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How do I access true freedom

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

This was a dialogue between a good friend of mine and Oron. She asked Oron questions through me and Oron answered them. Enjoy!

Human: I guess I’m curious about what true freedom is? I want to feel completely free.

Oron: You have felt that many times.

Human: Why do I stop that constant free state then?

Oron: You limit your sense of freedom because you have been taught to limit your sense of freedom. When you are born as children, you are constantly told to manage yourself and make yourself smaller. It is a constant experience over and over again.

You get told: Be good. Behave. Be smaller.

Particularly those of you who are sensitive to the needs of others, you will start to limit yourselves more and more for the perceived benefit of others. It actually doesn’t benefit anyone, but is a constant pattern played out by humanity which will be broken in the future but is currently still being played out regularly.

You would experience freedom if you were to free yourself from the feeling that you’re responsible for the feelings, interpretations and behaviours of others.

Human: How can I be free if others are not free?

Oron: How can others be free if you are not free? There is a need for humanity to flip the script and realise that they need to become more of what they want to see more of in the world.

If you want your world to have freedom, you need to embody freedom. If you want your world to have more prosperity, you need to embody prosperity. If you want your world to have more fun, you need to embody more fun. When you limit your experience of each, you add less of it to the world. You detract from it. Most of you are living in accordance with the opposite of your values, thinking that you are benefiting the collective. In fact, that is not possible.

If your value is freedom, you can’t limit your own freedom and think you are living based on your values of freedom. Yet, you do.

Human: It’s like a relief hearing that.

Oron: That’s the path to freedom. Find more and more of that relief. That feeling of relief is the feeling of you walking towards the truth and returning home. Home is not something external. It is something internal. You cannot force your way to freedom, but you can open your way to freedom because it’s your natural state. Limitations are an illusion. You make them real by believing in them. You don’t need to worry about anybody…ever. It’s like you think worrying is an act of love. But it isn’t. Worry isn’t tied to love. It is not necessary for love. Wishing someone well is tied to love.

Human: I notice that I worry a lot, it’s like a habit of my mind – it seems to arise so quickly. What can I do?

Oron: It arises quickly for exactly that reason; because it is a habit.

Human: How do I break that habit?

Oron: How do you usually break your habits?

Human: Having a break from it if it’s a physical thing. I guess redirection. Just redirect my mind gently.

Oron: Excellent. So in the moment of realising that you’re worrying about somebody, redirect yourself to your heart and send them your love. The worry comes from a desire for them to be well, from a desire to send love. Circumnavigate the destruction and just go straight to sending them love. That’s actually your value.

Worrying is a contraction of energy. Love is an expansion of energy.

That is one of the misunderstandings that humanity has about love. It is not tied to worry. It love is your natural state. It is more natural for you to love than it is to not love. Do not concern yourself with the small things that create the worry and the anxiety. Go to the deeper, bigger picture which is the actual love. Do not fear that you can get love wrong because you cannot get love wrong.

Do not concern yourself with the small things that create the worry and the anxiety. Go to the deeper, bigger picture which is the actual love.

There are a lot of misunderstandings that it’s time for humanity to clear up in order for you to live according to your values in a way that’s actually congruent and aligned, rather than an illusion or a misunderstanding. You’re not here to free anyone. You’re not here to liberate anyone. You’re not here to heal anyone – not even yourself. At the core, you already are all of those things. It’s more slipping through the illusions and back into the reality which you have never lost. You can never lose.

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