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How to find flow - even in the crap stuff

The Sailor Boy has hoarding tendencies. It runs in his blood. At last count, this 82-year-old mother owned 125 tablecloths (and when we borrowed one for hosting Christmas last year she told us to make sure we give it back!!).

We occasionally spend Saturday mornings going to garage sales ('yard sales' for our North American friends), and because the Sailor Boy (SB) has slowly mastered his urge to purchase multiple things from every garage sale (bless his generous, hoaring heart), garage sales are much more fun for me now!

Last Friday night, SB suggested we do garage sales in the morning. And so, on his morning run with the dogs, he kept his eyes peeled for the telltale balloons that accompany garage sale signs.

He chose his running route randomly and came home with a destination: the 'Problem House' (ie. the one where we have to brace before passing with the dogs because the border collie who lives there seems to kinda hate us) was having a garage sale!

As part of my ongoing health journey, I'm having exploratory surgery in a couple of weeks. The surgery itself is no big deal, but because I have some complicating factors, my post-surgery recovery is going to be a wee bit ... complicated.

Ie. I need to stay completely off my right foot for nearly 2 weeks.

Due to additional health factors, I can't use crutches (did I mention I have some health issues? 😁).

And so, while working out how the hell I was gonna make it to the bathroom and back for whole 2 weeks, I stumbled upon a 'knee walker' (or as I prefer to call it - a knee scooter - you'll see why in a minute)!

I promptly found and hired a local one for the princely sum of $120.

But as I wandered around the yard of the Problem House, casually perusing broken umbrellas and preused nail polishes (not joking) ... can you guess what happened?

What could the Problem House have been selling that's extraordinary enough for me to write you a whole blog post about it?

You guessed it! They were selling a knee scooter!!!

A KNEE SCOOTER! Something that I wouldn't have even recognised a week before (because I didn't know they existed then)! Something SO specialised that hardly anybody has one. And something that I happen to desperately need in just 2 week's time!

Honestly, what are the chances?!!

Wanna guess how much they wanted for it?

Seriously, try to guess [spoiler: you won't guess it].

Two dollars.

TWO DOLLARS!!! For something that I had already paid $120 to hire!! (Don't worry - I got a refund)

This is a massive deal for several reasons:

1. The sequence of events was inspired. So much had to align for this to work out the way it did. After decades of struggle, I've taught myself to follow the flow pretty fucking well now.

2. Learning to follow the flow and create alignment doesn't mean crap stuff won't happen. A lot of the people I work with unconsciously believe that if they get all their energy shit in alignment, nothing bad will happen to them ever again. It doesn't quite work like that. (This little miracle was about my ongoing health issues, after all.)

3. I've done a shitload of work to overcome the feeling that I'm alone and unsupported and that everything is up to me. (I lived from that place for decades and holy kumbucha, it sucked.) I've trained myself to feel deserving of support and to really open to it. Which means the universe can line up magical miracles of support for me. And holy fuck did I feel loved and supported by the universe when the knee scooter thing happened! BUT, me doing the inner work came FIRST, because that created the possibility of such outcomes. Not the other way around.

And so, allow me to introduce you to Scout, my new knee scooter!

See how Scout makes me nimble and mobile while magically keeping my foot off the floor? I'll still be spending most of my recovery time sitting and lounging, but getting from the bed to the couch and back will now be a breeze, thanks to Scout!!

People invent such cool stuff!



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