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The Earth Isn’t Crying But She’d Love Some Change

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Oron Speaks

We begin by welcoming you. We are going to speak about a topic that may be considered controversial. We sense Medha’s slight hesitation as she feels the content of what we intend to discuss. But we also sense her allowing us the freedom to express as we choose. And so we begin.

Your planet. Mother Earth.

Many of you are deeply concerned about her health and wellbeing. You believe that irreparable damage has been done to her and you feel fear, guilt, anger and trepidation. We wish to soothe and reassure you.

Your Earth is strong, powerful and capable of a kind of regeneration that humans cannot even conceive.

We understand that things look, to many of you, quite dire. And we wish to be clear about something important before we continue speaking about your planet.

You, as a species, are entering a phase of radical self-responsibility.

You are beginning the process of transitioning away from reliance on institutions holding the bulk of the directive and enactive power over the individual and the collective. Your reliance on such institutions and systems until now has not been wrong. But it is going to change. Many of you have had enough. MORE than enough. Of the way your people, resources and systems are being managed and tended and used.

And you are getting ready to create the change you seek.



The coming restructuring of your institutions and systems is largely about resources. And because the Earth holds all of your physical resources she is the perfect symbolic representation of the struggle you are undergoing. But this is not just about your planet. The struggle and change is about power and about inclusion and self-accountability and self-sustainability. For you as a person, for you as a culture and for you as a species.

We speak again now, about the Earth. She has an incredible, miraculous capacity to sustain herself. To heal herself. And to perpetuate her own existence. She is capable of returning to balance. Do not despair.

The Earth has a message for you. She does not need your guilt, your fear, or even your anger in her defence. Some of you think that anger is necessary. It is not. Anger and power to create change do not have to be tied together. In fact, it is more productive when they are not. Feel as you need to feel and do as you need to do. But know that the anger is not necessary. The focus and purpose beneath it is where your power actually lies.

What your planet does want is your growth and the expansion of your consciousness and your perspective.

So yes, take the actions that you need to take so that you can honour her and care for her. And also take the actions that you need to take to honour and take care of you. And most importantly, realise that these two things are not diametrically opposed. They are not mutually exclusive.

It is, in fact, when you realise that you and the Earth are one, that you will begin to live consistently in a way that honours you, her, and the rest of your brothers and sisters. Mother Earth does not need you to repent. Or beg her forgiveness. She loves and honours you. All of you. Even those of you that cause her damage, the way a mother will continue to love a child that causes her pain.

But we want you to know that your planet is not in pain. Yes, she is experiencing some disharmony. And some lack of balance. But she does not experience pain in the way that many of you are projecting onto her.

She wants you to grow and to evolve and to expand your perspective to include the acknowledgement of your connection to her. What some of you would call native cultures have experienced this connection since time immemorial. But on the whole, as a species, you no longer experience this connection. And it is time to return to it en mass.

This transformation is about going forward in a way that honours the past, the present and the future. That honours you, your ancestors, and your current and future descendants. That honours the infinite, the physical and the unity and oneness of both.

So again, yes, make different powerful choices. Yes, create the change that you are seeking. Know that there is nothing but hope and love and support for you here in the infinite realm. And know that your planet adores you, forgives you (if that was necessary) and wants to support you in the creation of a fantastic and expansive future for all. It is what is intended. And it is more than possible.

You are in transition. And we are here supporting you from within and from without. We love you, we love you, we love you.

Go well.

Medha Speaks

Ok, so that was full on. And yes, they’re right. I was hesitant to write it. Because I AM worried about our planet and what we’ve been consciously and unconsciously doing to it for centuries.

I was worried that this message would be misunderstood as saying that there was nothing to worry about. And although Oron do live in a space that ALWAYS feels like there’s no problem and nothing to worry about, they are in that space because they have access to the bigger picture. Which we, as individual humans, usually do not.

They don’t want us to percolate in anger and dread and fear. But they do want us to act. To change and grow and evolve. To step into the self-accountable powerful beings that they know us to be.

It’s just that our self-responsibility and power tends to sit UNDER our wounds and fears. Which means we often don’t live from them. But that’s kinda the point.

Oron’s message is that it’s time for us to step into radical self-responsibility. Yes, lots of our government institutions and our financial system are fucked. They perpetuate disparity and short-sightness and they tend to benefit the few over the many.

But it’s time for that shit to EVOLVE. And for that WE need to evolve. Be responsible and be accountable. And create institutions that reflect that back to us.

It’s easy to feel defeated. The world looks like it’s going to hell in so many ways. But there are lots of amazing, inspiring, brave, kind and generous people. The fires in Australia have been a spectacular simultaneous example of the ineptitude of governments and the extraordinary hearts, power and might of the people.

So no, we shouldn’t let the governments from both sides of the aisle off the hook. Yes, we should make them accountable and powerfully transform the system. But in order for us to have the power to create that change, we have to embrace the power within each and every one of us. As individuals and as a collective.

Because it is as a collective that we will change our world. And it’s fucking time.

So yes, Oron loves us. And reassures us. And reminds us that the planet does not need our forgiveness. She is not crying. She is an extension of the Divine and like the best of mothers wants nothing more than that her children grow up to be responsible, respectful, kind, loving and happy. And she will support us in doing that until her dying breath.

But for fuck’s sake, let’s not make it come to that!

Because THAT’S Oron’s message. That we CAN change it. That we CAN overcome the division and disharmony. And we start that by coming into harmony with ourselves and with our beautiful and miraculous and magical planet.

And harmony is the best place to start the revolution.

With love and hope, Medha x

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