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Episode 63 – Can we ask Oron for healing?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Can you call on Oron to provide energy healing to you directly? It’s an interesting question asked by a listener recently. I put it to Oron and they addressed not only that, but also what healing really is, and how to create it for ourselves. They also discuss the first argument that I ever had with them - which is about this exact topic.

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Medha: Can you call on Oron to provide energy healing to you directly? It's an interesting question and it was asked by a listener recently. I put it to Oron and they addressed not only that, but also what healing is and how to create it for ourselves. They also discussed the first argument that I ever had with them. Which was about this exact topic. First you'll hear the listener question and then Oron's answer. Let's do it.

Welcome to A Clear Perspective. The podcast that helps you remember who you really are, what you really want and the easiest way to get it. I'm Medha, and I'm a direct voice channel for Oron, who give us straight talking, practical guidance to help us live joyous, lives of abundance, ease and positive impact, the way we were meant to.

Cindy: Hey, Medha, it's Cindy here. I'm just wondering whether Oron is accessible to receive healing from and to ask for healing from in the same way that we may ask for healing from Archangels and other higher beings. Thanks heaps.

Oron: We are here and happy to address for you the question that you have about whether or not you are able to call on us in order to facilitate the process of healing for yourself. We wish to begin by saying something that you have heard us say before and you will doubtless hear us say again. The most powerful healing force that exists in the entirety of the universe is your self love. It is your self love. It is your self love. And as you come into the intention of activating and facilitating healing, you naturally create a space where upon which you call that intention forth from the universe and not just from the specifics of the beings upon which you are focused in the moment.

We do not wish to imply that you do not have discernment as to what energies you allow to intermingle in a conscious healing way. You have got absolute abilities to guide and discern what you will and will not allow. But we would invite you, when you seek healing support on the energetic level, to use your guidance, your discernment and your intuition as to who and what you wish to seek that healing from. But more deeper than that, to understand the deepest truth behind all healing, which is that the healing occurs when you allow it. The healing occurs when you have the intention for it, when you are ready for it, when you receive the healing energies and allow yourself to move and shift internally in the way that is required for healing to happen.

There is a misunderstanding that is prevalent, which is that healing energies, whether they come from a healer such as Medha or from what you mentioned before - other entities or energies - that healing energy is like a magic wand that taps you on the head and magically changes and shifts things for you.

We understand that on the deepest level, most of you know that that is not how it works, but there is a subtle misunderstanding that is present even with those of you that understand, to some degree, your own power. We wish to share with you something that we spoke to Medha about - well, actually, she calls it an argument that she had with us, whereas we call it a discussion -where she was incensed by the fact that she perceived that if Angels and beings were able to facilitate healing for people, they should not have to wait to be asked in order to facilitate that healing and the healing should just be freely provided.

We reminded Medha that it is actually a process of shifting in the internal that allows facilitation to take place. There is no entity or being that comes into your sphere and taps you with a magic wand and creates things for you that you are not in alignment to. There is a process of shifting in the inner world which is what allows and facilitates the healing that you are seeking.

And so can you ask us for healing? Indeed, you can. Every time, in fact, that you listen to any of the recordings or watch any of the videos or have the intention of listening to the meditations that Medha puts out there, our energy is embedded in there. And the more you are open to receiving healing, the more that will be the case.

But do not think of us as beings that bless you with healings in a way that disempowers your perspective of your involvement in that process of healing. Know yourself to be the healer always and know that all of the facilitation that you receive, the support that you receive from what appear to be internal sources are actually aspects of you coming to you to help you to heal you.

We are available. The universe is available. There is so much for you that is available in terms of your support and the facilitation of your own healing, but the deepest and most powerful force of all is your own self love and is your own intention for your own healing.

We understand that to some of you that will be frustrating. Medha also has been going through some physical health challenges and she has believed that she has been open to healing and healing has not been happening. We do not wish at all anything ever that we say to come to you and be interpreted as blame for not doing enough in order to facilitate healing. That is never our intention - correction - that is never our intention. We see and feel you as perfect and whole always.

But we do wish to remind you that there is a deep and profound inner process that occurs in all healing. And your intention and willingness to receive it in all of the levels and layers of your being is what allows the deepest healing to happen. And so, for example, with Medha, as she has been still moving through the physicality of the difficulties that she has been having - and for anyone else that is attempting to receive and activate healing within themselves and do not feel as though it has happened to the degree that they would wish - we would invite every single part of you to come on the healing journey with you. We would invite you to invite every single part of you to come on the healing journey with you and remember to not decree parts of you as good or parts of you as bad. Remember not to decree some difficulty that you are having as terrible and bad and must be fought against in order to reconcile and recalibrate to the balanced position. You are always at the deepest level in a state of balance, but your experience can seem different.

Know that when we say, "Your self love is the elixir, it is the most healing force in the universe," we do not mean when you are only angling your self love towards some parts of you and excluding the others. Your self love is the deepest, most healing, most powerful elixir on the planet. Which means that when you offer all aspects of you deep self love and reverence - even the parts of you that up until now you have perceived of as bad - when you start to relax into the knowing and feeling within yourself that every single part of you is good, that every single part of you is valuable, when you come to a place of moving towards healing from there, most of the healing work has already been done.

And so yes, ask for support. And yes, be open to receiving it. But also be open to supporting and receiving all of the parts and aspects of you, whether they may be representing themselves to you in the form of physical limitation or emotional turmoil, allow yourself to support yourself, become your own hammock, become your own supporter and allow yourself to move towards the healing that you seek with openness in your heart to all aspects of you.

You will always have preferences, but when you connect with the energetics of the preferences that you wish to create without rejection of anything that is leading you forward to create those things, without rejection of anything that is leading you to desire those preferences, to create that clarification. That is when things become magical for you.

You deserve all the things. And the more deeply you feel, your worth and your value, the more aligned you will be with all of the receiving of all of the things that you wish, including healing.

We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

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