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Episode 71 – Using desire as a springboard for growth

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

This episode is a deep dive into desire. What it is and isn't, how to work with it productively, and how to use it to radically uplevel your personal growth.

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Medha: This episode is a little different to our usual ones. There were no questions, which meant Oron could talk to us about whatever they wanted. Which is kind of hilarious, really, because what they wanted to talk to us about was the nature of desire itself. Oron explained why desire is never so superficial and that the way we feel about what we want is always, always showing us exactly what we need to pay attention to so that we can grow and evolve and create more and more awesomeness for ourselves and our worlds. Let's do it.

Welcome to A Clear Perspective, the podcast that helps you remember who you really are, what you really want, and the easiest way to get it. I'm Medha and I'm a direct voice channel for Oron, who give us straight talking, practical guidance to help us live joyful lives of abundance, ease and positive impact - the way we were meant to.

So I had a fun idea. I normally have the feeling or the sense or possibly the idea that questions tend to bring the information through more powerfully and more strongly. It's actually been my experience. But what I want to play with is just having the intention of channeling Oron for whatever message is for our highest good. And so I'm going to try that now. I'm going to close my eyes, call Oron in, and we'll see what happens. Let's do it.

Oron: We are here and ready and happy to play with you in this new form or format. We wish to clarify, though, a misunderstanding that Medha has in terms of the feeling that she has, that it is questions that call forth the energy. She is correct in thinking and feeling that as there is desire, universal forces coalesce to bring the energetics that match the desire, but also the context of the energetics previously existing through which the desire is being held. The misunderstanding to which we refer is the fact that she has thought that questions need to be stated, that questions need to be verbalized in order for the energetics and the information to flow through her in the form that is currently happening.

And so what we wish to clarify is that you're always calling things forward from the totality of the universe and you are not required to necessarily say those things out loud. Your connection to the universe is so infinite and so divine and so subtle that you are calling forth things from it, whether you are aware of it or not. As Medha invited us in and held the highest intention of the highest good for those that will experience connection with this material, there is a calling that brings us forward that we are here to answer, to respond to, to co-create with you.

There are many directions in which we could appear to take the following information and energetic distribution. But the truth is that we continue to offer you the same message. It is just that we sometimes slightly change the form. The biggest message that we have for you is that the things that you crave, the things that you wish for, the things that are calling you forward, are calling you forward for a reason. And the fact that you will continue to always expand to more and more and more, will mean that more and more desire due to the energetic alignment of the thing that is desired and you, as more of that continues to happen, you will always be climbing higher mountains. You will always be creating evolution into more than what has been previously.

But there are many of you that feel as though the fact that you can improve or that you can expand or you can grow so much more than where you have already grown to, that is felt by many of you as a statement of lack in the present. And you, dear ones, can never be lack because you are the entirety of the universe. You are the distilled essence of the all, and there is no lack in you. But there is so much power inside of you in terms of what happens with your consciousness and your perception and the way that you process the energetics all around you that you can fool yourself into many perceptions like powerlessness, like lack, for example.

It is important for us to be as supportive of you as we can. We are here to be mirrors of the infrastructure of support that is available within you and also outside of you, based on the energetics of you and also the universe. But there are places and ways in which bringing some more light and a shift of perspective will help you to relax into the all that you are so that you are willing to receive from the all and from yourself everything that it is that you desire.

There are some of you, particularly if you consider yourself spiritual or evolved, who can sometimes have some judgement around what can appear to be more superficial desires. And we wish to soothe that for you and with you, because there is never anything that you desire for no reason. And at the core of every pure desire is something that is of importance.

There can be some confusion around the realm, the word, the idea of desire, because you are also aware that many of you, for example, have addictions to things that are not helpful for you, given where you wish to move towards in your life. And so not all desire is of the same vibration. And not all desire is of the same quality. But it is not true to say that desire is superficial. When you have a desire for something, if you consider it superficial or if you consider it deep, is inconsequential. Every time that you experience a desire, there is a focusing opportunity that is there and available to you so that you can uncover what is going on inside of you.

A desire that feels delicious is a desire with which you are alignment. A desire that has a level of discomfort or difficulty, or that you experience a judgement energy around is pointing your consciousness to something that requires your attention. It may require your attention in a variety of different ways. It may be that there are blocks of the thing that you want that are being shown to you by that discomfort. It may be that resistance can be cleared so that you can move towards what you want more fully. But your emotions are an extraordinary guiding light for the things that you want. And when you consider the things that you want and it does not feel clean, there is something that it would behoove you to look at and to play with.

Sometimes when I desire does not feel light and bubbly and delicious to you, it may be because deep down you actually desire something different. But it takes a level of honesty and depth and safety within the self before you will be able and willing to show that to yourself.

For example, there are people who take substances or consume food or do addictive shopping and it can feel as though they're being propelled forward by desire. But that desire does not feel clean and light and bubbly and fun and life affirming. When something has taken on the energy of addiction, there is not that lightness of desire present.

And so if you desire something and it does not feel light and bubbly, enjoy and life affirming for you another of the things that may be going on is that you are trying to distract yourself, that you are trying to meet a need in a superficial way that does not meet the depth of the need that is beneath it.

And so play with uncovering what is behind, what is beneath, what is at the core of your desires. Because you will find many, many things that will help guide you towards what you want in the cleanest, purest, most aligned, most supportive ways. But do not decree desire as wrong. Do not decree desire as superficial. Use it as the magnifying glass that it is to show you what is going on for you. If you desire something and it feels delicious, wonderful. You are in alignment. Be inspired forward towards creating it. If you desire something and it does not feel delicious, it may also be that there is a part of you that does not believe that thing is possible for you. That also is something that it would behoove you to work on, to play with, to look at, to focus on.

And so think of desire as a compass, not so that you move forward blindly trying to force the universe to give you the things that you want, but as a magnifying glass, as a focus point to show you and to highlight for you where you are already in alignment with the things that you want, the things that are calling you forward and where you are not. Because one thing we will guarantee for you: you are never being told that you don't deserve something. You are never being stopped for no reason. The universe does not deny you things, but it does show you evidence in the external world of what is going on inside of you.

You are all incredibly powerful. You are all incredibly valuable. You are all incredibly worthy. You are all everything that you wish to become. The fact that you wish to become it is being driven by the fact that that thing already exists within you. Otherwise, you would be incapable of recognizing it. You are the all and the more lightness and fun that you allow yourself to have, that you are relaxed into giving yourself permission to embody, the more easeful you will find your manifestation and creation process.

There is nothing outside of you holding you back - even though we know that it looks otherwise. You are infinitely powerful, but you are powerful when you flow. You are also powerful when you resist. It is just that your power is being used in ways that impede your movement forward to what you want rather than propelling you. And you get the chance to do the inner work inside of yourself, to align and to propel yourself towards all the things that are calling your soul because they are a match to you energetically.

You have so much wisdom. You have so much guidance. We would like you to experience more and more of the bliss that is inside of you. Know that you are loved. Know that you are supported. Know that you are the all. We will see you. We will hear you. We will hold you. We will support you as much as you desire it. Your desire is a powerful beacon of energetic focus. There is so much fun to be had in the uncovering of your skill set in all of this. Let your manifestation work be play. Let your desire to become a conscious creator of your world be something that is light and fun. Do not attempt to beat yourself into your expansion and instead be your own cheerleader and support yourself to feel as loved as what you are, which is maximum. We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

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