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Puppy Love

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Oron Speaks

We begin by welcoming you to this energetic transmission. It is the first time that we have done a transmission and activation via the written word and it will suit some of you more than others, although all that read it will benefit.

Our role and purpose here is not to become the healers of you and your energy – although we WILL move your energy in a manner that creates and facilitates healing. Our role is to support you in your own healing.

We cannot force you to read these words. Nor can we force you to receive the energetic transmission contained within them. That choice is yours and yours alone.

Some of you wonder why anyone would choose NOT to heal. Medha used to ask this question repeatedly. And we will elucidate with this example.

The act of ‘healing’ is not the equivalent of someone waving a magic wand and changing your external environment FOR YOU – although we know that many of you wish that were so.

The universe is a mirror. Which means that the universe mirrors your inner experience via your outer experience. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you cannot change the actions of the reflection without first changing yourself.

And your life is similar. Because you cannot change your external world without first creating at least a subtle change in your internal world; the world of energy, perspective, belief, feeling and thought. And that is why healing cannot be imposed from the outside. Because the person who receives it needs to be willing to receive it. Because it requires something of them.

Medha once had an argument with us – although she did not know she was arguing with us at the time, as we had not yet formally met – where she argued that if angels and energy beings really exist and they really CAN help humans, then why weren’t they helping automatically? She thought it ridiculous that such powerful beings, capable of creating change in the situations of people who needed help did not simple do so.

But free will is free will. And although the divine, the universe and the armies of support that you have at your disposal are willing to move mountains in support of you, that cannot happen without your consent and request. Because it ultimately requires a change in you. Thinking otherwise is naive, although understandable.



Medha also argued that it’s not fair to make people have to ask before energetic support is provided, because some people don’t know to ask.

But we assure you that the moment that you or anyone else is ready to open to assistance, that assistance becomes available. A friend gives you a book. You meet a new person with vital information. A new concept makes its way into your consciousness.

If we could give you a glimpse at the masses of energetic support available to you in each and every moment, your jaw would drop. As would your shoulders. Because the feeling that you are alone and responsible for everything would evaporate. You are not alone. You are infinitely supported.

Yes, ultimately you are the creator of yourself and your life. We cannot and would not, create it for you – for that is why you came. But you are not alone in it. We can and do assist you, the instant that you request it. In what you would consider unfathomable ways.

The secret ingredient to making the most of this energetic assistance is the releasing of any attachment you may have as to the form that this assistance will take. And no, this is not a subtle attempt to demote our assistance to an airy-fairy, no-real-impact kind of support. The energy that creates worlds is capable of providing practical real life support, and DOES. But as you open to the many and varied forms and ways that this support makes its way to you, you align with the energy of that support – which means that you open to receiving more and more of it. It’s like a cycle of ever-increasing good.

You are loved. You are supported. You are the very center of the universe and you and your dreams and desires (which are actually indicative and resultant from your energetic alignment with what you are being called towards) MATTER.

See what we did there?

You are matter and you are energy and you are infinitely important, worthy, supported and loved. So much more than you know.

We love you. We are here for you and we are there for you. We are not the sole domain of Medha. We are yours and although you can access our wisdom through Medha we would like you to know that you can also access it directly from us in two ways.

  1. Ask us. And if not us, then whatever conceptualisation of the infinite works for you. Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Angels, Archangels, Galactic beings, God. The signifier is irrelevant. But ask for support and assistance when you want it. And it shall be given. Every time. No exageration. And no exception. You just need to allow it. And you can. Because you ARE the infinite. Whether you feel that way or not.

  2. Medha communicates our words and our energy directly to you, but you also receive it directly from us as you listen. She is not a spotlight that beams out the light. She is more like a homing beacon, that allows the energy in the vicinity to be directed more specifically. As you listen to our words spoken through her, whether via a recording or in person, you are receiving the energy embedded in the words but you are also receiving additional energy directly from us. But you do not need to be listening to our words being spoken by Medha in order to connect to us. And yet some of you will find it helpful to do it that way. So as with everything, do what works for you.

Finally, we invite you to consider this. Why not intend and request energetic support? Even if this concept is new to you? Even if it seems a little odd to you? Have humans not been praying to a higher power for eons?

And if ‘energy beings’ and ‘higher power’ are uncomfortable concepts for you, why not rely on science? Quantum physics has proven that consciousness and intention impacts outcomes. So why not intend that things go well for you? That burdens be lifted? That you feel whole, perfect, loved and supported? You already are those things. And intending to experience them is an excellent step in moving towards it.

We love and support you. We repeat it regularly so that it becomes more familiar, because as things become familiar, you get more comfortable with them, and when you get more comfortable with them, you let them in.

We love you. We love you. We love you.

Go well.


Medha Speaks

This share is going to be deeply personal. Yes, Oron has given me the most intense and powerful experience of divine love that I’ve ever had. But I’ve been super mad at them. My dogs died. And at times, I’ve been blaming Oron.

Here’s the short version of the story.

In 2003 I was really sick. I had to quit work and could barely move my arms which meant the basics of life became impossible. Showering, driving, even holding a book and turning the pages was beyond me. And I got super depressed. Proper not-sure-if-I-wanna-stay-alive, kinda depressed.

I went for a channeling and was told to get a dog. I was reluctant coz I didn’t consider myself a dog person. But I did it and it changed my life. Swami came into my world and he saved me. He reconnected me to my heart and resurrected me and my life.

Five years later, when I was doing better physically and leaving the house more, I didn’t want Swams to be lonely so I got a second dog. Bodhi had an extraordinary desire for fun and adventure and just loved life and he helped to further support the inner changes that Swams had already helped me achieve.

They were my angel boys and they got me through some really shitty times. No matter what was going on, I could always just look at them and my heart melted. They followed me around all the time, gave me a million cuddles, reminded me to play and gave me the most profound and consistent experience of unconditional love I’d ever had. I loved those dogs more than I’ve loved most – probably all – people.

And then one Monday out of the blue, neither of them wanted breakfast. I didn’t know it at the time, but Swami – who was 16 – had a gastro that his gorgeous little body was not going to be able to recover from. And Bodhi’s heart condition, which was being managed with medication – I was told I would likely have him for another year – deteriorated.

Swami died on the Wednesday. Bodhi died the following Monday. Six days apart. Out of nowhere. And I was a fucking mess. I wailed. I bawled. I screamed. I cursed out God. Because losing them both at the same time felt so incredibly ridiculously unfair.

So I sat in that for a while and then I realised this. Swami and Bodhi dying so close together wasn’t random. It was what was necessary to help me transcend two things:

  1. My dependence on the physical and the misunderstanding that I still have that the physical is more real than the energetic.

  2. My other misunderstanding that the experience of unconditional love that I had with my dogs was LIMITED to my experience WITH the dogs. The reality is that the experience lives inside of me. And I can have that same amount of unconditional love towards myself and the world and everyone in it, including you. It’s not limited to my puppies.

And I also realised this: the more that I learn to connect to the ENERGY of Swams and Bodhes (rather than relying on their physicality), the easier it’s going to be to connect to the energy of Oron.

Can you see why I was mad at Oron?

My thought was this: if what it takes for me to be a clear channel is me losing my precious angels boys, then Oron can go find someone else coz that price was just too high. And if they want me to be their channel – which until that point I had REALLY wanted to be – then they should bloody well support me with love and flowers and unicorns and the exact fucking OPPOSITE of soul crushing grief!

But I get it now. Mostly. Coz here’s the thing. The puppies were living beings with their own consciousness. They always FELT divine to me, so I couldn’t doubt their connection. And the reality is that they made their choice. Both of them. I tried to fight it, but I couldn’t. Coz I don’t get to create in the experience of the puppies. Just like I don’t get to create in the experience of my loved ones. Or in yours. Because each of us makes our choices. In both the physical and in the energetic realms.

The reality is that my angel boys were never going to be with me in the physical plane for ever. No matter how much I wanted them to. Or how much money I spent at the vet trying to save each of them.

And I have to say. I’ve felt my connection to the puppies inside of me a few times since they passed and it feels amazing. Like they live in my heart now, so I can take them everywhere I go. Which means they are my ever-present companions now even MORE than they were before. And as I started to connect to the energy of the puppies inside of me, I could feel that intense, divine, unconditional love living inside of me too – without the prompting of the physical presence of my puppies.

And THAT’S when I realised that they were a part of the Oron energy all along. Because it’s the same feeling.

My boys were emissaries, sent to lift my energy and connect me to the vibration of unconditional love that is required to help me channel the Oron energy more powerfully. They were in on it the whole time. And that is why they always felt like a part of me. Because they, like Oron, are.

So Oron didn’t cost me my dogs. They sent them to me.

And although I can be grateful to Oron now instead of angry, I’m still grieving. And I will be for as long as it takes.

But I do know that in the not too distant future, Oron is coming out of the proverbial closet. They will be transmitting energetic healing, activations and support for anyone that’s ready to receive it. And like they say in the above post, how much you access that and use it, is completely up to you.

Although I do hope you choose it.

With unconditional love, Medha

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