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Episode 74 – Channeling for Medha

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

This episode addresses our tendency to try to take responsibility for other people, but it then talks about my health situation and the misunderstandings that I still have about how to heal and how this whole conscious creator thing actually works. It made me laugh, it made me cry and I think it’s massively relatable - which is why I’m sharing this private channeling with you.

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Medha: This is another one of those times where I was initially recording something just for myself, and after listening back, I've decided to share it with you. I recorded it on my phone while sitting on the floor in my friend Cara's lounge room and we were just playing. It's a channeling that addresses our tendency to take responsibility for other people. And it then goes on to address my health situation and the misunderstandings that I still had around how to heal and how this whole conscious creator thing really works. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and I think it's incredibly relatable, which is why I've decided to share it with you. Let's do it.

Welcome to A Clear Perspective, the podcast that helps you remember who you really are, what you really want, and the easiest way to get it. I'm Medha and I'm a direct voice channel for Oron, who give us straight talking, practical guidance to help us live joyful lives of abundance, ease and positive impact - the way we were meant to.

I've always had the feeling that when I sit down to channel, when I sit to do it for myself, it's not as kind of flowy and powerful as when someone else is present asking me questions.

So I was catching up with a friend of mine and I had the idea of giving her the questions that I would want to ask Oron. So what we did is we sat down and I did some channeling. She asked some questions and then, once she was finished with her questions, she asked Oron my questions when I was already in the full swing of channeling. And I cannot believe how profound it was and how different it was. So I'm hopeful that I'll get to the place where I'll be able to do that for myself just as powerfully, but it was really different. And the energy of it, for me, just felt really powerful and really healing.

So I'm going to share with you parts of this recording. So my beautiful friend Cara has given me permission to share one part of her channeling which is applicable to most of us. Cara asked a question about how to not take too much responsibility for people that we care about. And that's relevant to so many of us. So she gracefully gave me permission to share her question and Oron's answer to that.

There's another part that's been edited out. It's not for public consumption, but then what you'll hear is Cara asking Oron the question about my health.

So before we get to the formal podcast recording, I'm going to give you a couple of things for context. Part of the health issues that I've been having has been to do with my eyes. And very recently an ophthalmologist told me that I've got glaucoma and that I've got damage to my optical nerve in my left eye and I've lost some vision from it. So there's no way now to get glasses that allow me to see kind of the bottom lines in the eye charts for my left eye the way that there is for my right eye. So I'm aware that my vision in my left eye is not as good now. That didn't used to be the case.

Anyway. Glaucoma diagnosis, was told that there's damage to my optic nerve. Permanent loss of vision is what I was told. And I was talking to my friend Cara about this beforehand. So the doctors told me that it will not be repaired. And I believed that. So that's context number one.

Context number two is that as I've been kind of doing all of my healing, there's another friend of mine who's had a body symptom, and they've been doing so much meditating and so much diving deep and so much kind of inner working in a process around it, and they're healing miraculously well. And so I would look at my friend and sometimes have this feeling like, "I'm not really doing enough. I'm not spending heaps of time diving deep and trying to dredge up all the things and clear them all out and make sure that I'm doing all the spiritual stuff to help me heal myself." So sometimes I kind of feel like I wasn't doing enough. So that's the context. Let's listen.

Oron: We are here and ready. Let's play.

Cara: I have a question about feeling responsible for other people's reactions to me or decisions that I've made in my life. And it's something I've had done my whole life. And I'm just wondering how to allow them to have their process without feeling responsible or that I need to fix it.

Oron: There is something at play here that we have not spoken about before, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to play in this space with you now. Part of the reason that you feel responsible is actually an energetic truth that lies at the core of you that you know is true. You, dear one, are the universe. You are nothing smaller and nothing less than that. And that can get misconstrued or misunderstood by you as a level of responsibility for the all that is. Because you are, in fact, the all that is.

And so we would encourage you to look at those people that you feel a level of responsibility for and feel the love that you have for them. This only comes up for you when you have a level of investment and care that is being played out, particularly through the heart space. You feel their desire for them to be well. You feel the desire for them to be their most empowered self. And yet you are simultaneously attempting to take their power away and give it upon yourself so that you feel that sense of responsibility inside of you. And so remind yourself with so much love of you that you free them to be there in powered selves. That is actually what you want for them, and it is actually what you want for you.

It is not a matter of letting go in the way that you are conceiving it. Because letting go is difficult when it is something that you care so deeply about. So do not ask yourself to let go, but ask yourself to see them as the them that they really are underneath all of the trauma, underneath all of the wounds, underneath all of the energetic paradigms. And know the love that you feel for them, and know that you are responsible for yourself and your experience, but not in a way that disempowers the responsibility of others. You do not wish them to be beneath you when it comes to the hierarchy of power. But in your attempt to be of service, you accidentally create that energetic dynamic inside of you. See them as themselves, see them as the divine in the same way that you see yourself as the divine more and more in each moment and every day.

You are getting stronger at this and clearer at this. This was just a little niggle that needed a little bit of fleshening for you.

Cara: Wow. Thank you. That's really cool. I would love to...Sometimes I feel this is like a veil or an illusion of fear. I would just love to be - or is it possible to be free from fear as a human?

Oron: Yes and no. At the dear core of you, you are free from fear always. But fear is not the enemy that you perceive it to be. Fear is an indicator, and you do not wish to numb yourself to your indicators because you will then walk off path in a way that will not be beneficial for you. It is not that you need to get rid of your fear. It is that you need to help and hold and heal the part of you that holds that fear so that they get connected to the strength that lies within them in the exact same way that you wish for those that you are accidentally taking responsibility for.

Cara: How?

Oron: Right now you think that fear is bad. You try not to think that, but deeper than that, you feel that it is. And so it is almost impossible for you to not reject it when it appears because you think it is trying to make you walk in the opposite direction to what you want. But it is actually the doorway that will allow you to move to the things that you want.

Do not deem fear as an obstacle that has to be overcome, but instead see fear as the key that it is. It will help you if you move towards it with acceptance and with love to unlock the door to everything that it is that you wish. It is not your enemy. And the problem here, if there was a problem, is the fact that you conceive it as so, which means you cannot use it to support your efforts. You are rejecting it instead. And when you do that, you reject its gifts.

There are parts of you that have wisdom and knowing that you are not currently connected to. But if you were to make friends with your fear and be inquisitive with it, it would take you by the hand and guide you to that wisdom. That's what you want.

Cara: Yeah. Wow, that's cool.

Oron: So our advice to you, in summary, is to attempt to not be frightened of your fear. Do not be scared of your fear. Know that it cannot hurt you and is only and always a guiding post. It is the spotlight shining on the exact thing that it would behoove you to look at in order to move forward to the things that you want. It is helping you, not hindering you.

Cara: Thank you. That's really cool. I had a couple of questions regarding Medha's health. So what is going on with Medha's Health at the moment?

Oron: We can already sense that this answer may be slightly dissatisfying to her as it comes through, but it will not be dissatisfying to her when she listens back. There is a very, very big recalibration that is happening with Medha. And if you considered growth to be a matter of different lifetimes, she is cramming many lifetimes into this one.

This process that is currently happening is very much teaching her and showing her and allowing her to move to the place of absolute relaxation that allows her to move forward to things with so much expansion and so much allowing. She is learning the art of allowing now and not fighting against now. And she is very spiritually ambitious. She always has been.

One of the things that she used to say to the universe was, "Bring it on." She has learned to not say that with such vehemence now, however, that desire to evolve is still present in her. And as she moves through this, the process that she has been prompted to is somewhat counterintuitive to her because she sometimes has felt as though she has not been doing enough in order to create her healing experience. She has been doing things like drawing and watching the trees move and doing a lot of playful listening to books and podcasts and television shows. And she sometimes feels like she should be using the space that she has carved out because of these health issues to heal herself.

However, we wish to let her know that this is exactly what is asked of her if she wants to move forward with a level of flow; to not fight, to not resist, to be relaxed and to be totally okay with the fact that in this moment she is not pushing herself to be better. This is the underlying issue that has been running her for what feels like the eternity of her existence in this plane. She has always thought that she needed to be better. This is a process of her learning to really, deeply truthfully, powerfully accept herself even when she sees herself as limited. She is never limited. She, like you, is the entirety of the universe. There is no limitation, but there is the perception of limitation. And so only when she feels like it, she is capable of diving into the center of herself and experience herself as the entirety of the universe and there is no limitation in that experience.

But when she decides with her mind that it is time now to connect into the future version of herself in order to bring it forward, that creates a level of pushing that she is not aware that she is doing. She's becoming more aware.

Her job, if she had one, is to do nothing and to be okay with that, and to know that the things that she feels that are calling her, that are so delicious for her when she contemplates them are still in her future. She does not need to earn them. When she is in a place of being totally calibrated and aligned inside of herself with that free flowing, playful action that she knows and values so well, but is not yet embodying. When that is in play for her, she will move forward and it will be as though she's being carried by millions. The impact that she feels is potentially available for the planet with this work is true. That is why she senses a feeling of urgency within her, sometimes even yet.

But that urgency is the same as what you were talking about previously. That feeling that she has to help, that feeling that she is responsible. She's not. But she will delight in being carried forward in the way that she sees in her future, in a way that sees all of the world is already divine, already perfect, already whole, and bringing forward something that will be playful and fun and enlightening. That is what this whole entire experience is teaching her. And she does not need to have permanently limited vision. This is actually about her claiming a radical, powerful vision - both in her inner world and in her outer world. She does not need to be limited by the ideas that are being presented by doctors. She does not need to be limited by any of that. And she does not at all need to be limited by the fact that her physical body is providing her with the gift of grace, of stopping, of being, of playing.

Her job right now is to play. And if there is anything at all that she would benefit from doing spiritually is to reconnect to the feeling that it's safe for her to play. That it's okay for her to play, that she does not need to be working hard on anything and to only ever genuinely work on anything when she is fully inspired and it feels light and playful. There is no more shoulds for her. There is no more shoulds for her. That is what she is attempting to embody right now, even when she lacks the clarity of it. We offer this to her. There is no more shoulds for you and you are learning to live that and embody that and then take that out into the world and it will change the world. You are right about that. But it will be fun and it will be easy and it will not be work.

We love you. We love you. We love you. Go. Well.

Medha: F***, I needed to hear that. It's beautiful. I still get confused.

Cara: That was really powerful. So much love.

Medha: Oh, my God. I'm really not meant to do anything.

Cara: No, you're not. You're really not.

Medha: Oh, my God.

Cara: Wow.

Medha: Thank you.

Cara: Thank you. That was cool.

Medha: I hope that you could feel the energy and the love the same way that I did when it happened and also when I really listened to it. The love that Oron has for us and the messages that they give us are so delicious and beautiful and it takes me a while to really bring them into my beingness and into my body. Many of you contact me and say that that's true for you as well. I really care about letting you know that that's what's true for me.

I have had heard Oron say a million times, "You don't have to earn the good things. Be relaxed and playful and take action from that place." And I've been playing with that. I've been trying to embody that more and more and I have been, but never, ever have I been this clear. This clear about the fact that that's my full time job right now. And because my work, to me, does feel light and it does feel playful, it's really easy for the pushing and the feeling like I have to earn in order to create. It's really hard for me to see that sometimes amidst the lightness of my work.

But it's been there. It's been there. It's been there. It's been there. I've realized it more and more ever since I took that time off in January. I've shared about that in a previous podcast episode. But I am getting this in such a profound way now and I want to share it with you. We're not meant to strive and push and do and feel ultimately responsible for the creation of everything.

Another thing that Oron has said is that action in the external world is not the only way to impact the external world. But action that is aligned and in flow, Oh my God. The capacity it has for miracles. I have felt like the world is so divided. There is so much division, so much hatred, so much "I am right and you are wrong." So much bullshit out there. And I truly do feel like that is a reflection of the fact that we treat ourselves like that and worse inside of ourselves all the fucking time without awareness.

There's so many of us really deeply, profoundly conscious people who just have not got clarity about the ways we're treating ourselves that tell us we need to be better and do better. I've been cleaning that up in myself for a while, and there's still more to clean, but there's so much more awareness available to me now. I accept myself so much more than I ever did, and there's more of that to be done, and I look forward to doing it now. I really, truly do. I don't feel like this illness is a thing that I'm not handling well enough and I'm therefore not overcoming. That was how I was thinking about it sometimes. I'm not doing this well enough, otherwise I would be healed.

It comes from my belief that everything can be healed, and yeah, everything can. But you know what? Everything can't be controlled either. I can't demand the outcome that I want because that innately requires that I am tense, that I am pushing, that I am demanding. So I'm still playing with understanding this more deeply, although actually that might not be true. I feel like I really deeply understand it, but I am playing with learning to embody it and live from it more and more.

And so my intention for myself is that you will see me when I feel like being seen. I will do things when I feel like doing them, when it's light, when it's joyous, when it's aligned, and when it's playful. And the world does not need me to get this material out there. But world, I offer it to you with so much love in my heart as a fun and joyous thing to play with, to create more connection and more flow and more acceptance and more of all the delicious things.

Now, I'm not saying this is happening, but I'm getting the feeling that the Return to Wholeness mini course, which up until now has been available for free, is going to become a paid thing. So I will feel into that and I will act when it feels right. But I do want to say if you have been meaning to grab yourself a free copy of the Return to Wholeness mini course that I've put out there for a while now, it's a really supportive, well balanced way to dive into the Return to Wholeness process So that you can learn to support yourself more and accept yourself more and move towards the things that you want with self encouragement and self love instead of self criticism and demanding more from yourself.

If that's of interest to you, I really invite you to go and grab it now while it's free at, we'll put the link in the show notes. Thank you so much for listening and being open to this amazing, amazing work. All my love to you and, in the words of Oron, go well.

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