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The evil twin

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

When you understand the energetics of creation and accept spiritual ideas such as 'it's better to forgive than to resent', for example, it's easy to want to think and feel in ways that match those ideals.

Which means we often end up unconsciously superimposing those higher perspectives over the top of what we actually think and feel.

We do it because we think it's helpful. Like we're starving the bad and feeding the good.

But in most cases, what we’re really doing is splitting ourselves in two: the part of us that thinks and feels things we like, and the part of us that thinks and feels things we don't like.

We then give all our love and attention to the part of us that thinks things we approve of, and reject (and sometimes even hate) the part of us that thinks things we don’t approve of.

It's like you've got twins, and you're constantly saying to one of them 'OMG - I love you so much. You're the best!'.

But what you say to the other, unfavoured twin, is more like 'For fuck's sake - not this again! I told you to stop it!! Why can't you be more like the good twin?!! I don't wanna see you or hear you until you can bring me GOOD THINGS!!'

Stop and take that in for a second. Does it feel like a high-vibe perspective?

I think that this is where we usually go wrong.

Yes, we are meant to feel good. And yes, the higher perspective ULTIMATELY serves us more than the lower ones. But we can't fast-forward our way there.

The only way to genuinely arrive at a high-vibe, higher perspective - without superimposing, without manufacturing, without pretending - is to move towards the discomfort first. Towards the doubt first. Towards the icky low-vibe stuff FIRST.

When we do that, and address what we find, we naturally arrive at the high vibe perspective.

Although it's not really arriving. It's more like because we've moved the debris out of the way, what's been there all along can finally rise to the surface.

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