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Money, evil and buttering bread

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Oron and Medha - Money, evil and buttering bread Blog post

In case you don't already know, money and goodness/personal development/spirituality are meant to be kept separate.

And if you have a really good heart, or if you’re ‘spiritual’, then money shouldn't matter to you.

You shouldn’t want it.

Because if you DO, you’ll be corrupted by it. Tainted.

These are the sentiments that I was personally emailed last week (see below).

Oron and Medha - Money, evil and buttering bread Blog post

My first instinct upon reading this loaded message was to vehemently defend my values and morals.

My second was to notice that the person's need to warn me of my potential doom was so great that they simply couldn't contain themselves (despite admitting that it was probably inappropriate).

But then I had to be honest with myself and acknowledge that in the not-too-distant past, I felt that way too.



In fact, I think some degree of this sentiment is buried in the heart of many generous, kind and loving people.

And you know what the end result of that is?

That those generous people - the ones who would use their resources in the service of not just themselves, but also others - end up blocking their ability to receive money.

If you're a greedy person, then you're a greedy person!

And if you're a generous person, then you're a generous person!

Your bank balance (an external factor) doesn't decide who you are for you.

Money can’t make you greedy without your consent. It can't make you selfish, and it sure as hell can't ‘ruin your beauty’.

Or mine.

But it CAN help you to amplify your impact, and enact your values. To invest your energy (money is an energy) into the things you care about.

So for the love of all things good (and I mean that oh-so-literally), if you're an open-hearted person that's interested in your own expansion (and that of the world), then please please PLEASE stop blaming my mate money for stuff it didn't create!

Like inequality. And greed. And lack.

People did that.

Not money.

Think of it like this: money is like a knife.

Oron and Medha - Money, evil and buttering bread Blog post

You can stab someone in the eye with it, or you can butter your toast.

The knife doesn't get into your warm little hand and start whispering ideas into your head about stabby stabby. Or about delicious toast either.

It simply does your bidding.

Money is the same.

When you have it, you decide what to do with it.

Where you invest it.

What you contribute to.

Money doesn't decide. You do.

Can you imagine a world where generous, open-hearted people control the bulk of the resources?

I can. And it'll be amazing!!

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