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Episode 57 – Oron Healing on power and heaviness

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, you'll receive a healing from Oron around power and your relationship to it. You'll also receive some energetic support around the heaviness and difficulty that we're seeing so many people experiencing currently around the world.

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Medha: In this episode, you'll receive a healing from Oron around power and your relationship to it. You'll also receive some energetic support around the heaviness and difficulty that we're seeing so many people experiencing currently around the world.

Let's do it.

What you're going to hear in today's episode is a healing that Oron did for some members of an online program that I'm running. And it's a healing about power and the heaviness and rigidity that we tend to associate with power and how confused we get around how to have power whilst not being rigid and forceful and dominant of both ourselves and the world around us.

It also talks about the heaviness that we've been experiencing in the world lately with all the division that we see. So it's a healing to allow you to be supported in whatever process you are going through right now in relationship to the divisions and tensions in the world and in relationship to power.

It felt important for me to take this and to share it with you because it kind of encapsulates a lot of the exploration that I've been going through in what I've playfully called my Crisis of Faith in the series of episodes that I've shared with you in the recent past. This is probably the last episode in this series because I feel in many ways like I'm on the other side of that. I no longer doubt Oron, like, at all. I no longer doubt that we are incredibly divinely powerful, although I am still working out some of the details around the edges. And if I come across any amazing, fabulous insights that I want to share with you, I'll do that. But for now, here is a healing from Oron to support you into reconnecting to your power - not in terms of dominance, not in terms of control - and to support you through whatever difficulties you're seeing in your external world and in your internal world. You only need to listen and intend to receive the healing and that's what will happen.

So if it's possible for you, close your eyes. If it's not, that's okay. And you can come back to this healing as often as you need to help you clear up any misconceptions or misunderstandings that you've still got going around your personal power and around division as you see it in the world outside of you and also the world inside of you. Enjoy.

And just allow yourself to be. I'm going to give you a little bit of time where I'm gonna give you no instruction other than just be. I'll leave you with that while we start the energy work.

Okay, so Oron's here. They've got a message. I'm not sure if they want me to share it or they're going to come in and share it themselves. Just relax into your being-ness and we'll see what happens.

Oron:We are here and we would like to share with you something that will allow you to bring some light into the heaviness that you are experiencing. There is absolutely a transformation that is available to humanity at present, and some people will flow with that with more ease than others. Others will fight against it. And whatever choice you make, there is no problem. The evolution will continue to happen. It is just that your personal experience will be either a flowing with it or trying to fight against it.

We know that you are conscious. We know that you are aiming to be as self-aware as possible, but we also wish to let you know that part of the big transformation that is occurring on the planet with humanity presently is a reconceptualization of what power is. Those of you that know the idea that you create your own reality, have a way of making that feel heavy, like a burden, like a weight, like a responsibility.

And as you do the work of playing inwardly, because that is what is aligned and see that be reflected outwardly, you are going to be playing more and more the sense and the felt experience that your power lies not in attempting to control the outer world - or in fact the inner world - and playing and flowing with the inner world that is then mirrored to you by the outer world.

There is a lot of division on your planet presently. There is a lot of perceived difficulties with the systems that you have in place in terms of government, money, finances, health systems. There is so much that feels to many of you that it is not working. But we remind you that that is all the reflection of the systems that you have in place inside of yourself that are not working. Just as you cannot try and dominate the universe in the outer world to make it the way you wish it to be, you cannot dominate the parts of you inside of you to make them as you wish them to be. It is a process of being with. It is a process of allowing. It is a process of hearing. It is a process of loving. It is a process of integrating so that you return to wholeness. And as more and more of your return to wholeness in your inner space, you will be enabling and supporting the act of the external coming into an experiential wholeness because we remind you that nothing is broken at the core. At the core, divinity exists within each and every one of you and within your planet also.

So claim that for yourself in a way that does not white-knuckle grip anything. Claim it for yourself with a level of ease and flowing and allowing. Return to your wholeness by seeing the divinity that lies already within you and relaxing into it rather than in decreeing that bits of you are wrong or bad and need to be removed. Just like the external systems will not change if you just agree them bad and fight against them and push against them without connecting into the energy that you wish to replace those systems with. Come into yourself and find the wholeness inside of you and allow that to come forward more into your experience and therefore more into your actions and interactions, both with yourself and the outer world.

There is no problem here. There is no problem here. There is, however, evolution, and as you relax into flowing with it, it will feel less painful. You will feel more supported. The support is there for you to relax into. And in order for you to be able and willing to do that, you need to feel safe to relax. And the less self-rejection you experience within yourself, the more safe you will feel. Relaxation is on the other side of your fear. Accept, love, move through heal and integrate. That's the path to wholeness. That's the path to freedom. That's the path to flow and it all lives inside of you already, waiting to be uncovered, discovered and reconnected to in an experiential way.

You deserve it all. There is no need to earn, but there is a need to shift some internal things if you wish to experience that in your lived reality. We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

Beautiful. So they were doing energetic work as well as providing us with information. And when you're ready, you can blink the eyes open. Oh, I can't open my eyes. And come back into the room.

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