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Episode 68 – Why do some people have overnight success?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode Oron chat with Ali about why some people seem to take decades to achieve their dreams while others appear to achieve them overnight. They also explore the idea that good people have to suffer and they discuss how we can reclaim our personal power, even in the face of hardship.

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Why do some people struggle to create what they want while other achieve it overnight? [00:00:13] Why do the most beautiful people experience the most difficult paths [00:04:55]


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Oron: We are here and ready. Let's play.

Ali: Why do some people take 30 years to achieve their dreams and other people seem to get there overnight?

Oron: We will tell you something that makes may or may not be a surprise to you. It seldom occurs for anyone overnight. Despite what it may appear. There is something that is little understood in terms of perspectives, sometimes, in the realm of comparison. It is very easy to look at someone and think that you understand what the journey has been for them, at least to some extent. But the reality is that there is so much more going on in their own experience - both with their outer world and with their inner world - that you are not able to ascertain because you have your own experience and your guidance connects you inwardly to yours and not necessarily to theirs.

And so it is true that some people appear to achieve what they desire with a lot more flow than what other people appear to experience. And we are not attempting to tell you that there is no difference in that. But what we will tell you is that the energetics of power that reside within - correction. That the energetics of power that reside within each and every one of you is equal. There is no one who is more powerful than you, but it looks that way when you look just on the surface, particularly when you compare different levels of your society.

It appears that money gives people a certain level of power. But we are talking about in the inner world, in the world where you command your inner experience, where you inhabit yourself, and where everything that you experience in your outside world is filtered through. Within that space, you are all just as powerful as each other. But there are particular blocks and wounds and possibly traumas and things that need to be cleaned up in order to allow yourself to move forward to all of the things that you want.

We will tell you this. The major difference between the people that experience the creation of the dreams and the things that they wish for themselves and those that do not is a feeling of self worth, a feeling of deserving. Not deserving in terms of "I deserve this more than anyone else. I deserve more than them." But in terms of non-questioning of the ability of the worthiness, the value of who they are and the lack of conflict in terms of receiving.

There are many of you that think that you ardently wish for what you wish for, and there are ways in which that is true. But there are also ways in which you have ways that you are not yet a match to all of the things that you wish to create for yourself. And so those that look to you as though they create with magic are not more magical than you, but they have worked out how to work with themselves so that when they take action, those actions are supported with the energetic - correction. Those actions are supported with the inner energetics of alignment. And that way action can be spurred to magic by that aligned energetic support.

It is like a propulsion that is available. But it's not just available to the lucky few. It is available to you all. And as you start to get really clear on the things that you wish for, you will become aware of the ways and places that you are not currently a match to that. Some of you interpret that as being not a match for it, not deserving it. And therefore you are blocked and you stop moving forward to those things. But what is always happening is that you are shown the places of you that need love that need healing, that need integrating that need upliftment in order to become a vibrational match to the things that you want.

And so another of the differences that you will see - or you would see if you're able to look into the energetics of your brethren - is that those that look as though they achieve things with ease and flow, work with the parts of themselves that are not yet a match and create a level of belief that encourages them to move forward and deal with whatever is standing in the way of what it is that they want. Whereas some of you feel the lack of alignment and interpret it in ways that do not encourage you to move forward, but instead feel as though they are a statement that you are not a match to that and never will be.

There is no such thing unless that is the path that you take. There is so much potential. There is so much available to each and every one of you, and no one is more powerful than you.

Ali: Thank you. And following on from that, just something that I probably know the answer to. But why is it that the people who just seem the most, I guess for want of a better word, deserving - I realise that comes from a place of judgement. But why is it that the most beautiful people in life seem to experience the most difficult paths?

Oron: There are many people that would argue with your statement. That is not an objective fact in reality. That is something that is filtered through many levels and layers of experience and perception that you have. We ask you now - and this is not something we usually do in this context - but we ask you now to take yourself inwardly and connect inwardly with yourself right now and just spend a moment there. And we ask you, what makes this feel true to you?

Ali: Today, a bit of sadness.

Oron: We will give you some context that may support you in the unpacking of this for yourself. The people that you refer to as beautiful, we can feel the energetic integrity of your seeing them as themselves, as what they are. And they have a particular quality that you value and appreciate. And that is a level of openheartedness. That is a level of general openness and also authenticity. There are two things that are at play here. One is that those people who have those energetics that you resonate with and call beautiful are generally the people who wish to create things that have a level of positive impact that is bigger than what some of you would call a mediocre life. Although we do not believe that there is such a thing.

They are people who wish to move forward and have big hearts and joyous desires, not necessarily for things like cars - although that may be part of it. But more in terms of the impact that they wish to have. And so if there is not a level of alignment created within the self with all of the aspects of selves as they attempt to move forward to the things that they want, there will be more noticeable impact when they hit a block.

There is also the fact that the people who have accelerated the level of their energy and have uplifted their vibration feel smaller impacts - correction. Feel smaller blocks with much larger impact. It is as though the speed of their energy, their increase in their vibration is more sensitive to things. And so there is also a level in which things are felt more deeply. And so we want to check with how you are feeling about what we are saying before we continue.

Ali: It totally feels the truth for myself.

Oron: It is not that the good people get punished. It is not that the good people get held back. It is not that the beautiful people are not allowed to have the things that they want and move forward in flow. There are many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many examples of people who are what you would call good, beautiful people who are not experiencing those things.

But we do not wish anything that we say to be interpreted as criticism or negativity in terms of the people who are experiencing the difficulties because each of you is on your own path. And comparing is such a challenge because you have a saying comparing apples and oranges. It is almost impossible for you to compare with anybody else because you do not know their inner energetics. You do not know what their main goal is. You do not know if they have decided that in this lifetime or in this next year or in this next decade, they are deeply going to explore the experience of, for example, loneliness so they can heal their heart in a really profound and powerful way.

There are many things that happen in ways that you do not yet understand. And so although we feel the compassion that you feel in your heart as you connect with these people that you deem beautiful, that love that you have for them is wonderful and that desire for them to have positivity in their world is also wonderful. But when you resist anything - including the things that are happening in the external worlds of those that you love - you are contracting your own energy. And you are contracting your ability to be a positive impact in that situation as well as in others.

And so you will always have preferences. We are not advocating that you attempt to release yourself of preferences. But we are encouraging you to find a level of flow and ease with everything that you experience both in your inner world and in your outer world. And as you are able to do that more and more, you will start to see the beauty in everything. Hardship has some value. But also there is a way in which the learning to deeply work with yourselves - humanity is evolving so intensely right now that things look murky and difficult. But within 20-30 years, you will not even be able to conceive in this moment how much speed you can have in the creation of the things that you want, which is where this conversation started.

But right now most humans do not yet know how to work with themselves in ways that are effective. They are not at fault. You are all at a level of evolution currently that will continue to expand. A child is not at fault because they haven't learned to ride a bike yet. But when they learn to ride a bike, they are able to have freedom and have the wind in their hair as they move forward in excitement and joy.

You are moving to more of that and more and that and more of that. But first you will be learning to ride a bike and that can feel a little bit difficult and a little bit clumsy and you may still fall off. So you are all still learning so much about how you work, how the universe works. And a lot of the concepts that are out there presently are largely misunderstood. And that is not a problem. There is a clarity that is emerging, and sometimes to move forward to that clarity, you will have to do what Medha sometimes refers to as a spiritual boot camp.

You have to get a little bit muddy and you have to crawl along on your knees and on your elbows, and that is okay. But it does not have to be painful in terms of the pain that you experience when you resist what, is because that is the most painful pain of all.

How is this feeling inside of you now?

Ali: Yes, incredibly powerful. Very powerful.

Oron: You said before you ask this question that you probably already knew the answer. And we wish to remind you that we are just mirrors of your own knowing. We are a lovely, playful way for you to reactivate your own knowing. So the fact that it feels powerful inside of you is because of the resonance of the knowing that you already had. You, Dear One, are one of those beautiful ones. The loving heart that you have is a wonderful, wondrous thing. And the more you bring the love that you have inside of that heart to yourself and feel yourself and nurture yourself with it and encourage every single aspect of you to feel seen and heard, irrespective of what they are thinking because no part of you is bad, you will start to imbibe this in your body. In your body. You will feel it as an experience, and you will start to gift that to the cells of your body, and you will find a level of balance that you have only dreamed of previously.

But up until now, and in this moment, you have done nothing wrong. You are not punished. But you are learning to access more self love, more ease, more flow and more of the power that resides within you. That is what you intended. And the more you allow yourself to be where you are, accept the circumstances in which you find yourself - because they are the circumstances in which you find yourself - you can work and move and play and dance towards more from there.

Oron: But you are where you are, and the more you allow yourself to let go of the tension and the resisting and the shaking of the fist and the fighting against - whether it's what's happening in your external world or your internal world - the more of that flow you will find, the more of that peace you will find, the more of that spaciousness you will find, the more of that power you will find, and it lives within you always, whether you are connected with it or not.

We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

Ali: Thank you.

Medha: That felt really different to me.

Ali: Wow.

Medha: How did you go?

Ali: Oh, my God. You wait till you listen to that one back.

Medha: Oh.

Ali: Did you know that you made me stop in the middle of it and go within?

Medha: Now that you say that I do. Yeah. They've never done that before in a podcast. They've done something slightly similar, but not like that. It was really weird bringing them in like it felt completely different to any way they've come in before.

Ali: So powerful. I need to listen to that one over and over and over. And I just closed my eyes because I didn't want to look at you. I just wanted to hear everything. And there's a lot of words in there, but I completely and utterly understand and connect with what they said completely.

Medha: Do you know what it felt like inside of me? It felt a bit more like conversational. They didn't talk so fast, did they? They talked more slowly?

Ali: No, they were just as many words. But what they did do was they paused several times.

Medha: Yeah. Okay.

Ali: And that hasn't happened before. You and I have spoken like this now, probably three times, I think. And that's the first time there's been those noticeable pauses.

Medha: Yeah.

Ali: It'll be interesting when you listen to it back, whether you decide to not edit that out and keep it as part of the podcast. Because that was -

Medha: I don't edit much stuff out.

Ali: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Medha: I edit coughs and things like that.

Ali: Yeah.

Medha: Because they're doing energy work.

Ali: Yeah.

Medha: I don't want to edit that.

Ali: You can't cut that. Yeah.

Medha: Yeah. I don't know that it would, but I don't feel like - say we have this conversation. If we put that in there, I might cut some of the stuff I say in this.

Ali: Yeah.

Medha: But I don't generally edit them.

Ali: Yeah.

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