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Episode 54 – Why do children and animals experience trauma and pain?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Struggling to reconcile we are powerful creators of our own reality with the fact that pure and innocent children and animals experience trauma and pain.

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If you struggle with reconciling the idea that we're all powerful creators who create our own reality with the fact that pure and innocent children and animals experience trauma and pain, then snap. Me, too. I've been working through this. I've been arguing with Oron. I've been rallying and fighting against it, and I am going to share all of that and the conversation and energy healing that Oran gave me with you.

Let's do it.

If you haven't listened to last week's episode, I highly recommend that you do. Because I spend quite a bit of time giving you context that will help you to understand what's going to unfold in this episode.

But in brief summary form, after feeling really solid in myself and my understanding of Oron and the universe and how it all works and how we really are empowered, conscious creators. For the first time in a really long time, I stumbled upon a crisis of faith. And there's a couple of primary issues that I am kind of grappling with.

The first is that Oron say that when babies land on the planet, when they're first born, they're very deeply connected to the divine, and it's our process of socialization that creates energetic blocks in us, which are then mirrored to us by our external world. So whilst in my crisis of faith, I don't really understand how babies land on Earth fully connected to the divine, and then some of them experience pain and trauma.

There's something about that that I'm having quite a lot of difficulty accepting. The other thing that I've been kind of workshopping with Oron, I guess, is the fact that I started to get a bit irritated at the generality of the information that they bring through. And so I've been working through my beliefs, my understanding, my connection to Oron. And they've been helping me. I sit with them and do channelings for myself semi regularly, and I'm sharing some of those with you.

So if you want to receive the healing that I received in this episode, all you need to do is listen and internally inside of yourself intend to receive it. Give permission to be worked on. Receive. So Oron never work on you energetically unless you give them permission. They're not about coming in and fixing our worlds, but they are about supporting us in our attempts to connect more deeply to ourselves.

So if you want to receive the healing that I received in this episode,all you need to do is listen and internally inside of yourself intend to receive it. Give permission to be worked on.

The other bit of context that I think is necessary so that you understand the channeling is Oron in this channeling make a reference to my Angel Boys. They are my dogs, my beloved dogs, Swami and Bhodi, who died within six days of each other from unrelated causes about two years ago now, I guess. Which just brought me to my knees. They were the most constant source of unconditional love that I'd experienced before Oron. And losing them so close together just felt so unfair.

So I went through a period of mourning, doubt, frustration, anger back then as well. And so they make a reference to my Angel Boys. They say that they're always with me and that's who they're talking about. So allow yourself to relax, listen to this channeling. It's being shared because the energetics of it, the content of it, is relevant for more than just me. And receive the healing if you wish. Enjoy.

We could feel that you had a range of questions floating around that you wanted to ask us, but there was a level of difficulty finding the specificity what you wanted. Which we find interesting and amusing, given that part of what you wish to have from us is more specificity. But we do not require specificity from you in order to be able to provide you with the energetics and also with the information that you are energetically requesting.

Whether or not there is superficial logical clarity. The energy of each and every one of you communicates and communes with and is in constant exchange with the world around you, and is not something that needs to always be logically, sequentially and linearly understood. But because you rely primarily on your minds as a form of processing as the place from which to process the experiences that you have, you tend to take everything through the filter of the logical linear mind.

And yet, the logical linear mind is not clear in its understanding. It can be difficult for you to allow your energetics to flow with what's in front of you and with what is being offered. It is for that reason that we are more than amenable when it comes to creating a greater level of specificity in the logical information we provide, because it will have the benefit of allowing minds to soften, which will have the subsequent benefit of allowing the energetics to flow around one of the primary questions that you have in relationship to the world as you see it. There is a feeling that you have currently that you do not understand why if babies are born onto this planet in connection with divinity, if that is the case, why it is possible for babies to experience situations of violence or trauma or distress? We can feel the distress that it brings up in you when you even consider this question.

And we know that although you accept that bigger, older humans who have the ability of logic, and you have the ability of verbalization and who have the ability to express themselves and their understandings, you accept they are the creators of their universe, and that the external experience that they are having must in some way reflects that that is going on for them.

You do not give young children or babies the same credit for being creators for themselves. We know that you find it difficult to accept that a soul would choose to incarnate on your planet in order to experience difficulty, in order to experience pain, in order to experience trauma. But the truth is that although we do not wish to minimize the impact and the pain of such pain and trauma, the truth, the reality, the deeper truth is that there is nothing that can actually injure you.

There is nothing that can actually damage you. There is nothing that can taint or hurt or harm or end the you that lives more deeply than your body, the you that is a divinity that is being manifest in that body.

We can feel that this answer is not completely satisfying to you at present, and that is not a problem. We do not wish to convince you of anything at all, but we will provide you with some supporting energetics right now.

As you work your way through this discomfort, know that where you are is perfect. Know that where you are is where you are and that fighting that is not in any way going to lead you to the flow that it is that you know is available to you. And so allow yourself to be in this place where you are not sure. You're not sure completely what it is that you believe in relationship to empowerment in the universe.

You know that your journey on this planet is that of reclaiming your own empowerment and then being a beacon of empowerment fathers and allowing the vibrations that you have cultivated within yourself - despite the experiences that you have had -to be a beacon, an antenna that calls forth from others the alignment to their own empowerment that they are seeking.

And so you going deeper in this quest and in this journey of finding out what empowerment really is and what the role of empowerment is in the young ones, the young ones that experience the things that you wish that they did not experience. This process is going to prove very fruitful for you, and we do not wish to fast forward you through it.

We do have a wish to support you in it. We are doing some work now supporting your heart and the compassion that you feel, and the desire to protect that you feel. Your heart is big and strong and powerful. And its desire to protect is poetic, is beautiful, is an expression of love, but it is also in a level of confusion that sees those who are other to you as less powerful than you.

We understand why you would think that when children and babies are small they require so much support, so much protection. And so it's easy to assume that they require that from you emotionally also. And there are levels and layers in which that is true, but on the deepest, deepest layer, you are not more powerful in terms of creation than the little ones that are not yet verbal.

You are more physically capable. You are more mentally advanced in terms of logical and linear thinking, but you are not more powerful. You do have, however, a more pointed focus that is supported by the more expanded ability of your mind to focus. But the diffuse attention of a baby allows a level of flow that you are yet reconciling with the experiences of them experiencing difficulty.

We can feel the disturbed energy that you're experiencing as we bring this up. And again, we do not wish to rush you. And, for now, we will conclude with some more energetic support. As you make your way through this process, to reclaim your clarity, not in a way that defines the universal laws or causes in ways that are complete and absolute, but rather in ways that feel appropriate to you and always allow for expansion.

The laws of the universe are fewer than what is currently presently conceived. There is more possibility for expansion and change than what is presently understood. And so for now, allow yourself to be and breathe and the receive.

One of the things that you are currently attempting to resolve within yourself is the fact that you still want rail against the pain of the little ones, of the animals. It feels inherently wrong to you in the same way that the fact that puppy dogs die after not as many years as what you consider appropriate. That was something that you also used to rail against, fight against and resist.

Your beautiful beloved Angel Boys who are still with you always helped you to move beyond that so that you are no longer shaking your fist at the heavens, demanding that that law, that idea of animal life being so limited, as is perceived by you, be changed to what would you considered correct. There are things that you are not in this moment yet ready to accept. You wish to rail against them, to decree them wrong, to demand that they be different.

And again, the compassion and love that you feel in your heart that leads you to demanding this change, to decreeing this is incorrect, it's understandable. And yet fighting against and pushing against. Always begets pushback. Resisting is always a form of tension.

That is not to say that your current experience is wrong.

You are what you are. And we do not resist it or encourage you to do so.

But notice the similarity between how you used to feel around the life span of dogs and how you feel around the pain of animals or young children. Allow yourself to be where you are. Allow yourself to expand to more. Allow yourself to simply be.

We will continue supporting you and working with you energetically overnight. Know that there is no problem. Know that you are loved, held and supported and know that irrespective of what it may sometimes look like on the surface, in the depth of you, none of you is ever hurt.

None of you is ever damaged.

None of you is ever injured. None of you is ever broken and none one of you is ever ended.

We love you. We love you. We love you.

Go well.

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