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Episode 60 – What does a channel experience?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, Steven interviews me about the work I’ve done that’s enabled me to become a voice channel. I share with you the 3 things that I think that anyone who wants to learn to either channel, or connect more deeply to their intuition, would benefit from prioritising.

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Medha: In this episode, Steven interviews me about the work that I've done and the process I've undergone to enable me to become a voice channel. I also share with you the three things that I think anyone who wants to either learn to channel or connect more deeply to their own intuition would benefit from prioritizing. Let's do it.

Welcome to A Clear Perspective, the podcast that helps you remember who you really are, what you really want and the easiest way to get it. I'm Medha, and I'm a direct voice channel for Oron, who give us straight talking, practical guidance to help us live joyful lives of abundance, ease and positive impact, the way we were meant to.

Hi everyone. We just did a podcast episode together. And then Stephen and I were just chatting about the process of channeling and the massive evolution that's happened in my journey with Oron. And Stephen was asking me some really cool questions that we thought you would be interested in. So we've decided to create another episode, which is basically an interview chat about the process of the evolution of channeling. So what do you want to know?

Steven: I know your process of connecting with Oron has evolved in recent times. I guess if you wouldn't mind just speaking a little bit about what, what it's been like in the past and how that's really transformed into this very moment for you.

Medha: It's been really interesting. I think Oron has even said in the podcast that I, Medha, had this idea that channeling was a skill like riding a bike. Once you know how to ride a bike, you always know how to ride a bike. My idea of it was that I would always have to do the same things inside of myself to allow the energy to come through. And I don't know what it's like for other people that channel, but for me it's been changing and changing a lot and really quickly, especially in the recent past.

So initially I had no idea what I had to do. They were just kind of, like land in me somehow. And then gradually, as I started to choose to do it more consciously, I had this whole rigmarole of things that I would do inside of myself because I think I tried them a few times and it worked. And then I wasn't sure which parts of it worked and which parts didn't. So I just would do this whole big, massive, long list of things inside of myself.

Like I would feel like I would open the top of my head and then my head will get a little bit bigger. And then I would like, invite Oron in. My heart would activate in a particular way. Then I would feel like it's almost like if I was a pair of pants and Oron was putting me on. Like I would feel like they went all the way to my left foot and then came up my leg and then all the way to my right foot and then came up my leg. It's like I could feel them kind of coming into my body.

And then I would feel this kind of ungrounded sense. And so then I would feel like I was drawing a cord from my root Chakra down into the Earth to be, like, more anchored. And a few other things as well.

Like, a few times I got inspiration to call on, like, the energy of Uluru, which is like a really earthy energy in the center of Australia and like, mountain energies and stuff, which is not something that I'm familiar with. But I felt inspired to do that.

Gradually, a lot of that's dropped away. And I've done a lot of - like, Oran does healings on me sometimes as well to sort of shift my channel and my ability to perceive things. And I've talked about how I've been playing with Oron around more specific information. And they did a healing on me recently around that, kind of clearing my channel. And it was a healing that was shared, actually. So that there's a podcast episode that will have been released by the time you hear that that you can go back and listen to and receive the same healing that they did for me. And if you're not a channel, what it will do is still clear your channel for your intuitive guidance for all of you.

And since that's happened, the process of bringing them through is totally different. So all I did this time was I feel like my head naturally - when I have the intention to channel, I don't have to do it so much now. It just kind of happens when my intention is set. Like, okay, it's time to channel. Like, I sit back. I relax my body. I take a couple of breaths, and I kind of wiggle around to feel as much at ease in myself as I can. And then my head just kind of feels like it gets as big as the universe, which feels amazing. My heart felt like it got activated. My heart always feels activated when I channel. That's one thing that's constant. But I used to try and activate it. Now it just kind of activates itself.

And then I sort of felt them come in. But before they used to come kind of into my body. Now I feel like they come into the space, like they're in this whole space. And I'm just a part of the space that they're in. And it felt like - I think I mentioned it in a podcast episode. It felt like I was so grounded and so Earthed and so embodied that I felt like they're in the space and I'm connected to them. So I feel big. I feel like, Medha, I feel big. And I felt like half of me was buried deep into the Earth, because that's how grounded I was. And the rest of me was kind of up towards the ceiling.

And then I hear the first few sentences. So throughout the channeling, I don't hear things. They just kind of come through and out. But to get me started, I always hear the first few sentences of what they're going to say. So the first bit of me channeling is me repeating what I've heard. And then it's like it clicks. It like it goes boop, and then from then, I don't hear anything. It just kind of comes out.

Steven: So that hearing bit, has that always been the case? You hear the first little bit and then start channeling.

Medha: Yeah. So I was an intuitive energy healer for 10, 15 years or something. And I used to always hear, like, the information that was coming through for my clients. So, like, I'm familiar and comfortable with that. But it's like a different form of channeling. Its almost like I've got to just trust to start speaking. So it's like my little training wheels for that session. Like, this is the thing. So just go and then we'll meet you as you're moving.

So I just say whatever the first thing is - and it's normally like, "We're here and ready," or "We're happy to play," or whatever. And I've got no idea what's going to come after that. And then it's like once I'm already pedaling, once I've already committed, once I'm doing it, the rest just kind of goes [noise].

Steven: It's like jumping into the flow.

Medha: Yeah. Like I start it. When they speak, usually, they speak when they speak. Like, I have no say if they're going to interrupt someone, if they're not going to interrupt someone. Because I know that I do the best channeling when I don't hold back in any way. Like, I just let it flow. I could pull it back. But I haven't because I know that that's not the best way.

And so I feel like I just have to start. And then that thing clicks in. And I'm like, I'm just - I have to trust that I say the first bit and that they're going to catch me. Does that make sense?

Steven: That does make sense. Yeah.

Medha: Yeah.

Steven: Okay. And so I guess from there, yeah. So from what I'm understanding so far, it's like originally when things started out, there was more of, like a list of things that you'd move through that would allow you to eventually allow Oron to just kind of drop in. And this was more into your body. But whereas now there's more of this, like, I guess you could say more intuitive, you kind of allow yourself to just have a few things - maybe significantly less things that you do to allow them in. But you're feeling them more in the general space that you're in.

Yeah. And I feel like I've also been a witness to that as well just in the group I'm in with you. When you're facilitating certain energy, sometimes they just come in and you don't even call them forward.

Medha: Yes. So that's the other thing that I was just thinking when you were talking then. So what I realize now - you know, the story of Dumbo and the feather? So Dumbo thought he could fly when he held a feather. But it was just a trick. He just could fly. It's just that the feather gave him the confidence to be able to fly. So I feel like all the rituals that I used to do inside of myself were for me. They weren't actually getting me in the state, but they were what made me think I was getting in the state. Because what I realize in hindsight is there are ways that I've been channeling for ages that aren't what we call formal channeling. Like I would speak to intuitive friends in a conversation and some piece of wisdom would fall out of my mouth and they go, "Your channeling." And I'm like, "Oh, okay," but I was just in flow of conversation.

And then also in my client sessions, one on one, what I've realized is if I'm thinking, then I'm not in flow. So in my deep, beautiful conversations about the nature of the universe that I have with my close people and in sessions with people, if I'm working out "should I say this, or should I say that," that's not when I'm magical. I'm magical when I'm not processing through my mind and I'm just flowing and moving and responding.

And so there are ways that we all channel, but we tend to think of formal channeling a, you know, "I'm gonna get Oron now and Medha is not here." But it's not as neat as that. Oron is with me all the time. And all of us are supported energetically, by all kinds of energies. And Oron and I have a particular connection and they're with me whether I realize or not. It's not like they take over because they're blended with me. But also, I don't know how much I need to do any of the things that I feel like I need to do to call them in because they're with me all the time anyway. It's just that there are ways that I can intend to go much deeper into that allowing.

Steven: Got ya. I guess that kind of just leads me to the question of I guess maybe going into, like, when Oron first came into your field, what was that experience like for you? Did you question that at all? What were you feeling? And were you more curious? Yeah, I'm kind of curious about that.

Medha: The first time they came through and then they were gone. I'm pretty sure my first words were, "What the fuck was that?" Because it was very different to what I'd experienced before. And like, I have always been intuitive. I've always been kind of connected, but I'd never before had that feeling that I could answer any question about the nature of the universe. Because I didn't know with my mind all the details about the nature of the universe.

So the feeling that I got was - I lay on a massage table with an intuitive friend of mine who's a masseuse. And I just felt my consciousness shift in some profound way that I hadn't experienced before. It really the feeling was that I could answer any question about life in the universe. And lucky I was with a friend that who was intuitive. And I did say to her, "I just feel weird in my head, can you just ask me any question about the nature of love and the universe?" And she said, "Why do we struggle to love ourselves so much?" And like, a fucking great genius flowing answer fell out of my head.

And so I knew that I wasn't allowed to know that wasn't allowed. I knew that the best answer would come through if I didn't think I wasn't to think of an answer. And if I did, the state that I knew that I was in would disappear and no big deal. But I managed to somehow just start talking without even any consciousness that I was channelling. I didn't know what was happening, and it was really quite magical. And then after that, I was having messages with her once a week.

We just put the phone on record just in case. Good stuff came, and good stuff always came. Every Wednesday at 02:00 were on had an appointment with me because I was getting a message. And they said later, I think it was sharing the podcast. They said that it's not a coincidence that they first came through when I was on a massage table because I respond really well to messages. And I've trained myself when I'm massage table to really deeply let go before the messages even start.

And so that's what kind of allowed it. So I practised in that space for a while. And then I started just recording myself and seeing what would happen.

Steven: That's absolutely incredible. And I just want to say, I think it's really fascinating how the first question that ever came in was one with regard to love, why we struggle to love love ourselves, right? Because I mean, I feel like Oron speaks so much about that.

Medha: Yeah. Absolutely. The other thing that's interesting is that was such a pertinent question for every human on the planet. You know, it was like I was so lucky that I guess it was orchestrated a the person that I was with was someone who would ask that calibre of question. And it's interesting too, because at the start, when I first started the podcast, I tried to control the people that are invited to come on because I thought that the podcast had to be this is so interesting, really generally nature, so that everybody would relate to it like, I didn't want people going, you know, asking specific questions about their specific lives, because in my head thought that that wouldn't be as relatable for everybody.

And it's interesting because I was just speaking to you before we started recording about the fact that I've been playing with or around getting the material now to be more specific, like more personalised, and that's something that's evolving and growing too. So my perception and my experience of it has been growing and evolving too, not just the ways that I bring them through, and not just the quality of the energy, like all of it is continually evolving. So who the fuck knows where it's going to kind of go?

And I'm excited to see because it's so fun and awesome.

Steven: Yeah, I guess from there I'm like nothing immediately is coming in.

Medha: That's okay. I think I have one final thing that I want to say really clearly, which is that I really love myself, right? But I'm not special in a way that I am chosen to be a channel. What I have that allows it is that I've trained myself into a level of value and love of self, and so I feel worthy of things. And I also have trained myself in a level of not trying to control. I'm not perfect at it, but oh my God, compared to how I was and trusting the energetics like, my career is a healer for 15 years, really trained me in that doesn't mean you need to do 15 years of training to become a healer.

But I used to think that people like Esther Hicks were chosen. That's what I used to think, but it's not that everybody channels all the time every day. We just don't classify as that when you get inspiration. If you like, I say a really funny thing or give a good bit of advice or call our friends at the right time. We're all doing it always. And it's not just some rare individuals who are externally chosen for that. But if you want to be a tunnel in this way, which lots of people have approached me and said that they do, you can't cling at it because same as me, like ten years ago when I desperately wanted to be a channel.

Like, if you're trying to make something happen, you're not a match to the energetic that's required of allowing and flow for the information to come through. So unpacking that and playing with that is massive, not just in terms of allowing the energetics of channelling, but the energies of life. So no one that does this stuff is special or chosen, but they will have done a level of work for self love. I would say self trust and trust of the energy because to speak without knowing what the fuck is coming out of your mouth, especially when it's controversial stuff.

You've got to be willing to do that if you want this form of channelling, but also you don't need it. You can just to connect to the energetic in lots of other ways. But that's just addressing the people who have specifically said to me, how do I become a voice channel like that? That would be my tip. Play with the self love aspect, play with the allowing aspect and with the faith aspect in yourself, the trust to be able to talk without knowing what you're going to say.

Feeling like you're not driving, but you're not separate either.

Steven: It's beautiful.

Medha: Yeah. Because the other thing that Oron has said my other misunderstanding that I had was that I had to not taint it, that I had to stay separate, that I had to be quiet inside of myself. And that's the opposite, because that's like minimising and trying to squash my energy and thinking that I made it as a human will change the energy. Like how fucked up was that? But that's what I thought. I thought it had to be a clear channel so that the scene was really powerful.

And Oron has told me that it's the I guess, co creation. It's like their energy blends with my energy and goes out in a particular way that attracts particular people. And, you know, if they were being channelled by someone else, or if another energy is being channelled by someone else, it's like a co creation, the energetic blend and then go out. So I'm not going to be for everybody. But the next person is not going to be for everyone either.

Steven: And that's how we made everyone needs you're kind of like a beacon for anybody who's willing to come toward it.

Medha: Yes. Who resonates with this particular because it's quite a particular kind of energy, and it's evolving and it's changing, but like, it won't be for everyone. But for those people that it's really for like, it touches really deep and like, May 2 at touches may really do.

Steven: I mean, that's kind of how I found you. I first found you through insight timer, but then discovered the Polonica stand was like, this is incredible. This is exactly what I needed. I guess. One last question, I will F and you can take it from wherever from there. But, I mean, I know you said that there was this level of wanting to be a channel, initially, of wanting to bring this about really what scale had the tip in order for that to really start happening.

Medha: I had to let it go completely. I got to the point where I forgot that I wanted to be a channel. I let it go for a long time, actually. And then I guess what happened is I was still on my journey of self love. Like, if you don't really love yourself, it's hard to be a vibrational match for the kind of energy that concentrates love through you. So I think that the two things that happen is I thought it wasn't going to happen. So that's how I let it go.

And for a while. I was like about it, and then I was fine. I was happy, like my life was really awesome without it happening. I wasn't looking for something to give me purpose or make me complete or feel like that would make me better or anything. And then the self love pace as well. So again, we're back to the same thing. So it's the love they're not controlling and they're allowing. So I've been building those skills in myself consciously for a really long time.

Steven: We thank you so much for sharing all the time.

Medha: Thank you. This is really fun, because now I don't ask myself questions, and so it's good to ponder them.

Steven: Absolutely. Thank you so much for allowing me to pose these questions here.

Medha: Thank you for being willing to do it publicly so other people can heat answers.

Did you know that you can watch the videos of these podcast episodes? Yes. You get to see the weird little twitching and welling motions that my body sometimes makes when Orons coming through, you're welcome. You can find the episode on our YouTube channel at oronandmedha you'll also find meditations and energetic practises as well as some instructional stuff where I share what I've learned from Oron, particularly around money, energy. The money energy stuff is all about freedom flows, empowerment and choice.

All the good stuff we'd love to connect with you there. Thanks for listening. And in the words of Oron go well.

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