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Episode 61 – Is desire bad? Perspective

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

You might have heard that desire is a low vibration energy. Is it true?

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Medha: We're playing with something new this episode. The first thing you'll hear is a listener's voice as she asks the question that she has for Oron. You will then get Oron's fabulous answer.

Find me on the socials and let me know what you think about this set up. And if you want to send in your own question for Oron, you can send me a voice message on Facebook Messenger, or you can email me directly at You'll find the links in the show notes. Now let's do it.

Welcome to A Clear Perspective, the podcast that helps you remember who you really are, what you really want, and the easiest way to get it. I'm Medha and I'm a direct voice channel for Oron, who give us straight talking, practical guidance to help us live joyful, lives of abundance, ease and positive impact. The way we were meant to.

Anonymous: I was recently made aware of the map of consciousness that had desired a really low frequency and viewing it as bad, for want of a better word. Which I really struggled to reconcile with inside me because I don't understand how do we create if we're not desiring something? I know that I love my life the way that it is, but also I'd love to buy the house that I live in, for example. And I desire that. How can we reconcile loving where we are and then wanting more if it's a lower vibration? That's what I'm stuck on.

Oron: We are here and looking forward to exploring this juicy topic with you. There is something that we will preface our answer with, however, in order to ensure that it is most likely to be understood. There is a difficulty sometimes with using language to - correction. There is a difficulty sometimes with using language to describe things in very clear and concrete ways. Because the truth is that many of you filter your understanding of the meaning of particular words through your own experience and through your own prism.

And so it is possible to use a word thinking that you totally and clearly understand and that everyone around you perceives the word to mean the same thing when in fact, there are subtle differences in the intention that is being accessed as you use that word.

The reason we have expounded that is because desire is one of those words. There are many ways that desire manifests. There are many ways that desire shows itself to you in your own experience. And there are many ideas and understandings around desire, which are filtered through people's own personal perception. And therefore, two people can have a conversation thinking that they are discussing the same thing. When one is really talking about yellow and one is really talking about orange. There is a discrepancy that unless you dive deep, it is difficult to see and understand.

And we propose that this is something that has happened when the word desire has been used and described as a low vibration frequency. It is true that desire can be a low vibration frequency. Desire tends to be a low vibration frequency when it is connected with a level of attachment, when it is connected with a level of force, when it is connected with a level of "I don't know how I can have the thing that I want." When it is connected to any level of contraction, the energy of desire will feel contractive.

However, there is a level in which desire - we will use the word pure, but again that word is up to individual people's interpretations. The more cohesive, the more aligned, the more naturally spontaneously arising from the core of your soul that your desire is, the higher the vibration that pertains to it. There are many impulses that you have that could be seen and interpreted as desire that are actually the whispers of your soul, that are the urgings of the divine. And when you are connected to desire from that place, it is absolutely not of low vibration.

And so desire and its connection to the possibility that you see in the unfolding of your desire or the attachment and force that you wish to impose upon the desire that you have can indeed make it feel low vibration, can indeed infuse with your desire low vibration. But that does not mean that desire itself is a low vibration state. There is a spectrum upon which desire rests. Some of it is high vibration. Some of it is low vibration. But there is no possibility of decreeing that all of desire is one kind of vibration and not another, because it is an interpretation of energetics. And the energetics are different for each person. And often for each person at different times.

And so pure desire in the arising from the core of you is actually the energy calling you forward. It's actually energetic alignment letting you know, "this way. This way." The whispers of the universe can come to you via your desire. And that, dear one, is not low vibration energy. It is the whispers of your soul. It is the whispers of the universe. It is the whispers of what some of you may perceive as your higher self. It is the whispers of you. And it is worthwhile to take the time to examine this inside of yourself with the curious eye of a scientist so that you can clarify for yourself what the energetic quality of your desire is in each and every moment. Because the more clean, the more high vibing your desire is, the more likely it is that you will attain the thing that you want.

But more important than that, the more it will feel good inside of you. Feeling good inside of you is your confirmation of alignment, of flow and actually to the releasing of resistance, to experiencing yourself as the divine being that you are, and as the divinely guided being that you are. Do not reject your desire. Do not reject the part of you that holds desire, but inquire into it. Be clean and clear with your own experience and create as much clarity and cohesion and harmony as you can in your inner world.

One good way of doing that, one productive way of doing that, is by working with your desire or rather playing with your desire to allow it to feel delicious and to allow it to have a level of flow that is not available when there is attachment. Your own inner guidance will let you know the energetic frequency because you are an energy being, you are a barometer of truth and you can sense within yourself when things feel aligned and when they do not. And if they feel unaligned, coming into the self and playing with the self in order to create more lightness, more expansion and more joy by addressing anything that requires your attention is how you, we will say "clean" your desire, but what we mean is move your desire from a lower vibration energy to a higher vibration energy if that is something that you wish to do.

You are divinely guided because you are the divine.

We love you. We love you. We love you.

Medha: The most common question I get around the Oron work is, "But how? How do I learn to love myself more and actually do the magical stuff that Oren talks about?" And I get it. I know that the day to day practicalities can be confusing and difficult to navigate. But fear not, my friend. The how to of Oron's work is actually mind blowingly easy, super practical and rocket up your root chakra powerful. It's called the Return to Wholeness Process, and it's no exaggeration to say that this process has wildly changed my life. It's taught me to stop fighting myself without realizing and it's shown me how to work with myself in a way that's full of self love, ease - and this next bit is important - much faster and way more efficient than anything I've ever seen before.

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Thanks for listening. And in the words of Oron, go well.

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