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Episode 94 – The energetics of fear and expansion

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

This episode explores the energetics of fear and expansion. It discusses fear expansion and healing,while providing practical advice on embodies spirituality. It explains why taking aligned action and having fear come up is so common and what to do about it. If you ever feel disappointed in yourself when have low vibe emotions, or if you’ve been surprised when you tried connecting to future self and felt fear, this channelled message about fear and manifestation will help you understand how to create the things you want with a lot less contraction and a lot more flow. Interested in what happens energetically when you take a big leap? Want to know about the energy of quantum growth? Ever pondered if it’s possible for us to fully heal? Then this podcast episode is for you.

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Taking aligned action and having fear come up [starts at 00:00:14] What happens energetically when we take a big leap? [starts at 00:06:20] The energetics of fear [starts at 00:09:21] Do we ever get to a place where we are fully healed? [starts at 00:11:56] Are emotions our ultimate guide to expansion? [starts at 00:14:27]


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Oron: We are here and ready. Let's play.

Mel: Thank you. Oron and Medha. My question today relates to dealing with fear and moving through fear. So I have recently made a very big decision where I moved consciously through a previous barrier of what was good enough for me, what I was prepared to accept in my life and stepped into a new level of abundance and really moved through some fears. I was very super proud of myself for doing that and it felt so aligned, it wasn't funny. And I trusted the universe that everything would fall into place that would facilitate this going forward.

And then I find myself falling back into panic moments. So I'll go for days and I'll feel so proud and so aligned with this new level of abundance and telling the universe what level of abundance. And then my body is like I wake up and I'm panicking. So it's like the body then sabotages the extraordinary lengths that I've gone to and I'm back in panic again. And my question is, why is my body still doing this when I've clearly had the courage and the chutzpa to step into this and what can I do to minimize the falling back into the old energies which has me again feeling worried and panicked.

Oron: The reason that you feel as though you are falling back into the old energy is because when you connect into it, it feels familiar. It feels like it is the same as what you were experiencing previously that blocked you from being able to ask for the bigger things that you wish.

There is a misunderstanding at play though, currently. The feeling that you have that the body is sabotaging and holding you back is actually the antithesis of what is going on for you. The body is the receptacle. And for those of you who like to talk about things in terms of the energetics, the body is slightly more dense energy than say the energy of thought or emotion or dream because it is more physical in nature. And the body stores a lot of the energetics that you have lived through in the past.

So you were totally aligned when you made the decision that you made for yourself. You were totally inspired when you flowed forth with the impulse that arose within you. But to feel that it is going backwards is a misreading of the energetics that are currently at play. Because what actually happened is you absolutely did take a step towards the more, but you - will say it a different way.

Sometimes it is possible for you to move forward to take a step towards the more when you're already within every single aspect of you 100% aligned with that more. Some of you sometimes choose to take the step when there is a large percentage of you that is aligned and some percentage of you that is not. Sometimes you take the leap when you are somewhat aligned with the magic that you are trying to create and also aligned with the fear that stopped you in the first place.

There is a spectrum upon which your alignment lies. And the biggest thing that we would like you to take away from our conversation is the feeling inside of yourself that what you are actually doing is recreating yourself anew moment to moment, moment to moment to moment to moment. So although it's true that in the moment that you made those decisions to move forward to the more, you were largely aligned. There is not ticking off of the alignment and so that it is already achieved, ready and done, never to need to be looked at again. That is not how it works because it is a moment to moment exchange that you are having both with yourself and the universe.

And so there are many people who prefer the sense of safety that comes from being 100% aligned before they take a step forward. That, dear one, is not you. You have an impetus to move forward to the more and to the more that is very aligned to the energetic imprint of you. There is no problem there. But what that does mean is that sometimes you take a step because you feel like you are largely aligned and that can be felt by you as full alignment, because your percentage of alignment is greater than your percentage of disalignment or misalignment.

And so when you take that step forward, feeling the rightness of it because most of you is on board with it, there is a process of allowing yourself the space, the time, the patience, the support, the nurturing and the encouragement to get those final aspects - those final energetics - to come with you onto the journey of full alignment for what it is that you wish. You could have done this slower and ensure that you are 100% utterly and completely aligned. But that isn't what feels inspiring to you.

And so we would invite you to reconsider the idea that the body is holding you back and instead consider that the body is showing you the places that still require a level of encouragement, clearing, cleansing and upliftment so that they can all together as 1% wholeness of you, be 100% aligned to what it is that you are moving forward towards. You like the excitement of jumping a little early. It just sometimes means you need to do a little clearing up.

Mel: It does. It feels like a bit of mopping up needs to happen.

Oron: That's exactly right.

Mel: Yes.

Oron: And also a little sprinkling of sparkles.

Mel: Yeah, that's really helpful. Thank you. So when we do take this quantum leap into a new version of ourselves - and I thrive on the excitement of that, you are correct - it's like I'm saying to the universe, "Come and meet me where I'm at." And these little tiny steps back into, "What have I done," moments, they are obviously versions of me that just need a little bit more TLC.

So how does that work? Or when we throw this boldness out into the universe and there is this almost expectation in Melissa that she will therefore be handed this silver platter of, "Congratulations, you have done this. You are bolder than most." How does that work with alignment and coherence? How is that received from your perspective when we do that big bold thing?

Oron: It happens in the exact way that you're experiencing it. So there have been ways that you have been rewarded, as you say, and congratulated by the universe for the big leap. And your expectation that you will be taken care of is being met in large part, but also more quiet than that is the expectation that is held by the other aspects of you that have not yet fully aligned.

And so you can sense, dear one, that there is an incredible amount of propulsion behind you moving forward to more and to more and to more. And you can sense that the more and the awesome and the excitement and the deliciousness has no limit and you wish to move there in that speedful excited mode. And there is no problem with that. But the truth is that the universe gives you things that match the totality of you and not just the loudest parts of you that you are paying most of your attention to. And that is why it behooves you to use those moments when you have taken a leap, because you felt that that was aligned for you. And then you discover the little pockets that were somewhat fearful of that action that you took, taking those moments when that fear, or that terror as you mentioned, come up to do the work of not arguing against, but supporting and addressing the concerns of those little pockets of energy. Or as Medha likes to call them, parts of you or aspects of you. That is going to start to very gently shift the expectation which is held by those particular pockets of energy.

And as you do that, more and more, the expectation that you have will be more cohesive because all of you will be more aligned to it, rather than having some parts of you expecting miracles and bountiful wonders and some parts of you wondering when the other shoe is going to drop.

Mel: That makes so much sense. And you just use my favorite word. Behooves. Thank you for that.

So, fear, the energy of fear, I'm really curious about it. It feels like it's got a very dualistic role. Like in a way and traditionally one would say that fear is about retracting and keeping you safe. But I also have this inkling that fear is like a taste of the future you that's not quite ready for formation. Can you talk about fear?

Oron: You are completely right in your categorization of that. There is - correction. There are many of you that enjoy the process of connecting into what you consider to be future versions of you. And there are ways that that feels delightful and joyous and delicious. And there are ways that, as you said, it brings up some of the incongruences between your current version of yourself and the version that you are connecting into, which is perceived by you as being a future version of you.

And so fear, like all emotions, whether they be what you consider positive or what you consider negative, are always little pockets of information that if you pay heed to them, will help you clean up the way to where you are going. So there are less obstacles on your path. And the more that you play around with understanding the fact that those pockets of information in the form of emotion are always there to give you support, to show you what is next, to show you also what it would behoove you to look at in order to move forward with less of a rough ride.

When you have the energetics of someone like you that enjoys the excitement of moving forward as the inspiration strikes, it is useful to reconceptualize all of those emotions so that you don't accidentally consider them a stepping backwards or a holding back or a self sabotage. But rather see them as what they are, which is the pockets of the energy that have not yet fully aligned to what is next. Once you do the supportive work of them, of what they require, of meeting their needs, of addressing their concerns and then they become excited to join you, they will act as jet propulsion to allow you to move forward in the level of flow that you wish. But these pockets of energy are aspects of you, your own energetic system, your consciousness, letting you know how to best smooth out the journey for yourself so that is not as bumpy as what it would be otherwise.

Mel: Will we ever heal and address all parts of us? Will we ever as a human being get to a place where everything has been addressed? Or is that not what being a human is all about?

Oron: There is no limit to how amazing it can all become for you. There is no limit for the awesomeness, the magical, the expansion that is available to you. And that means that there are always going to be some things that it is possible for you to improve upon and improve upon and improve upon for the sake of your own benefit and experience.

And so it is true that you can be walking on your planet feeling a sense of wholeness. But we wish to address a myth that is being experienced by many people on their personal and spiritual development journey which is that at some point you get so evolved that you don't need to experience bad things. There are no bad things, but there are pockets of energy, there are pockets of information, there are pockets of emotion. And what is - we'll say this a different way. The basis of the misunderstanding that you have, that once you evolve to a certain level, there will be no more pain and no more difficulty and no more what you consider negative emotions. The basis for that is the deep down knowing that you all have that at some point your energy is going to rise and rise and rise, so that it will not be of equivalent frequency to the energy of the pain that you have experienced in the past.

There is truth to that. But what you are not necessarily taking into account is the fact that your faculties of perceiving the differences in vibration will also improve remarkably to a degree that you cannot even fathom right now in this moment. And so there will always be a level of friction as you move from where you are to something new. Because something new is being created. There is a level of expansion that is being had. And it is true that it won't be as painful as what you have experienced when the vibration was denser. But it is not true to assume that there won't be any kind of friction or there won't be any more things for you to be able to expand through, because there is no limit to how amazing it can all be for you.

Mel: So are our emotions the ultimate guide to moving into greater levels of expansion or is there something more that I'm missing?

Oron: Your emotions are an extraordinary way that you communicate with yourself. Many of you, for example, look for signs from the universe to tell you if you should do this or should do that. You feel as though there is an external source of information that is going to either grant you the things that you wish or not. But the truest truth is that you actually are the universe. And in the same way that the universe, via you, gives you information and feedback so that you can take that on board as you make your decisions and move forward in the world, your own system is giving you pockets of valuable information via your emotions. But also you perceive things in ways that you would not categorize as emotions. Sometimes you just have knowings or sometimes you just have feelings, or sometimes you just have a felt sense of something. Sometimes it is a mental picture, sometimes it is emotional. And so there is no limit to the ways that you can be accepting and receiving information from yourself. By which we also mean the external aspects of the universe as you perceive them.

You and the universe are one and emotions are an extraordinarily powerful way to let you know where you are, what behooves you to look at, and where you can create more and more smoothness as you go forward. But they are absolutely not the only way. You are capable of perceiving so much knowledge, information and energy and you are all just getting started in learning to open up your capacity to see, perceive, process and be supported by the wisdom that comes at you from every angle, every moment of the day.

Mel: Wow, so there's quite a toolkit there. So it feels like the practice is to trust all of those things and not question them. Because I know for me, as an intuitive, sensitive person, I've questioned the input, "That can't possibly be the truth of what's happening. That's got to be my mind." So it's really encouraging to hear that there is so much more available and I feel that trusting that energy is the most important work and allowing the uncomfortable to come and go and the joyous to fill us and carry us through to the next thing. But always trusting that it's constantly evolving process. It's always going to be moving forward, isn't it?

Oron: Yes. And there is much truth to what you are saying, but we will end with this. The idea of always trusting is a limitation that will actually stop you from being able to perceive certain signs and pockets of information that are coming your way. Because sometimes in order to really reclaim your trust in a pure authentic way, there will be lack of trust that will be showing itself to you as being incongruent with what it is that you are wishing for yourself.

So we would invite you to playfully intend to not have rigid rules around any of this for you because the real joy in this is you learning to follow the little pockets of information, the energy as it is calling you. And sometimes it appears to you as though you are being led backwards. But what you are really doing is finding those previous pockets that we spoke about before that require something and they are being shown to you so that rather than you deciding that you are going to trust, you can address the aspects that are not in alignment with trust so that ultimately you will arrive at genuine authentic trust rather than decided trust that is then superimposed over the top of some fear, some lack of trust.

Lack of trust is not the enemy of trust. It is actually what holds the key to you relaxing into deep trust. Once you allow yourself to be open to it and support yourself in processing whatever is there, making its way into your consciousness to get your attention for the exact purposes of you looking at it, seeing it, loving it, nurturing it, encouraging it. And it will become, like we said, the jet fuel for your expansion, for your movement forward and your growth.

But rigidity is something that you often reach for when you feel unsafe. And as you become safer and safer inside of yourself, by creating a space of acceptance and encouragement inside of you, you will be able to drop some of the old ideas that you have had about how you need to be or how you need to interact with yourself or what needs to be inside of you so that you can move forward to more. Because what needs to be inside of you for you to move forward to more is a space of openness, flexibility, self love and self support. And that is what you are building inside of yourself. And as you do that more and more you will see the mirror effect of that in the world.

We understand that many of you are looking at the world right now and wondering what is going on and how it will all resolve. And we understand that that is a difficult and uncomfortable place. But those of you that are on the journey of personal and spiritual expansion are becoming more and more comfortable with the not knowing. And so not knowing how something is going to resolve is something that will become more comfortable for you the more you support yourself. Not with pretend pronouncements about what will happen, but with unpacking, why the fear is there and what it is that you require so that you can be comfortable with not knowing.

And that is the journey. That is what you're uncovering; how you work and how best to support you so that you are full and energized, you feel worthy, valuable, powerful and you move forward into the world without having to decree things with any level of rigidity. But instead flowing and following your own impulse and your interactions with the world, which is nothing other than an aspect of you.

We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

Medha: That was quite a peaceful end.

Mel: It was. It was kind of like a little tickle and a little kick up the bum and then a big warm hug all combined.

Medha: Yeah, absolutely. I like how they call us on our shit really lovingly. They're so sweet in it. Like you just feel loved and you're like, "Oh yeah, okay, yeah.

Mel: Like that whole trust thing. I just love that. Of course, lack of trust is going to be just as relevant as allowing, as trusting. Of course it is.

Medha: But also, of course, that we actually don't think that we have to only have trust. You know? There's so much that's getting unpacked now, I think.

Mel: Yeah, there's been as much rigidity in the whole, "This is the way you do spirituality," as there has about how you behave in society. And I think we're seeing that now. And so for a lot of us, there's a lot of undoing of that to happen as well. But yeah, amazing.

Medha: Yeah. I think I shared in a podcast episode, I think. I had this insight a little while ago that there's actually not a right and wrong. Like that we perceive things as right and wrong and when we want something, that thing is right, and when we don't want something, that thing is wrong. And we've got this underlying feeling of like the rightness and wrongness of things dependent on our perspective. Which I think is why there's so much clashing that goes on. Like, people feel like they're in the right and those guys are in the wrong and it's just so divisive and rigid.

And we do that inside of us, about parts of us all the fucking time. And so the more that we do that cohesiveness inside of ourselves, where we accept the parts of us that have trust and the parts of us that have lack of trust, love the fuck out of both of them, understand that they've both got their perspectives for a reason and create that sort of acceptance and cohesiveness inside of ourselves. I actually have a lot of hope for where the earth is going, even though it all looks so fucking atrocious right now.

Mel: Me too. Totally. And it's fascinating that you ended Oron ended on what he just said because that was another question I had. The world's pretty fucked place right now. When we're aware of that and we can see the split world, how do we manage that? And it was addressed right there at the end.

Medha: Yeah. That's awesome. I think that's the journey I've been on with all my health stuff and everything that's still ongoing. I feel like my biggest intention for myself, my biggest aim is to not fucking fight. It's okay. I'm going to always have preferences and I don't have to love the fact that I have these headaches or whatever, but just unpacking the need to fight and starting to - actually I think it's working. I've had no headaches for five days, which hasn't happened for fucking months and months and months now. Now that I think about it. I'm fucking loving life.

Mel: Yeah. When you wake up and you feel good, it's like so much gratitude for that, isn't there?

Medha: My God. Yeah. But you can also forget when you haven't been sick. You know? So there's all of that sort of stuff tied in.

But yeah, my biggest intention for myself is to really accept the moments that I find myself in, no matter what the fuck they are. And it's taken quite a long time to clean it up. And I'm someone who used to have really strong opinions about a lot of stuff and I feel like I still have opinions, but I don't know that I feel like I need to argue them or convince anyone of anything. No, it's not true. They still feel kind of right to me. I feel like I'm aligned in feeling the energetics of them, but I don't feel like they're the only potential view anymore in the ways that I used to.

Mel: Yes, I totally resonate. And maybe your health issues have been for you to expedite your process through this journey that would take other people three years to do. Maybe that's the whole point of all of this is for you to get to this place and then the next place much quicker in a much more condensed time, because you can energetically move through those things. And you know, you've got Oron right there. So it makes sense to me that you're on a fast trajectory to something.

Medha: Yeah. I think it's two things that I'm learning from my health stuff. So this, the not fighting thing. But also when I do take actions to have that same level of not pushing in, that's been a massive, massive lesson for me. It's the same fighting thing, but I feel like it's a subtle different lesson because I used to always want to create things with the act of will. Like my actions would - I do my energetics, I'll get all aligned and then I'd like to make sure my will was in there to push it along and make it happen. Yeah, that's right. So I'm just disentangling my will so that I'm still allowing my preferences. I'm not pretending I don't have them, but I'm flowing a lot more and also being more open to the fact that I might have a preference, but this other thing might be better and I don't know yet.

Mel: Yeah. And how lucky is it that you can have more perspectives around it? Right? So much more information can be addressed. For me, there is gratitude that there is the sabotage and the panic moments, because then I get to expedite myself through this process because they're coming to the surface. Because they feel brave enough to.

Medha: Yeah, absolutely. That's the other thing I love. The fact that - I think in my old mode of spirituality, I used to go looking for problems and blocks.

Mel: Yeah.

Medha: Whereas now they show themselves when they're ready before. It's like I was trying to pick the carrot out of the ground before it was time, just because I was ready for carrot. But it's a shitty carrot because it's not fully grown. Whereas I think when you really just follow what your consciousness is bringing up, it knows what's ready in a way that my mind can't. And so just living life and addressing things as they come, moment to moment, day to day, and it's so much less stressful than how I used to do my spirituality.

Mel: And look how much more proactive and full on your physical health has come as a result of that. It can see that you will be receiving that in a much less pushy way than you would have before. So you've actually got the space. I really get that feeling about your health issues, about the role that they might be playing.

Medha: Yes. And I had a conversation with someone, I think it was yesterday or the day before, where I said, "You know what? I still feel like if I was 100% healthy, like, right this second, I would still have the tendency to overwork."


Medha: And so I'm still kind of getting clear on how I want to be in terms of that and how to have a really balanced life. So not feeling like I've got to achieve things dropping that, that kind of just dropped away by itself and it was fucking awesome. And it's not like I'm not going to have goals in the future. Like, I know I will, but I feel like it's getting purified in some way so that I still have goals and work towards things or play towards things, but without that kind of intensity or the feeling like, I need to create a thing because, like, all I need to create is fun.

Mel: Yeah. And enjoy. What I'm hearing you talk about is the very same things that you've said to me in the past about my desire to push through and do.

Medha: Absolutely.

Mel: It's born of a good intent, but it's not necessarily the most aligned way to get there.

Medha: But we're so ingrained. It's so ingrained in us, like, from society and life in the world. So unpacking it, like, it takes a lot of attention, effort, consciousness, because it's a totally different way of living than what we've kind of been preached is appropriate. So it has to feel really safe before we can start to slowly take off one finger at a time of the white knuckling. I feel like I'm like this now. Still got, like, two fingers and a thumb. It's not bad. It's only taken, what? 15 years.

Mel: Yeah, it does, but it's not going to take others as long. I think we've kind of paved the way, really. And we're creating avenues and approaches for people to be able to move through things a little more quickly. We were kind of the trailblazers, it feels like.

Medha: But also the energy is so much lighter than it was ten years ago. Like, it's much easier to expand and evolve now than it was ten years ago. And it's just going to keep getting better and easier and better. Even though the world looks like it's turning to shit. It's like no, it's the bringing up of all of this repressed stuff that which we all need to do. So yeah. My contribution to helping the world is not to think about even trying to fix the world and not even trying to fix myself, but just bringing more harmony in me. Because that adds harmony to the world. Right? It has to like, I can't not.

Mel: It starts with us and it emanates from there, from that place of knowing and self love, and then the unfolding becomes very clear really.

Medha: Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. And also the other thing about it is I think they talked about it: being comfortable with not knowing. That's a massive challenge.

Mel: Yeah. I'm so comfortable with not knowing these days. The baptism of fire was I don't know if I'm going to sell the house. I don't know where I'm going to move. And just not knowing was okay. It's like, well, choose your own adventure time, huh?

Medha: Yeah.

Mel: It ain't for the faint hearted.

Medha: Yeah. You got to build up your stamina to uncertainty slowly, I think, or else you just freak the fuck out. If you go too far, it's just destabilizing, I think. And for me, what I realized is, it's like, if I'm going to let go of something that's helped me to feel safe, I need to give myself something else to hold onto. It's not reasonable for me to expect to just let go. So, for me, my insurance is my feeling this is the right step for me right now.

Mel: Yeah.

Medha: That's it. I don't know how it's going to unfold, I don't know what the next fucking step is. I don't know if this is even going to go well, but it feels right for me for now. So that's what I hold on to now. Instead of trying to decide what the future is going to be - get some kind of insurance that if I do this thing it'll work out well - my insurance now is, this feels right. That's enough.

Mel: That's intangible. But if we could bottle that, babe, we'd be gazillionaires.

Medha: Yeah, but it's just as intangible as love, though. Like it's the insideness of us.

Mel: Yeah. I think it's just new. It's just a new frequency we're playing with. It feels like a bit intangible for me, because I'm not fully attuned to it yet.

Medha: Fair enough. But, Oron, they wouldn't give that to us if they could, because the journey is to unpack it ourselves and reclaim it ourselves and then know how it works ourselves.

Mel: That's a beautiful process. That's ultimately what we're doing, isn't it?

Medha: Yes, absolutely. That was so fabulous. Thank you so much.

Mel: Thank you, darling. Thank you, Oron.

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