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Episode 56 – Oron Healing on Oneness

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, you're invited to relax and receive a healing from Oron. This healing is a healing about oneness. It's about bringing us back into wholeness and into union with aspects of ourselves, with our world and with everything around us - with the universe itself. All you need to do is to have the intention of receiving this healing and you will.

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Medha: In this episode, you're invited to relax and receive a healing from Oron. This healing is a healing about oneness. It's about bringing us back into wholeness and into union with aspects of ourselves, with our world and with everything around us, with the universe itself. If you need some context around why that is something that's worth receiving a healing in, I invite you to listen to last week's episode if you haven't already. But if you're already know that all you need to do is to have the intention of receiving this healing and you will. Let's do it.

Oron: We are here and happy to provide you all with some logical as well as some energetic support in your desire and attempts to move to a more unified experience. By unified experience, we main a more deeper connection to the reality that although you are in fact individual people, what you also are is the all. You experience yourself as discrete individuals, and there is a truth to that. But you also often - much more often than what you are consciously aware of -experience yourself as bigger than yourself.

The deepest truth of all is that you are one with everything around you. You are one with every other person, with every leaf, with every flower, with every animal, with every atom. And although we understand that that can be a difficult thing to conceive of, we wish to remind you that you have experiences of being greater than the you that you experience that ends at the boundary of your skin. It is often felt by you that as you enter a space, you can feel the energy of it. You can feel where there has been discord in the space emotionally and energetically when you enter.

You have had the experience of sensing someone looking at you from an angle in which you are unable to see them looking at you. And it is only confirmed when you turn and see that your feeling was correct. You are able to sense so much more than your immediate environment. But there is a level of skill that needs to be developed, and that skill is a lot less a skill that needs to be acquired and more a skill that needs to be reclaimed.

As you work through the limitations that you have that point towards your isolation from your brethren, you will be working through the deepest and most painful of the experiences that you have on Earth. You'll know how deeply your heart yearns for love. You will know how deeply your heart yearns for what we will call union. There is a Hollywood trend of romances that Medha has railed against, actually, in terms of the presentation of love as being one person completing another. She hates the idea of one person completing another because she believes that you are all whole and you are.

But the fascination that exists with romance and with love and with intimacy is because you can feel within you a pull to return to wholeness, to return to union, to connect with the aspect of you that is more than the you that lives inside your skin, to feel as one with. Because deep down you know that that is what's true. And society and social constructs have made it feel as though the romantic relationship is one of the primary places that you can experience that. But we want you all to know that you can experience that in relationship with anything and anyone, even inanimate objects. Because although we know that you conceive of them as not having consciousness, not being sentient, they are still made of energy. They are still made of the very fabric of the universe in the same way that you are. You are not separate. You are not separate, you are not separate. And that is why your science has proven that it is your intention that is able to create impact without the need for physical contact.

Think about that. Think about why that is at all possible. The fact that you are able to influence something without physically touching it in your world occurs because you are innately connected with every aspect of your world. And so do not deem this a difficult thing for you to experience in your world and know that you already experience it. You sometimes experience it unconsciously, but you also sometimes experience it consciously. The moments of deep connection that you cherish, that you experience in your heart, you don't always feel them with people. You sometimes are inspired to that by music. You sometimes are inspired to it by art. You sometimes are inspired to it by nature. You sometimes are inspired to it by animals. There is a level of oneness that exists, and it is humanity's journey currently to move towards a level of initially acceptance and then experience of that oneness.

Part of the reason that the world looks so tumultuous currently is because there are levels on which many of you are waking up to this and are railing against the lack of unity, the lack of harmony, the lack of conscientiousness, the lack of compassion that you see displayed in your world. And we remind you that the external world is always a reflection of your inner world. And as more of you do the work of reuniting with the aspects of yourself that you have decreed bad, that you have rejected, that you have attempted to disconnect from, that you have deemed not good enough. As you do that work inside of yourself, you will be creating the pathway for that to happen in your external world. Railing against, fighting against creates a contraction rather than an expansion. You are learning a level of compassion presently that will culminate in your experience in the reality of the union, which is what you are. Medha has asked us to do some energetic work to allow you to be supported in a relaxing into the reality and we have been doing that already and we will continue to do so.

We will be quiet momentarily, but please know that there is no rush for this to happen. This will unfold for you in the natural time. But as you have the intention of experiencing the reality of the universe and the reality of yourself and the connection and the union of all, be playful about it. Be light about it. Be joyous about it because that is the energy that you're attempting to move towards. And so as you endeavor to move through that very energy, you will be moving towards the outcome that you wish. This does not need to be difficult. It does not need to be hard, but it does require a radical transformation of your perspective. But the more you allow yourself to nurture yourself through that radical transformation, the less radical it will feel, which means it will feel safer. And so allow this to be a step by step process and you will find it going much quicker than what you would expect.

Relax now and receive our support because you and not alone, you are not separate. You are not disempowered. You are the all.

Know that you do not have to fully understand something with your mind in order to allow yourself to experience it.

And know also that the mind wanting to understand is not wrong and does not need to be fought. But support your mind in the process of expanding to something that is bigger than what it has held before. Because it's fun, because it's light, because it's joyous and because you want to incorporate all aspects of you in your deepest experience of self.

Your mind is your ally when you work with it, and it can take you where you want to go by allowing your deeper knowing to shine forth. Be reflected by it and supported by it.

We remind you that when you attempt to stifle the mind, you stifle for yourself. And this process of returning to your experience of your own union will be a deepening of your experience of flow that far exceeds anything that you have conceived before. Because when you experience your union, you are not fighting against anything. You are one with and serving and being supported by the all. That is not as far-fetched as what it may feel to you in this moment. Allow yourself to play with the idea and allow yourself to take your time and support yourself in whatever way best supports you in this moment and always. You deserve support, love, appreciation, and we support you in the giving yourself of that.

You are the universe. You are the universe. You are the universe. That's how big. That's how powerful. That's how magnificent you are. We love you. We love you.

We love you.

Go well.

Medha: Oron is here to help empower us. And one of the biggest areas where our limitations show up so clearly that they become kind of easier to work with is money. The deeper I dive into it, the more I realise that money energy work is really about addressing our blocks to power, choice, freedom, self worth and flow all the delicious stuff that Oron is here to help us reclaim. And the spectacularly awesome thing is that work working with your money energy in the conscious and holistic way that Oron has shown me doesn't just transform your relationship with money, although it definitely does that, but it transforms your world.

When you clear up your personal money energy, you feel safe and secure. Adorable and adored, worthy and supported. And the universe then reconfigures to show you evidence of that. I want everyone on the planet to feel that way. That's what this work is about. If you want to play with exploring this for yourself that I I'd love to invite you to grab my free money energy, self assessment and playbook. Go to to get started. Just a quick warning. This work is deep, and the stuff that ultimately impact your money energy will probably surprise you.

But once you know it, you can start changing it, and the playbook will help you to do just that. Thank you for your support of this work. If you love the podcast, please share it with anyone you think will benefit. Thanks again for listening. And in the words of Oron, go well.

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