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Episode 77 – Oron's first group Q&A session

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

We recently did something completely new. We invited our podcast community to a Zoom party to celebrate our first 10 thousand podcast downloads. We connected and chatted. People shared insights and asked questions, and then Oron came to play. And for the first time ever, Oron interacted with a group and answered the questions of multiple people. The group energy of it was powerful and the stuff coming through was gold, and I felt as it was coming through that it was not to be limited to the people who were on the zoom call. It was for you as well, which is why we are releasing it as a podcast episode.

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Medha: We recently did something completely new. We invited our podcast community to a Zoom party to celebrate our 1st 10,000 downloads. We connected, we chatted people shared insights and asked questions. And then Oron came to play.

For the first time ever, Oron interacted with a group and answered the questions of multiple people. The group energy of it was powerful and the stuff coming through was gold. As it was coming through, I felt like it wasn't just limited to the people on the Zoom call. It was meant for you as well. Which is why we're now releasing it as a podcast episode. Let's do it.

Welcome to A Clear Perspective, the podcast that helps you remember who you really are, what you really want, and the easiest way to get it. I'm Medha and I'm a direct voice channel for Oron who give us straight talking, practical guidance to help us live joyful lives of abundance, ease and positive impact, the way we were meant to.

Before we play Oron's channeling for you, I wanted to tell you this. Oron referenced an answer that I gave to a question that was asked on the call when we were communing and playing. So you'll hear that first and then we'll go into Oron's channeling. The question I was asked was if I, Medha, can hear when I'm channeling as it's coming through. And if I can, do I ever have the impulse to answer the question myself? Here's my answer to that.

No. So not an urge to answer. It's almost like - see how I'm sitting forward now? So it's almost like when I'm channeling, I'm sitting back and I can hear the stuff and I sometimes have reactions to them, but not very often. Like, it's going to be a big triggery thing for me to have an actual reaction about it. Sometimes, like the first time they told everyone that I had an imaginary boyfriend in that podcast episode, like, I heard that coming through and inside of myself, I was going like, "I've never told anyone that before. That's funny."

And it's like Oron will comment when I have a reaction. They go, "Medha is okay with us saying this," they tend to say, like "Medha was having trouble connecting with us." It's like I have no privacy in my inner space. They just kind of share it out.

But I can hear it. But it's almost like it leaves my head after it's gone through. So whilst it's happening, I'm in it and I hear everything. And more than that, I feel the things that they sometimes nearly say, but don't say. I had a session a couple of days ago and I'm like, "Oh, they didn't say this, but I felt that they also meant this." I get kind of like the angles of where they might take it sometimes. So I can hear it, but then it's like once it's gone, it's like it's wiped out of my head until either the person that I had the session with says something and then I get it back or I listen back and then I get back the content and the feeling of it.

But if I do a session with someone and no one says anything to me about it, it's very possible that I'd forget 75% of it unless something triggered me to reactivate it inside of myself. But the moment they say one word, I'm like, "Oh yeah, got it, right." Like I'm back there.

But yeah, I'm aware of it all in the moment. But you might not think so if you could tell how vacant my head is when it finishes.

And now here's the group Q and A session with Oron.

Oron: We are here and very ready. Let's play.

Esther: Recently I've been noticing I'm not necessarily remembering things, but sometimes I want to think of something and it's just like a bit out of reach. I was a bit concerned at first, like, "Oh my goodness, am I becoming really forgetful?"

But then I read a post and just what made us said as well about when she channels you and she can find it again even when it seems gone. So is it not just a matter of like memory? Is it not just a matter of pathways in the brain? But there are other ways of reaching for things? And what does it mean to be perhaps considered forgetful, if you consider yourself forgetful? Is there something changing? Is there something - what's good about it, I guess is what I'm saying.

Oron: There are many varied situations that could be considered forgetful. And some of them, from your human perspective, might seem negative or bad. And so we will address the question - not in general terms in regards to forgetfulness, but in terms of the question that you are asking, which is really when you boil it down, "What is happening when I am unable to reach those things?"

You are going through quite profound, as you know, process of change, a process of evolution. And you - and this applies to all of you in this room when you are listening, whether you are here present or in the future - you are in a process of deep, profound recalibration inside of you. The ways and systems that you have had of keeping yourself safe and making your decisions and moving in the world has been helpful for you up until this point. But where you are moving towards is going to be different. And there is a change that is happening in the way that you interact with yourselves and then therefore with the world. The primary relationship that you have is with yourself. And so as you create these changes inside of yourself in the way that your mind responds to you, as you stop grasping with your mind, as you find a space of relaxation within yourself, you will create spaciousness in the entirety of your being and your energy field.

There is - We will say something different. Medha, as you were asking your question, can hear the question and can feel the way that we are going to move in terms of answering it. This relates to a question that was asked previously. And we felt within Medha the desire for us to say something along the lines of, "You should always go to a doctor to get your memory checked." But what we will say to you is if you are inspired to see a doctor, do that. If you're inspired to anything in your world, do it. But know also this: there is a profound recalibration currently happening with the ways that you are all interacting with yourselves, with the way that you relate to yourself. And the primary vehicle that most of you have been using in relationship with the self so far is the mind.

You are learning to be so much more connected to the other places where your wisdom and your perception live, which is everywhere. Your body holds wisdom and experience. Your hearts hold wisdom and experience. What you call your gut holds wisdom as an experience. Every single part of you does. And you are all in a process of moving from a very mind-based way of interacting with yourselves and therefore with the world to something that is much more profound and also much more relaxed.

Does that answer your question?

Esther: Yes, it does. Thank you. We have a question from Anna.

Anna: I was just wondering, does this recalibration that we're all undergoing cause tiredness? Is that a symptom of it? Would you say?

Oron: The tiredness may be a consequence of resistance to the process, but not necessarily a consequence of the process itself.

Anna: Oh, thank you.

Esther: Zoe, go for it.

Zoe: I'm having a little trouble thinking about what question I want to formulate, but it's more along the lines, I guess, of safety. And I had manifested for myself moving to an environment that I didn't wish to be in, and I've really had trouble creating that feeling and safety within myself. So if Oron could speak to that at all and what I could do to get myself grounded, that would be really appreciated.

Oron: You, dear one, are very committed to your own evolution and it is not coincidence that you have landed yourself in a situation that is not preferable for you, given that what you are specifically wanting to work on for yourself is the feeling of not only being safe, but the feeling of being supported.

And so, as you connect in with yourself within yourself, irrespective of what is happening outside of you, you will be tempted to ignore the places where you hit discomfort. You will be tempted to minimize the places where your resistance to your environment lies because, as we and others have said, resistance is usually unhelpful.

But what we are going to invite you to do instead is to attempt to not resist your own resistance. There are going to be many instances that are going to provoke you to have emotional responses to the environment that you are in in regards to this situation. And we do not want to encourage you to always be rolling up your sleeves and using each of these instances as a way to absolutely clear things out so that you can move forward with a level of force to the thing that you want.

The thing that will allow you to move through this most quickly is to absolutely prioritize, not your safety but your being there for yourself. It is so difficult for humans to be in a situation that is not what they would consider acceptable and to focus inward on what they can do to support themselves. The instinct is to focus outward to make the situation feel more safe, more manageable, more acceptable, more good. And so the situation that you're finding yourself in is the perfect place to practice being there for yourself. Nurturing yourself so that you then have the resources when you are, we will say, triggered to be there for the part of you that is coming up in that moment. You are never triggered to your detriment. When that happens, the universe is conspiring with your energy field to show you exactly what is standing in the way of you moving to what you want. And what you want is expansion, freedom, safety. But you want more than that. You want to thrive.

And so there are places and parts of you where are not yet a vibrational match to thriving. And you want to know about that. So the situation that you are in is one where you will be, we will say again, triggered. But the challenge that we would invite you to play with is finding ways to be there for yourself the way you would a small child that was scared or in resistance, a child that you loved and you wish the best for. You externalize your ability to give love and support and compassion to the world around you. And you do not give that same gift to the same degree to yourself. So this is an exceptionally good chance to inverse that, so that you prioritize the being there for yourself, so that when things happen in an environment outside of you, you have got more resources to be able to deal with it.

And as you have more resources to be able to deal with it, you will be able to discern whether in this moment you require soothing or you require Netflix. Because we will tell you this, sometimes distraction is the best thing for you. Sometimes relaxation is the best thing for you.

Do what you can in the good moments and in the good places and in the good company to fill yourself up as best you can. Check in with yourself not just when you feel bad, but also when you feel good. Make it a habit to be there for yourself the way you would for a friend. Who was having a difficult time. You would check in. And so do that for you and uncover the ways inside of you that you have needs that are unmet and then uncover also the best ways to meet those needs inside of yourself without demanding that the universe do it for you. And then the universe will recalibrate around you and you will be so surprised at the ease and flow that you can create inside of yourself, being mirrored outside of yourself by your external situation.

There is nothing wrong here. This situation isn't wrong. It is what is going to allow you as you move through it with compassion and with an inquisitive nature as to what is really going on for me here and how can I best support myself. You will move to everything that it is that you want. You have actually managed this situation for yourself because you want to get there quicker. And so relax into that journey and support yourself into it.

You are supported. You are loved. And it's time for you to relax into that experience inside of yourself. And you do that by giving that experience to yourself. And you can do it. This isn't hard. You can do it. You've done it before. You are just developing the skill set of doing it for yourself more consistently and more consistently and with more love and with more love and with more support and with more support. And the more you do that, the more you will fill up your battery. And the more you fill up your battery, the more resourceful you will feel. And the more resourceful and loved and prioritized you feel, the more the universe will give you mirror experiences of that. And it will be fun.

Esther: Beautiful. Thank you. Debbie has a question.

Debbie: I have a question expanding on this expansion you talk about. And maybe the resistance and all that. Now I feel in my life that all I can do is - being in the culture, return to the culture of my origin and having a job that is rather challenging. It feels like it's almost all I do is undoing the resistance, the negativity. I mean, like, am I doing it hard core? Do I have to become like some Buddha to neutralize the soup of negativity? Yeah, that's how it feels. Like there is not enough time and space to undo the damage of a single day. And then another day comes up with these challenges and another day. So what do you do then?

Oron: We will offer you a different challenge. Right now, you are still fighting most moments of the day. The thing that you have chosen to do. And you humans do this regularly and it is not a problem. And we adore you and we will support you. You will feel better after you hear what we are about to say. There is no need for you to add to your full workday the work of having to overcome your resistance, of having to undo the damage that has been done to you in the day. There is a heaviness that you create and activate inside of yourself when that is what you put upon your shoulders. The heaviness that's already there is creating more heaviness for you via this perspective.

And so instead, rather than deciding that you are going to undo all the damage of the day, we will invite you to become a scientist of your inner world. Because the lesson that you are wanting to learn for yourself - not the lesson that the universe is teaching you because it doesn't do that. It supports you in what you want. The lesson that you are trying to learn for yourself in the depths of you is not to fight and not to resist.

And so what better environment to learn this, to play with this, to expand the skill set than an environment that you wish to resist with every fiber of your being. If something else comes up that feels light and calls you, to move in that direction, we are not inviting you to choose difficult, hard things in order to overcome your resistance. But you find yourself in this situation, in this present moment. And so ask yourself questions such as this. How can I find lightness in this moment? Do not make it about overcoming the damage of the day. Make it about a moment and another moment.

If you do this three times a day, you will be minimizing the energy, the momentum that you have created of fighting and resisting in your day. Peace with yourself is going to allow you to create peace with the environment that you find yourself in, no matter what that environment is.

There is no problem here. But yes, you have chosen a challenging situation in order to advance. And the more you relax into the process of that, the faster you will move through it. But it is not a coincidence that you find yourself here and you know this.

Esther: Thank you. Stephen has a question.

Stephen: I've recently been sitting with the idea the concept of addiction to the senses and being plugged into the external world. I'm just wondering really, how do you navigate creating a new neural pathway, a new habit, when it feels so easy to be swept up into a certain pattern that has maybe been repeating over the course of decades?

Oron: By remembering that it's a game. If you are playing a computer game and you are playing on a level that you find it difficult to progress beyond, you don't then make it mean all sorts of things about yourself when you are not able to progress in that level. There is a way in which the beautiful, kind hearted people who want to evolve and live conscious lives can be so hard on yourselves. And you can be so serious about this endeavor. But we remind you that the purpose of your life is joy. The purpose is lightness.

And so the deliciousness of your senses are not a coincidence. And yes, it is true that sometimes you get mired in it and it can become a little bit heavy. But you know what? You have the guidance to let you know when that's happening. We would invite you to do the opposite of what you think we are going to say. We will invite you to relax into the experience of your delicious, amazing, extraordinary senses. Relax into that. And then also sometimes spend some time not formally meditating with a level of desiring an outcome, but connecting into your energetic experience. What you will find is that every single way that you interact with the outside world is only and ever felt inside of you.

Some of you feel as though your senses are drawing you away from yourself. But if you are honest, you know that you are not outside of yourself experiencing the things that are being brought to you by the senses. They are actually bringing you into yourself so you do not need to resist them. The thing that is happening here, the piece that is missing in your puzzle, is the relaxing into all of the levels of knowledge and all of the levels of beingness of you. You truly inside of yourselves feel divided. And you feel that way because you are.

And so, as you - we will say it a different way. You experience yourself as being divided because there are ways in which on the superficial, energetic and emotional levels, you have rejected so many aspects of you. But none of that is really even true. To be honest with you, none of it even really matters. There is no race that you're running, there is no trophy to be given, there is no one that you need to please at the end of this experience that is your life. You are here for yourself, you are a part of the collective, but you are here for your own experience. And why not make that delightful? Why not make that playful? Why not make that joyful? Prioritize that. Prioritize that.

And do not be scared that you'll be led towards addictions that pull you away from yourself because you know inside of yourself. You know inside of yourself and what you're actually doing is avoiding a part of you that needs to be seen. And that is what addiction is. It is trying to use something in the outside to fill a hole that you're experiencing on the inside. And so go directly to the hole. The hole is not real, but the hole is perceived and experienced to be real by you when you keep the pattern of rejection of self. When you keep the pattern of saying no, I shouldn't think this, I shouldn't feel that or whatever else is going on for you.

So we will invite you to turn this all into a game and be the scientists of your inner world and uncover how it works. And do it with this intention: how can I best support myself through this? How can I bring myself to more lightness, more expansion, more play and more joy?

And you are all at different levels of this journey and each of you will have different relationships to this at different times throughout the same day even. So, in whatever moment you find yourself in, the question will always be valuable. How do I bring myself more lightness? How do I support myself more now? How do I be my best supporter in this moment?

The answers are always inside of you. And we will remind you that if you can ever not hear them, it's because there is a part of you that is holding the answers that you are not willing to see, that you are not willing to accept, that you are not willing to own. And when you find yourself in that situation, own the part of you that is in rejection of the other aspects. This is a never ending play, a never ending game of finding the easiest pathway towards the self love that lives inside of you.

And we will remind you again and again and again and again that all of the parts of you that you try so fervently to resist because you are aiming to create goodness for yourself, they hold the unconditional self love that you are looking for. You cannot hate them enough to let go of the pattern that you deem bad. These patterns you keep protecting you no matter what, no matter how much you hate them. The unconditional love you are looking for outside of you cannot be felt by you when you are rejecting it inside of yourself. That is what the problem is here.

And so do not deem your senses bad. They bring you inward. Do not deem any aspect of your bad. What is happening when you are deeming some aspect of you bad is that there is a miscommunication at play and that is all. And what you will find as you do this work more and more and more is that it will get easier and easier and easier. And the reason that it gets easier is because you start to acknowledge inside of yourself that the parts of you are never bad and that there is just something that you're not quite understanding yet. And why wouldn't you want to know what that thing is so you can bring that part of yourself to wholeness?

You are already whole. But as you connect more to that experience and live from it, your life will feel so much more flowing and so much more delightful. And that is what you want. And so remember to play. Reverse the order. You don't need to do all your responsible things in order to play. You need to play and do your responsible things from that play space.

This is not as hard as what you are thinking that it is because it is what's natural to you. We will remind you again and again and again. We have got infinite energy we will never get bored. We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

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