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Is ‘you create your own reality’ true for marginalised groups?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Oron and Medha Blog Is ‘you create your own reality’ true for marginalised groups

A lot of my work focuses on reclaiming your personal power irrespective of your outer circumstances. Of doing the inner work to create the outer changes.

But what if you're trying to do that in a culture and society that actively oppresses you, or people like you?

Is the process of conscious creation equally true for marginalised people? For systematically oppressed people? For really poor people?

Or does ‘create your own reality’ ultimately apply only to the privileged?

I think the answer is both yes and no.

And although the following analysis applies to most marginalised or oppressed people, (including those in severe poverty), let’s use an example to make it more concrete.

Black people have historically been massively economically disadvantaged for centuries in most parts of the world (I'm only just learning the extent of it).

Ok, so even if you ignore the historical generational disadvantage and just focus on the present energetics, do Black people have the same ability to manifest wealth in their lives as their more privileged white counterparts?

There are Black people who've done it - the more famous of which are often used as examples that it IS possible for Black people to succeed. Which means ALL Black people could do it if they tried hard enough.

But it’s not that simple.

Manifesting something - and growth in general - is NECESSARILY the process of birthing something that does not yet exist. Which means you must be capable of imagining something new, something better and more expanded than what you are currently living, and truly believe that having that experience is possible for you.



There’s more to it than this, obviously, but this is where it begins.

If you've never seen anyone that looks like you represented in the realm that you wish to create in, it will take extra power - extra manifesting muscle - in order for you to believe that that thing is possible for you. Much more than what would be required for someone who sees themselves represented regularly in that same field.

Privilege in the context of manifestation feeds the belief that things are possible for you.

LACK of privilege feeds the belief that things that are possible for others are NOT AS POSSIBLE for you.

Oron and Medha Blog Is ‘you create your own reality’ true for marginalised groups Privelege

So it’s not that Black people are less capable of manifesting than white people. That‘s basically more of the faulty thinking that reinforces the idea of privilege in the first place. Black people are just as energetically powerful and just as capable of working to uplift their consciousness as white white people.

But we can’t pretend that the playing field is equal. The biases in the system make it harder and more challenging for Black people to manifest the same things that white people are systematically supported in believing they are entitled to.

If you're constantly told ‘no that’s not for you’ or ‘you can’t have that’, in both gross and subtle ways, it takes a miraculous level of self-belief to overcome those consistent negative messages.

Saying “it’s all energy and everyone creates their own reality” without addressing the systematic oppression (economic, racial etc) that make the game unfair is like having a race between two strong competitors and ignoring the fact that only one of them has to jump over hurdles.

So is conscious creation equally available to all people?

In the mechanism of it, yes.

But in practical reality, there are more hurdles for the oppressed, the disenfranchised and the poor than there are for people who don't face those same challenges.

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