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Episode 50 – Comfort vs change

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, Oron chat with Beth about linear lifetimes. Beth asks Oron why we sometimes choose the comfort of the known over the risk of expansion to something that we know will be better for us. Oron do a deep dive into aligned energetics in a way that’s way simpler than we usually make it.

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Linear timelines [00:04:27]

Why we choose comfort over expansion [00:09:08]

Getting of the paradigm merry-go-round [00:13:35]


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Oron: We are here and ready, and we wish to begin by speaking to you rather than inviting you to ask your first question. We are aware that you are aware that there is a beautiful divine angel crying in the background and there is a level of concern about what that will do to the audio. We want you to know that Medha's personality also had a similar concern to begin with, and she relaxed more. She allowed our energy to come in in an easy flowing way, which is what she is used to.

There is no need to attempt to create perfection in your external environment, but when there is tension and rigidity in place, it prevents the energy from flowing in the way that energy in its most efficient form moves. There is something else that we wish to share, and we have commented on this in other episodes of this recording. There was a very different process that Medha underwent in terms of connecting in with us. Now, we have said previously that when she had her idea of what being a channel would be, she expected that she would always know exactly what to do in order to allow the flow because she expected what she had to do to be consistent throughout time.

But the truth is that each of you is constantly evolving into more and into more and into more and into more. And the energetics of you are always evolving. Also, Medha recently had a healing that we participated in where we expanded her conception of what it is to channel. There was a concept that she had that was causing some stress to be created in her body. And that concept, that incorrect or unhelpful concept or inefficient concept, rather, was that she had to channel all of the energy of us inside of her body.

And there is no limitation to what the energy of your body is capable of doing. But when you have conceptions of your body as being limited and physical, that can create some tension. And so Medha has now expanded her ability to receive us in that she is more of an antenna to the flow rather than a container that holds that within herself. She has known always that we are capable of working with the people that she is interacting with in the moment that she's either with them or when they're hearing the recording.

And that applies to every one of you that is listening to this recording. Now, there is a way that we are able to connect in with Medha is a vehicle or a antenna that channels and calls the energy forward. But if she feels that she has to hold it all inside the physicality of her, there are limitations that are placed in that exchange. But the reality is that we, like you, are the entirety of the universe. And so as she has changed her conception of what it takes for her to bring us through in our most expanded form, she also relaxes her energy so that she takes on her most expanded form rather than being limited by the idea of ending the physicality at the ending of her skin.

That is not true for any of you. And as you expand your conception and your idea of yourself to be more and more and more than what you are used to thinking, you'll open up levels of possibilities in order to create more for yourself and in your world. Do you have any questions?

Beth: I do thank you, and I'm sure Medha will be very, very interested to hear that when she relistens.

Oron: Medha is aware of it in the moment, so she is already please. But you are correct that her mind will also be pleased next time she hears it and is sent back to this energetic state or reconnects to the energetic state of it. This is an interesting thing for Medha because she used to think that she had to pay really close attention in order to not miss anything.

And when we counsel to start recording the process, she could then relax and not feel that she had to be intense in order not to miss anything. And so now she lies back on an energetic hummock, is also entirely present and a part of the creative experience. But she is not grasping at anything that is coming through. She is, however, internally reacting and responding, and we are aware of that. And so she and it is later when she is prompted to remember something that she can reconnect to the energetics of it in her expanded future form.

Beth: Love it. Thank you. So on a different topic of. As usual, I kind of struggle to think for think of a really good question, but then I figured that the right one would just pop up, which it did so this morning. But then I've also got this other one burning away over here. So I'm going to start with the one that's burning away over here. And then if we get a chance, we might get to the next one.

Or I could be like. So my question is linear lifetimes, I and Tom, you know, as I've heard and many of us have heard before, and the energetic Rome time doesn't exist and there are of lifetimes. So I could be living the a few of me at the different. Dimensions or whatever it is, I'm not sure. I'm just curious as to how that works and if there are. Other means living my best life, why am I in this life, not living that life?

Oron: This is a concept that is interesting to play with, with the mind, but we emphasise the word play in the same way that we spoke to you about the limitations that Medha was accidentally creating in terms of the energetics that can come through by thinking that she had to move it through her body. There can be a limitation in the understanding of the actual reality that you are living if you have structured ideas of how it all works. And so we will say something that we say repeatedly.

We will repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat, because, as you know, familiarity creates a level of safety for the concepts to be accepted and moved upon. The idea that there is a discrete individual personality version of you is true on a superficial level, but not true on the depths of the energetic level. We have spoken before about the difference between looking at a table, using your eyes and using correction and looking at a table using a very powerful microscope.

What you see are two very different things, but neither is more real than the other. And so there are, as you say, versions of it. But the true the true definition of it is that you are so expansive that you are the universe itself. And so there are ways that you connect into what you could consider past aspects or future aspects. But the moments where you humans feel that connexion and that power is always in the moment of the present, which is in the moment of the now and the now and the now and the now.

So we would invite you to play with your considerations of linear timelines in a way that is expansive for you and not limiting for you. So sometimes it is helpful when you are sitting in a process of meditation to imagine a different timeline so that you can connect to the energetics of it because dimensions as something that are actually connected energetically in a much more profound way than you usually conceive of them. And it is possible for you to connect energetically to anything and everything that is current in the universe, because, as we said, you and the universe are one.

It depends whether you are looking through your own eyes or through the telescope correction through your own eyes or through the microscope. What you say the levels and the layers are all available to you, and neither is more true or more right than any others. So use everything that you come across in your experience as a source of expansion whilst doing your best to not create levels of limitation. As you expand your understandings of things, we would invite you to play with your consciousness to embrace the expansive nature of it without necessarily limiting when Medha was creating some content for her business in terms of desire.

She was asked a question around how to want without attachment, and the answer to that question was to want what you want because that is authentically, genuinely true and who you are and what is calling you in the moment. But when you add the idea of this in something better direction this or something better, you add a level of expansiveness to the possibilities that you are contemplating, then are then not a white knuckling of trying to manifest and force into being the thing that you wish to have.

And so we encourage you to use all of the concepts that you play within the realm of consciousness and expansion in a way that anchors you into deeper and deeper expansion and possibility, whilst not necessarily adopting the limitations that those same ideas might provide.

Beth: Wow, that's a lot. OK, so. Having having that and then going on to the old programming that we sort of have, I guess. Why why is it so difficult for us to to step into something? I guess that's new that we know is good for ourselves, but we're stuck in that programme of comfortable, comfortable being comfortable.

Oron: Because comfortable comes from safety, because familiar feel safe, because when you have had habits of thought and habits of ways of being, you become. Focused on your safety primarily, and there is nothing wrong with that, that is as it should be, the reason that you experienced lack of safety in your world is because as you have developed as young humans, you have been called away from what feels true to you and the connection to your deepest, most worthy feeling, love of self and to the externalisation of all of that, including validation and love and safety.

The focus becomes external rather than internal. And we can feel that many of you listening are frustrated by this and wondering why that has to happen in the first place. And we remind you that humanity is going through a massive evolution and always will continue to do so. There are ways that as you grow and you develop, you learn new skill sets and the previous things that you used to do comfortably no longer feel natural and comfortable. And so we remind you to not fight against the reality of where you are presently, but rather embrace the expansive nature of you moving forward to more and more and more and more.

The more you fight against and the more that you resist, the more you enter into the energy of the thing that you are fighting and resisting against. And so, no, this Medha has had a personal experience herself, many of them where she has been in situations where she has been disempowered, in particular in relationship to self-worth. Medha its initial life was with a mother who was alcoholic and abusive and used to tell her that she wished she'd never been born and she was the cause of every bad thing that ever happened in her life.

And so one might wonder, why would Medha choose that for herself in terms of her life experience? Why would that even be a thing that happened and made a joke before that? It might sound cliche, but she does not regret anything that she lived through because what she has done is she has walked the path of reclaiming her sense of safety consciously. She has walked the path of reclaiming the sense of her absolute self worth and adoration of self consciously.

And one other thing that she was deeply surprised. That was the fact that she expected that people that had not had her life experience, people who had had supportive parents, would naturally walk around with the feeling of self-love and self acceptance and safety. But alas, they do not. And this is a process that humanity is moving through. You will evolve beyond it. But that does not mean that where you are is incorrect. And so as more of you become conscious and really honestly claim that for yourself, create it for yourself, there is nothing that can happen to Medha now and nothing that anybody can say to her that will question her love for herself.

She has fully reclaimed that for herself. And so as you move through the process of building the muscle of doing that conscious, why and as more and more of you do that, you will parent in different ways and humanity will continue to evolve and expand. That is as it was destined. You used to do things to yourself that were worse in the past, but you are now here where you are and you will grow to more effective ways as you move forward into expansion.

None of it is wrong. Just because you will develop more does not mean that where you are standing is incorrect or inferior. Growth and expansion is always a moving towards more. It is never a statement of the wrongness of where you are because of his statement, of the wrongness of where you are. You stay energetically connected to the energy of that perceived wrongness. You cannot fight against anything and push against it and move away from it by the act of fighting and pushing your energetically connecting to it.

And as you do that, you create more of that experience in yourself rather than the opposite.

Beth: So having having said all that, what is what is a good step towards? I guess understanding that your youth, that you're actually going through the same reprogramming over and over again, how do you step off the merry go round?

Oron: By finding moments of self acceptance and by encouraging yourself towards them. It is not more complicated than that. It is the self-love and the self acceptance that changes everything, and it is what Mater has said before her experience now that she has added self-love and self acceptance to what she previously considered her spiritual work, but was actually coming from a place of self rejection, that change from self rejection or rejection of the moment that you are living or the situation that you are living, when you change from that to acceptance of where you are and excitement and self encouragement and self love and encouragement of you to move forward to more.

The difference is astronomical. The speed with which you move is astronomical. And so if you feel stuck, we would encourage you to bring in more self acceptance, find where you are blocking your self acceptance, and instead of rejecting that part of you love it. We will say it again and again and again and again, love yourself, love is the elixir. The love that you receive from other people is only ever a trigger for the self-love that you already hold inside, skip the middle person, go straight to the self, radiate the love inside of the self, and move through life from that place.

And you will feel like life is carrying you forward because it will be. The universe can only give you as much as what you consider yourself valuable to correction. The universe can only give you as much as you allow yourself to receive, and you will only allow yourself to receive what you believe yourself to deserve. You deserve everything. You deserve it all. But as you grow your capacity to believe that to fully enter into the self belief of your own worth, that is when you will allow the universe to give you what it wishes to give you.

It wishes to give you everything. But you have to be willing to receive it. Many people are not willing to receive it and aren't willing to even say that they are not willing to receive it and blame the universe or their conception of God. That is inherently disempowering and it is not a place and it is easy to shift from without first moving toward self acceptance and acceptance of the situation that you are in, self acceptance and self-love via the self that soothe all of your wounds, all of them.

You do not need other people to give you permission. You do not need other people to give you validation. And when you find that you give those things to yourself, what you will naturally say is that that will come to you from the external world and it will be delicious and delightful that you will not need it, you will not grasp at it, and you will not use it to build your own sense of self-worth because it is already at maximum.

That is the absolute truth of who you are. And as you do the play of uncovering the ways that you are not aligned to, that you are helping humanity to uplift and all of you are here for yourselves and the whole because you are both. We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

Beth: Thank you both.

Medha: What felt really different, channelling it.

Beth: It looked really different.

Medha: Did it? How?

Beth: A lot of movement?

Medha: Oh, I do that all the time now. Movement. I had a feeling they talked about it, you know, you had a feeling like I was trying to get them to come in through the top of my head, and then it's like now they're in the whole room and like they're in your room as well. Like they're in old places and where everyone's listening, like they're activated. And it just was so easy, it was easy before, but it's easier now and it felt like I don't know if the content felt different, but to me it felt like bigger.

Beth: Yeah. It was funny because I could feel when when you were sitting at the beginning, when you were when you were going to a happy place, as you call it, and I could feel I could feel the energy sort of building up, but then it kind of dropped out again. And I was like, oh, shit, is it may because of. Because of Neve. And then when they started talking about it, it's like, oh, that's so funny.

Medha: It's because I could feel it, too. It's like this in my head. I mean, I wonder if I wasn't like, intense about it, but I was like, I wonder if everything works according. Oh well, whatever. And then when I went, whatever it's like I could almost feel that the tension like I dropped my tension. You had your tension and I could feel like I could feel that they went to you before it even was probably probably coming through. We just have it's like we've got to smooth this kink and then flow better. And it did. It was amazing. Did she even cried?

Beth: She did once. And I thought, oh, God. But then I'm just like, not. She'll be fine. And she's now out to it.

Medha: That was awesome. Thank you. I loved it.

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