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What my addiction taught me about spirituality (and motivation)

I used to be addicted to Dare Iced Coffee.

My body didn’t like it. Or - more accurately - my digestive system didn’t like it (my taste buds loved it so much they wanted to swim naked in pools of the stuff!).

I even had a channeling that not-so-gently encouraged me to stop consuming my sugary nectar of the gods.

And still I drank it.

I spent 6 years trying to quit. And I’d often last months.

When the craving would eventually resurface, I’d conveniently chose to think my desire was 'my body's intuitive urges'.

And honestly, isn’t following those inner nudges what conscious living is all about? 😆

Every time I fell off the wagon, my digestive discomfort would automatically reinforce my commitment to ‘STOP DRINKING THE DAMN MILK!’

Which was all well and good. Until my ‘bodily intuition’ demanded more.

Rinse and repeat.

Except it wasn’t. Not exactly.

Every time I held firm for a while and then binged, I'd notice the digestive discomfort more. I somehow felt it more deeply. And my next break would invariably be longer than the last.

Until one day I casually noticed that there'd been no next time. I haven’t had a Dare Iced Coffee for years now. I have no desire to.

All the times that I was on a break and eventually succumbed to the urge? They weren't me failing.

They were me building the muscle to let it go.

I've learned the hard way that putting myself in a straight-jacket to try to achieve something, never works.

Deprivation and rigidity lead me to rebellion exactly 100% of the time.

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