. It needs to be a gradual process of reclaiming it so that you are not overwhelming yourself and overloading your system, your physical system, your nervous system, your energetic system. But know that as you move towards that, what will happen is that you will be powerful, not dominant. You will not dominate. You will not dominate. When you feel innately powerful, you do not have the desire to dominate anything or anybody. There is an old perception in humanity that power equals dominance. And that is one of the things that is being busted by the people who are becoming much more conscious. Because the real power – when you are connected to your real power – you have no need to dominate. Dominance comes from a feeling of weakness. And as you work with that in yourself and as you connect that feeling of power gradually, steadily, in a non overwhelming way, you will start to emanate that more and more. And you will feel that because you are safe, because you are protected, because your needs are met, you do not need to dominate anything or anyone. And you can live with an open heart and you can give and you can receive and that is what you came here for. We love you. We love you. Love you. Go well.

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