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Meeting Oron

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Oron Speaks

We are Oron. But our name is inconsequential, and more of a tool to facilitate your understanding. We’re here to help humanity revolutionise it’s self-perception. Because you have been in the darkness long enough and you are now ready to embrace your light.

We will continually radiate peace, love and what you will consider wisdom in your direction. Some of it will touch your soul and feel like remembering, or coming home. Some of it will activate areas that require your attention – and will therefore not feel as glorious.

Know that no matter your experience or your reaction to us, we love you.

We see through the mask of lack, deficiency and not-enoughness that you humans are accustomed to wearing. And whether you’re ready for this message or not, we offer it to you with love.

It’s time to shake things up.

It’s time to open to more.

It’s time to claim your inherent limitlessness and divinity.

Because that’s your essential nature. And everything else is the illusion.

The illusion is alluring. It is tempting to prefer disempowerment, for a number of reasons. It’s familiar. And because it’s familiar, it feels safe. You also choose disempowerment because self-accountability can be terrifying. But we remind you that it’s only terrifying when your mode of self-interaction and self-motivation is based on self-rejection and self-recrimination, which are two of the most divisive and damaging energies available in your human experience.

And yet when we speak of ‘damaging’, we must clarify. What it damages is your perception. Your experience. Your joy. But even all of that can only ever be touched on the most superficial of levels.

Because – you have heard it before and we will repeat it here – you are divine. You are whole.

You are complete.

And nothing in your inner or outer experience can touch that.

But what external things CAN do, is increase the illusion of separation. And THAT is the most damaging force when it comes to your joy.

Because your life is about connection. Or rather reconnection. To the wholeness of who you are. To the oneness that you are.

And when you look at it deeply, every single thing you do in your life is an attempt to move you back into that wholeness which you seek.

And therein lies the irony.

Because you cannot be divided.

You cannot be split.

You cannot be harmed.

Because you ARE the whole.

The entirety of the universe lives in and within you.

Nothing can exist without you.

We remind you that even your science is telling you that energy cannot cease to be. It can only change form.

You can never not be.

You can never cease.

And you can never be divided.

You are an intricate part of the whole because you ARE the whole.

Do not try to understand this with your conscious mind. And in saying this, we are not advocating that you disregard your own wisdom and your own discernment.

In fact, we advocate the opposite.

FEEL into the energy of the words that we speak.

Do they feel true? Do you wish them to be?

That wish is your deeper self, knowing what is possible.

But we will not push you. You will come to this when you are ready.

And if you are ready – run with it. Make it the centerpiece of your existence. Even if its only in the form of an idea. Because opening to the idea is the first step in opening to the experience.

You are limited only by your perceived limitations.

We wish to end by telling you this. Everything you have lived in the past is not a statement of what is possible. It is a statement of what WAS possible given your past energetic configuration and belief structures.

Do not use your past to prove your limitations. But rather use your knowing, your guidance and what you consider your ability to dream, to create your future.

When you daydream, you commune with the Infinite. When you worry, you commune with your fears.

But don’t WORRY about worrying. Just remember that nothing can touch you.

Life is a lot more like a game than a serious mission with a heavy purpose.

When you learn to pass the levels of the game, you start to live the miraculous life that you intended for yourself before you got here.

And as the energy on your planet lifts and evolves, living in this way is becoming much more possible for all of you.

Be the change. Live with joy. Take your attention where it needs to go and don’t go looking for problems. As you follow the trail of your interest, you are led to where your attention is required. It can be that easy. It was designed that way.

The universe is a carefully calibrated and connected energetic ecosystem. It guides you, it loves you, it IS you.

We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.


Medha Speaks

One Wednesday in September 2019, I lay on a massage table and spontaneously felt like I could answer any question about the nature of life and the universe. And although I’d been an intuitive healer – channeling information for myself and my clients, for over a decade before that – I’d never experienced that before.

So I got my friend and massage therapist Cara, to ask me some questions. And I could answer them. And when I say ‘I could answer them’, I actually mean that it felt like an energetic snorkel had been inserted into my brain and the answers got poured into it. And that when I opened my mouth, the answers kinda fell out. I wasn’t thinking them or hearing them and then repeating them. I was hearing them AS I was speaking them.

It felt like pressure on my head – almost like a headache. And it also felt like the most loving energy/feeling that I had ever experienced. It went for an hour, after which I was exhausted and needed to go to sleep almost immediately. Which is not my usual post-massage response!

When I first discovered Abraham-Hicks many years earlier, I’d desperately wanted to become a channel. The feeling increased when my friend’s mum came out as a powerful channel and I started having sessions with her. But after years of wishing, it didn’t happen and eventually I accepted that it wasn’t going to (A nice little reminder that attachment blocks the stuff we want).

The process unfolded over the following weeks and I gradually started to understand what was happening. I discovered that I was channeling a collective of souls called Oron, whose purpose and aim is to show humanity who we really are: divine and limitless.

Oron told me that humanity and our planet are about to undergo a significant transformation (a process that has already begun) and that this transition is going to require MANY leaders to light the path for those who are willing. They said that these leaders won’t be leading the way that what we humans usually consider leadership and that the people who are being activated to lead are the ones that have done a lot of work to clear their own personal wounding and blocks so that they can be clear vessels for whatever form of wisdom they are here to embody and teach.

I woke up the day after my channeling experience feeling completely transformed. Before any of this happened, I’d had an IDEA of what the experience of channeling would be like. But I was wrong about most of it.

Channeling Misconception 1: I used to think that the person channeling was just bringing through information. But I realise now that they are bringing through ENERGY. Oron’s teachings are charged with the energy and feeling of the content being communicated. It is a transmission and a healing. In fact, Oron has already started helping with the healing component of my work. And I’ll tell you something. I’m a bloody good healer. Powerful, clean and clear. But Oron is massively more powerful. When I encounter an energy I can’t shift, I tag Oron in and in less than a nanosecond, the energy activates/ shifts/transmutes/ whatever is required. They are MAGIC. And they and I are learning (it’s a team effort) to transmit that healing power through my voice. So that it can reach many more people. Because this is about the collective of humanity. So I think we’re making a podcast!

Channeling Misconception 2: I used to think the person doing the channeling was kinda absent. Not really there. But that’s not my experience. Although this makes it tricky. Because I’m so intensely FASCINATED by everything they say. So when they speak through me, it’s like I’m actively listening. They’ve told me now that although yes, I am to be present rather than absent, I’m also to be in a much more passive state then what I’ve been doing thus far. That I should record the material and listen back later. I definitely need to practice this a bit more. #workinprogress On a practical note, for those that want the details, it feels like the Oron info lands into the left side of my brain/head and I kinda step to the right inside myself just before they start coming through. Still getting used to that bit too.

Channeling Misconception 3: That the entity being channeled is always on point about the process and that the only one learning the process is the human. Wrong! Oron says that the energetics of each human is different and that my energetics change regularly and the process we are currently undergoing is us both learning to work together. And it’s not just me learning to allow them to flow through unimpeded. Although admittedly that is a large part of the process. For example, the first couple of jokes that they tried were clangers. They did not sound ike jokes, even a little. I only KNEW they were jokes because I could feel the energy of them. I’m told that they are learning to connect to my sense of humour and my humanity so that they can communicate through me in a relatable manner. Because of they’re gonna uplift humanity, then humans need to relate! The feeling completely transformed thing lasted about 10 days. And those 10 days were fucking magical. I felt like nothing – even the crappy stuff – was a problem. I have never loved myself so completely and I have never loved everyone and everything else so completely. I honestly felt with every fiber of my being that every single person on the planet is totally divine and that the world is on the brink of an extraordinary transformation. And I was EXCITED!

I still feel some of that, but not with the same intensity and in the same way. Because I hit a snag. And that snag was fear. Fear about what this means and how to do it well. Fear about the level of complete surrender that this journey requires. Because let me tell you this. Oron say what they want. I have no say in what comes of out my mouth when they’re driving.

Although that’s not strictly correct. I can kinda filter them if I actively try. But that just feels wrong inside myself. And it blocks the energy. So I guess it’s more accurate to say that if I am going to be a powerful and effective channel (and I really wanna be) then I have to allow whatever they want to say and transmit to just flow through me. Which means zero control. And yes, they are the most benevolent being(?) Energy(?) Collective(?) I’ve ever experienced. But still. I’m learning to open to the experience and I’m learning to trust – not Oron exactly – but myself. So that this can be what it’s intended to be.

Powerful. Transformative. Revolutionary. Not just for me but for you and for the planet.

Stay tuned x

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