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Episode 91 – Oron on intention

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

I ask Oron to support us in understanding the practicalities of how we can harness our intention and personal power to create the things we want in the world, without getting in our own ways by accidentally resisting, fighting and pushing.

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Medha: In this episode, I ask or run to support us in understanding the practicalities of how to harness our intention and personal power to create the things we want in the world without getting in our own way by accidentally resisting, fighting and pushing. Let's do it.

Welcome to A Clear Perspective, the podcast that helps you remember who you really are, what you really want, and the easiest way to get it. I'm Medha and I'm a direct voice channel for Oron, who give us straight talking, practical guidance to help us live joyful lives of abundance, ease and positive impact the way we were meant to.

I've been in a funny place since I recorded the podcast episode that you heard last week. And recording that episode did help me to move through that tension and rebellion that I was having around spirituality. But since then I have felt for maybe about a week like - I don't even know how to describe it. It's not that I'm trading water. It's not that I'm not interested in growth and expansion, it's not anything like that.

But I'm kind of in an incubator, I guess. I feel like I'm moving through inner processes that I'm not even really that aware of and that I actually don't need to be aware of. I feel like the constant urgency that I usually have around moving forward with my work and all that sort of stuff has dropped away. I get little flashes of it occasionally, but they don't feel alluring to me, they don't feel true the way that they used to. So I've got some space around them.

But I feel like I'm not really feeling like doing anything to move myself or my life forward in any way. And when I feel into that, it actually feels appropriate. It feels appropriate that right now I'm kind of percolating. And you know what? I don't even know what I'm doing with my days. I seem to just go. But there's not much on my calendar. I'm living a really spacious life and I feel like the time is just kind of moving through and I guess I'm just doing what I want, which is lovely. But that sense of kind of working to move forward isn't present.

And as I was saying, that feels appropriate mostly. So it feels like it's 90% totally appropriate for me to not be trying to push forward with my healing or my work or my health staff or kind of anything. But I also feel a bit like I've got some stuck energy.

The other thing that I've been kind of pondering with no seriousness though, with no kind of heaviness, is I've been pondering, I guess the thing that I've been pondering for a really long time. But it's the relationship between not fighting against and not resisting and still being the conscious creators of new things.

There's the thing that Oron have said a bunch of times - a bunch of times - which is if you're moving from a place of trying to create an outcome in the external world, you're usually pushing against what is.

What I am sitting here to do now may or may not become a podcast episode. I guess if you're hearing this, it's because it has become a podcast episode. I'm going to ask Oron, A, to give me some kind of energetic support with that stuck feeling that I feel is present at the moment. And, B, to talk to me about how it is that we become conscious creators of our lives without resisting, without fighting, without pushing, but still with the aim of creating more than what was before. Like what's the energetic balance of that? How does that even work?

So I'm just going to see if I can channel them now and we'll just see what happens.

Oron: We are here and ready. And before we address some of the things that you have brought up for us to discuss with you, there is something that we wish to share with you about you and your own process. You're aware that often when you sit to channel for yourself, you find it a little harder to connect in with us and with the information than what you do when you have someone in front of you asking questions.

The reason that that is your experience is because the person in front of you is adding to your own intention - theirs. You are both intending that the information comes through, you are both calling for it, asking for it. And as you start to intend inside of yourself also that this material goes out to a larger group of people - those who are listening here with you now - their energetics, their desire, their intention is also being added to the pull that is calling the information forward. It is not that you as an individual are not strong enough to connect in and have that information flow through when you are just asking for it for your personal benefit. But it is that intention and consciousness merged together, combined and multiplied by connection with that of other beings as a magnifying and amplifying effect.

And this is where we wish to begin to address your question around conscious intention versus pushing and fighting. We know that this is something that you have been working to clarify for yourself for an extended period of time. And we know that you know and understand that some of the issues you have had with your health have helped you to have so much more clarity around all the ways that you used to push, unbeknownst to your own self, below the level of your conscious awareness.

You are aware that a lot of the issues that you have had in the physicality of you have been centered through the right side of your body, the side that you associate with masculine energy and the energy of doing. As you disentangle the understandings that you currently have around power and action, around dominance, allowing and flow, you are recalibrating inside yourself so that as you move forward to action in the future, you are no longer splitting yourself into components that you conceive of as being separate, by which we mean doing and being.

You have thought of these as two separate states that you inhabit and live from. And you are now in the process of understanding so much more deeply and in an embodied way that your action is always, always much more profound when it comes from a place of aligned being. It is the beingness of you by which we ultimately mean the energetics with which you act that are incredibly powerful in producing the results that your actions create. The action in and of itself can produce a multitude of effect or impact depending on the energetics with which the action is done.

And although this is something that many of you understand on a superficial level, this is something that is starting to be more deeply understood by many of you. The division that you all perceive around masculine energy and feminine energy has a profound level of truth. But that tends to be mostly true on the surface level. Because in the same way that you use the Return to Wholeness Process, for example, to unify and unite aspects of you that were previously perceived as being separate or different, the masculine and the feminine energy of you are ultimately always just you. They are helpful ways to conceive of particular energetics so that you can understand yourself more deeply. But we wish to remind you that ultimately all of the division inside of you becomes dissolved at the core of you because not only are you everything that you are, you are everything that there is.

You are requesting some practical guidance to facilitate your mind's understanding when it comes to not fighting against and yet still acting with the aim of creating different effects in the external world. The guidance that we have given you and that you have uncovered with your own explorations of energy usually brings you back to yourself, back to yourself, back to yourself because that is where your point of power ultimately always lies.

The universe being a mirror is the mechanism via which you can exert the most power on the outside world. And by power we remind you once again that we do not mean dominance. Anytime that you are trying to dominate anything, there is a tense energy that is active and present which does not allow the openness and flow that you wish to activate inside of yourself when what you really want to do is receive.

And so yes, it is entirely possible for you to look at your external world and aim for the creation of change in that external world. But the most productive actions that you will take in order to create that change in the external world will always be grounded in an acceptance energy, an acceptance of what already is an acceptance of yourself, primarily because how you relate to everything outside of yourself is filtered through the relationship that you have inside of yourself. But holding fighting energy, tense energy resistant energy about where you stand means it is impossible for you to flow through to what you wish to create with the ease that you know theoretically is possible and available to you.

So, your question: what's the most effective way for us to practically move forward to create change in the external world? Understand that your inner world is not controlled by your outer world. Even though that is the experience as you feel it for most of you. There is an inverse that you are starting to understand as you move through this work, and that is that the outside world responds to your inside world.

Most of you have lived in a way that some of you have called unconscious, in that you are not aware of the relationship between what happens outside of you triggering things inside of you. Correction. You think that things outside of you trigger emotional responses to you and on a superficial level, you could perceive that to be true. But the truest truth is that the things that are outside of you are responded by you inside of you with a variety of potential responses.

It is not always true that when you experience something in your outside world, you will always only ever respond in this way. For example, there are times where your friend might be late to meet you for lunch and you are in an exceptionally good mood and you were just daydreaming and didn't even notice that they were late. And when they come in, they apologize for being late and you genuinely have no problem with it and you move on with joy.

There could be other times where you, for example, have rushed to get yourself into that position to meet the friend as was originally organized. You are not in the best of mood and they come in being late. You notice every second as it ticks on the clock and you do not respond to them being late and apologizing for their lateness in the same way as what you would when you were more uplifted and more resourced.

Many of you attempt to move towards conscious creation by trying to control one of two things. Usually both. Either you try to control the outside world or you try to control your inside world in order to create the outside thing that you wish to see. Neither of those two pathways are effective for you if what you wish is flow. You cannot dominate the outside world and you cannot dominate your inside world and you are in the process of uncovering how to flow in both.

So yes, if you feel inspired to dream about a beautiful, delicious future and it lights you up and it has a level of flow, enjoy. That is a productive use of your energy in terms of what you are wanting to hear, in terms of how to practically move forward to what you want.

If however, you start to daydream about creating that outcome and a tension arises within you. For example, questions about how and who and what, in order to make that happen, you will notice a level of tension start to creep in. That is an exceptionally good time to, as you know, turn towards those parts and address them.

But ultimately the advice that you are seeking, the guidance that you seek is this: when you are dreaming about your future, when you are dreaming about the external circumstances that you wish to create upon your planet -whether they be for yourself or for the world - the more you can stand in a place of accepting where you are, by which we mean allowing it to be as it is because it is, as you bring yourself into a place of accepting the present moment and even appreciating it for being the catapult that will propel you forward to more. And by this we mean genuine appreciation, not pretend appreciation, superimposed over the top of some tension and resistance.

And this is the game that you are playing. You are playing right now at uncovering what it is that is not yet visible to you in terms of the resistance that you are holding. And so remind yourself that discovering resistance is an extraordinarily brave, ambitious and powerful thing for you to do. Love yourself as you do that, encourage yourself as you do that. And move towards acceptance of self so that you build that muscle more and more and more. And as you do that, it will become so much more natural for you to accept your environment.

And as you start to accept yourself and your environment, you start to open up the doors of the appreciation for it, for what has given you so far, for the gifts - the obvious ones and the not so obvious ones that it has given you - and the fact that it is a catapult to send you forward to what it is that you want. When you appreciate, genuinely appreciate, the present moment and you are looking forward to taking actions to create more, you are in a place of alignment with yourself and with the universe and with the more.

That is the answer that you are looking for. Yes, there is more depth to this and you will uncover it and we will share more with you as you move forward on this journey. And by this we mean all of you, friends. We are here to support you and love you and mirror to you how amazing, how loveable and how powerful you are as you move forward towards creating a world that mirrors so much more what you want for yourself than what it is that you have felt that you needed to resist. It is a subtle difference, but it makes incredible difference in terms of the practicality of what you are able to create in your outside world.

We will sit again with you and help you with the stuck energy, as you called it. But for now, receive this love, this energy, and this appreciation that we send to all of you. Not just now, but always. We thank you for being you. We thank you for being brave. We thank you. And as always, we love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

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Thanks for listening. And in the words of Oron, go well.

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