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This is how you change your world

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

You are infinite. And you are Divine.

We know that you can’t always feel it.

Ok, we know that some of you can hardly ever feel it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

And we’re going to prove it to you.

But we can’t prove it to you with words. Or with facts.

Because your mind will believe what it wants to believe.

And it will discount what it wants to discount.

But we ask you this.

Why WOULDN’T you want to see your own infinite potential?

Why WOULDN’T you want to know yourself as Divine?

We challenge you not to hide behind the idea of facts.

But continue this discussion based on feeling.

What benefit is there to seeing yourself as limited. As small. As flawed.

You avoid arrogance? Maybe.

But arrogance is not the result of self-love and self-acceptance.



Arrogance is the refuge of denial adopted by a wounded ego. An ego who deep down feels not good enough.

Someone who genuinely loves themselves completely has nothing to prove and is unlikely to indulge in arrogance.

Do you see yourself as small so that you avoid the pain of discovering that you are not, in fact, perfect?

Maybe. But it depends on your definition of ‘perfect’.

If you define ‘perfect’ as never making a mistake, then maybe.

But what if ‘mistakes’ are really just opportunities for insight, growth and expansion, and therefore not ‘mistakes’ at all?

What if you could allow yourself to be guided by your ‘errors’ so that you course correct – not to something that is objectively more “right” (because there is no such thing), but towards something that feels more right to YOU?

What if you could stop pushing yourself, or rejecting yourself with the mantra of “I must do better’?

What if instead, you could see yourself as the whole, complete, lovable hologram of the universe, as an invaluable and irreplaceable part of the whole, that you are?

We ask you, what is to be gained by your self-rejection? By telling that parts of you that are fearful, or in pain, or in doubt, that they are wrong? That they should shut the fuck up and tow the line and makes things good already?

What if you used the goodness and the self-love that you can connect to (no matter how small that is right now), as a salve to soothe the scared, worried, hurt parts of you instead?

The secret to creating expansion, growth and all the things that you want is to walk in the opposite direction to what society and your conditioning have been guiding you toward.

To walk away from working hard. And towards following your guidance and finding flow.

To walk away from self-rejection in the hope of self-improvement. And towards the self-acceptance that opens the doors to you receiving miracles.

To walk away from thinking that you can’t have what you want unless you earn it. And towards knowing that you are good and whole and deserving of all of the goodness that is available.

To walk away from the flawed model that tells you that if you gain something, someone else misses out. And towards a deep knowing that the more goodness you allow yourself to receive, the more goodness you have at your disposal.

To walk away from thinking of others as your competition. And towards seeing them as yourself.

You ARE divine. You ARE whole. You ARE perfect.

And the quicker you accept your own divinity and your incalculable worth, the sooner you will begin manifesting and creating the gift to humanity that you came to bestow.

You purpose is not a big scary goal. It’s not heavy and it’s not serious.

Your purpose is to find your joy, your freedom and your flow. Because as you do that you change your world. Which means you change everyone’s world. Because you are all one.


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