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Listening to the Whispers of your Soul

When you are in a moment of indecision, in a place of not feeling clear about what decision feels best to you, we would invite you to stop pondering it.

Often, when you find yourself in confusion and lack of clarity, you will go over and over and over all the angles of a situation, thinking that will move you towards clarity.

But the reality is that you are rethinking the same thoughts again and again.

And as you percolate in the energy of the problem, you percolate in the energy of confusion, creating more confusion.

Add to this any sense of urgency and time pressure to make a decision (when you are already in a place of lack of clarity), and you create even more tension, more stress, more contracted energy.

As well as inability to arrive at the space that allows your clarity to shine on what feels right for you.

So our counsel to you is to stop pondering it.

Give yourself permission to be confused, to not know. Allow yourself to experience the confusion – to not fight against it, to not resist it.

When you accept yourself as you are showing up in the moment, and connect to your intention of finding - not what is objectively true, but what feels right for you – you will create the space that will allow you to hear the whispers of your inner knowing.

When those around you are coming at you with a level of intensity that makes it feel as though their information and energy is being communicated to you via a megaphone - with conflicting ideas and voices and thoughts – it is difficult for you to hear the whispers of your knowing above the din of all that.

We remind you that the universe is a mirror, and you are being shown that you are not always able to listen to the whispers of your soul.

You are being gifted an opportunity to practice giving your attention and energy to focusing on creating the space you need so that you can, indeed, hear the whispers of your soul.

Allow yourself to soften and relax into the knowing that you have the answers inside of you – whether or not you are able to connect with them in this moment.

It can be likened to watering a plant – giving it the space and energy, the earth and the light that it needs so that it can grow.

As you train yourself to hear those whispers, the surrounding din will start to sound less loud. You will then become able to make your decision from a place of alignment, from a place of feeling that this is the most right move for you under the circumstances.

As your focus moves ever more inward, while staying connected to the outward, you will no longer be like a ship swayed by the waves of the ocean. You will stand in your centre and hear opposing perspectives and be open to the wisdom that comes from all of them - because all the perspectives that are currently on your planet have some value.

And when you are anchored so deeply into the feeling that only yours is the right one, there is a contraction of energy that prevents expansion.

What you see externally is a mirror to what you feel internally.

Know yourself so that you can know inside of yourself what feels right and true for you. You do not have to push against the opposite. You do not need to invest your energy in that direction. Invest instead into deeply knowing the fullness of you.

As you become able to hear the whispers of your own soul, you will become so much more able to create the changes that so many of you are crying for in your world at present.

As you anchor into your own self and your own knowing and create more harmony within YOU, you’ll be creating more of the energy of harmony on your planet.

And as you create the change inside of yourself that you wish to see in the world, you will see that in the world reflected back to you.

Whatever decisions you make, align with them before you act and all will be well for you.

The core of you cannot be touched by the dance that happens on the surface.


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