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Reclaiming your joy - start with the simplest of things

Your purpose is not a big, lofty goal that you decided prior to coming here in terms of the specificities of how it would unfold.

Your purpose is Joy.

Joy is the energetic configuration of alignment.

When you follow your joy - when you follow what is calling you in a joyous, expansive way - you are moving forward in alignment.

In the path of reclaiming your joy, we invite you to begin with the simplest of things.

We offer the lived experience of Medha herself: Medha came from a situation where growing up she did not feel at all supported. She was so disconnected from the idea, the feeling, and the experience of being supported that she began by attempting to find a level of support from the Earth herself.

She was sitting on the floor one day and she said, “Okay, well, I am being held by the Earth right now. I can’t fall down any further than I am, so I guess that means I am technically supported.”

That is where she began. She has walked that path and walked that path and walked that path. She is now someone who feels deeply supported, both by herself and the world around her.

So begin where it is simple. She could not fall from the floor of the Earth. Begin where it is simple for you.

It might be that you love putting your feet in water. It might be that you love delicious ice cream. Feel into yourself as you experience the joy of that simple pleasure. Connect in with yourself in those moments - feel the feelings of joy - however slight they may be.

Because, as you know, what you bring your attention to is what is going to expand in your experience.

Prioritise your reconnection with joy. Make it something that is important, so that it does not become something that you forget to focus on. Put reminders on your mirrors, put reminders on your phone. Do whatever it is that is required in order that you feel supported so that you start to reconnect to your joy in a more regular way.

As you build the momentum of that, you will find that it is much faster to reconnect to your connection to your joy than it has been to disconnect from it. And it is when it is more habitual to you that it will be more productive for you to focus on larger aspects of your life.

As you connect with your joy and allow it to unfold in a way that feels fulfilling for you, you will then also feel as though you are living your purpose. You are here to co-create in joy.

As you learn to do that for yourself as an individual more and more, you are aiding the collective, supporting the collective, calling the collective forward into that same energetic knowing of what it feels like to flow towards your joy.



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