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Episode 95 – Intention and Expectation

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

This episode is a little different. I sat to channel Oron alone, with no set topic or specific question and they chose to discuss the relationship between intention and expectation. It’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought to, but after hearing Oron explore it, I now understand the importance of it. Oron’s energy is calm and spacious in this recording, and I think you will feel that as you listen. And although Oron’s message always contains some level of energy healing, I felt particularly strong energy shifts every time I listened to this recording. I hope it’s the same for you.

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Medha: This episode is a little different. I sat to channel Oron alone with no set topic or specific question, and they chose to discuss the relationship between intention and expectation.

It's not something I've given a lot of thought to, but after hearing Oron and explore it, I now understand how important it is. Oron's energy is calm and spacious in this recording and I think you'll feel that as you listen. And although Oron's message always contains some level of energy healing, I felt particularly strong energy shifts every time I listened to this recording. I hope it's the same for you. Let's do it.

Welcome to A Clear Perspective, the podcast that helps you remember who you really are, what you really want and the easiest way to get it. I'm Medha and I'm a direct voice channel for Oron, who give us straight talking, practical guidance to help us live joyful lives of abundance, ease and positive impact the way we were meant to.

Oron: We wish to provide you today with some information as well as energetic support to help you understand in a deep way, in a more embodied way, the importance and the power of both your intention and also your expectation.

It is often spoken about that the intention is powerful, so powerful that it is capable of creating amazing things and bringing some of what you want to your experience. And there is a lot of focus on the ability of your mind and consciousness and your intention to blend and create the energetic magic of allowing that creates the flow and creative power that you wish to see in the 3D physical world, and not just in the bounds of your own inner world, in the bounds of your own being.

The power of your intention is only just starting to be understood. But there is something else that when you start to explore it and understand it and have some command over it - by which we mean not control, but the ability to work with - the aspect that we're speaking about that has the power to either support the work you are doing with your intention or hinder it is the power of expectation. When you have lived things in a particular way and you wish to create things that are beyond what you have previously experienced, people who are developing their ability to work with themselves and their consciousness and their energetics tend to have an understanding now of the role of intention in creating the more that has not yet been.

But it is also important to understand that what you have lived trains your expectation in particular ways and it is asking something different from you when you wish to create more than has been before. It is asking your expectation to create within itself more than what you have seen in the past. And that is something that, when it is addressed, when it is looked at, when it is supported to expand, the expectation, power can be added to the power of your intention.

But when you do not take the time and have the intention of uncovering what your true expectations are - and we will remind you that it is entirely possible for you to have different levels of expectation within different parts of you about the same thing - it is entirely possible for some pockets of energy or some aspects of yourself to be completely expecting for you to have the more than you that you are wishing to create whilst simultaneously holding pockets of doubt and expectation that things will remain the way they were and will not actually succeed in creating more than what you have lived in the past.

There is a myth in the understanding that many humans have about themselves that they only feel one thing or they only think one thing. But within you, you have so many pockets of energy and aspects of you that are more quiet than the majority. And what can then happen is that you disconnect - particularly when those aspects are holding information or energetics or beliefs or fears or doubts that feel low vibration to you.

It is very common and also very easy to be tempted to hear the loud and the positive much more than the heed that you pay to the quiet and what you perceive as more negative pockets and aspects of you. But when you learn the art of connecting in with your inner world with a level of openness, acceptance and flow, you will discover that in reality you sometimes believe opposing things simultaneously. It is just that you do it with different pockets of energy or different aspects of you. And it is entirely possible for you to somewhat disconnect from the experience of some of those aspects.

And so if you wish to be one who uses their intention to create things that have not been before, we encourage you to consider expectation to be the friend of intention so that you remember to take the time to go within and actually uncover the layers and the aspects of you and what it is that they are holding in relationship to what it is that you wish to create.

And when you discover that there are pockets and aspects that do not expect you to be able to succeed, rather than drowning them out with positivity, rather than wishing those aspects away, if you were to take your intention towards your expectation and use the selflove, the self-acceptance, the self inquiry that you would absolutely use with a close friend of yours in order to inquire what was going on for them and so that you could support them. If you were to use those skill sets on yourself, you will be able to with love and not force, with encouragement and not rigidity foster the growth of the expectations that are available to you throughout all layers and aspects of you.

And so if you wish to move forward to being a conscious creator in your world using your intention and your consciousness and your ability to work with energy to create what it is that you wish to create, we encourage you to love and prioritize your expectation. All levels and all layers. And to do the play of connecting in with such acceptance and such love and such encouragement that you are able to uncover what is really going on for you that is limiting your ability to truly expect more than what has been before.

You are constantly growing, whether you're aware of it or not, to some degree. Some of you at different rates but that is nothing that matters because you are on your own individual journey. And so you are always growing and creating more than it has been before. You are, as you remain alive in your physical body on this planet, you are growing into more. And so soothe your expectation because you have already many times experience that you can achieve more than what has been before. Soothe your expectation with encouragement and with love and with inquisitiveness and with support so that it can in totality lift to more than has been before so that your expectation can be the support of your intention rather than a hindrance to it.

There are many levels and layers and aspects of you and all of them are valuable and all of them are powerful and all of them - whether you are aware of this or not - are contributing to the energetic imprint of you. And the entirety of the energetic imprint is what is calling forward towards you from the universe which is also you, what it is bringing forth. Know that there is nothing that you feel, that you feel for no reason. That your consciousness is wise and powerful and your intention, particularly when it is supported by your expectation, are capable of creating amazing things for you and your world.

But we will leave you with this: when you find pockets where it is not possible for you to expect more than has been before or where there is doubt as to whether that is possible, the immediate impulse and desire in many of you is to get rid of that part so that the rest of you can move forward into the experience of what it is that you wish. But every single layer and aspect and part of you is deeply and profoundly valuable. So creating a level of wholeness by bringing acceptance and understanding that all layers and all aspects of you are valuable, even when you cannot in that moment understand why. We will lend you our knowing until you build the muscle for yourself by learning to see it again and again and again so that it becomes approved in your own experience. Until then, we will share with you our knowing that every single part of you, every single aspect, every single pocket of energy, everything that is you is wonderful, deserving, powerful, and important. And sometimes the thing that you need in order to move forward to what it is that you want is the addressing of things that are not yet a vibrational match.

And so discovering the pockets where your expectation is to repeat the same rather than build and create more is an extraordinary game that you can play in the loving and in the supporting of you, so that you train yourself to be someone who feels loved and supported, because that is a relationship that you hold within you. And when that is a relationship that you hold within you, you will see that mirrored back to you from the universe, which is but another of the valuable, important aspects of you. You deserve good things. You are worthy and valuable and deeply, profoundly adorable.

We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

Medha: I know that the practicalities of doing this work can be a little confusing. If you want some practical support with it and you prefer a do it yourself option, then be sure to grab the free Return to Wholeness mini course. You'll find that at If you'd prefer more personalized support, you can now book a private zoom call with me where I'll personally take you through the Return to Wholeness process. If that sounds good to you, go to That's You'll find the link to both of those in the show notes. Thanks for listening. And in the words of Oron, go well.

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