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Episode 46 – The mind, mental illness, pain and empowerment

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, Oron chat with Kate about the mind, mental illness, pain and empowerment. They also discuss the value of letting go of what we think we know and exploring them with the open mind of a beginner.

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Medha: Welcome to A Sleep Perspective, the podcast that helps you remember who you really are, what you really want and the easiest way to get it. I'm Medha, an I'm a direct voice channel for Oron, who give a straight talking, practical guidance to help us live joyful, lives of abundance, ease and positive impact. The way we were meant to.

In this episode, Oron chat with Kate about the mind, mental illness, pain and empowerment. They also discussed the value of letting go of what we think we know and exploring it with the open mind of a beginner instead. Here's Oron and Kate.

Oron: We are here and ready. Let's begin.

Kate: I just don't know really where to begin. Is there something that I need to know or something that you can suggest?

Oron: What we are going to suggest is what we ultimately deep down at the core suggest to everybody. And that is the reclaiming of the knowing that lies within. We can feel and we understand that you have been on the journey of self evolution for a long period of time, as have many of the people that listen to our words. And there is still within most of you a level of pushing against what is in order to create more. But the ability to create more is grounded much more on a foundation of accepting all of the parts of you and all of the aspects and all of the things that you have been shying away from in an effort to become your best self.

We know that you have been in the experience that Medha has offered over the last week, and we know that a lot of any stuff that you have previously come across. But we do want to guide you much more to our felt experience in your heart of openness and acceptance of self so that you move forward from a place of flourishing because of the acceptance of self and towards a greater place of even more flourishing because of greater acceptance of self.

There is a subconscious resistance to self that is present currently. That is what sometimes makes you feel as though you are stuck and not moving forward. It is the weight that you carrying of the lack of acceptance of the self and some of the conditions and situations that you find yourself in for which you are subtly blaming yourself. That weight is what feels like it is keeping you stuck. And the process of releasing it is not to work harder. The process of releasing it is not to be more intense. The process of releasing it is not for healing to descend.

The process of releasing it comes from the genuine intention and allowing of communion with the self. Because deep down at the core of you, there is so much love. There is so much expansion. There is so much ability to give and receive from a place of clean, pure intention and energetic alignment.

And so as you go deeper than the surface. And the surface is the beliefs, the paradigms, the blocks, the traumas that you sometimes live from. But deeper than that, deeper than that, there is a part of you that you are not always connected to experientially, although it resides within the center of you and you therefore cannot be actively disconnected from it.

That part of you could not be more lovable, could not be more in flow. And we understand that that feels incongruent to your experience of feeling somewhat stuck. But the flow of the energy within you never ceases. If it ceases, you are no longer in a body, you are no longer alive.

And so there is flow of energy, even when you consider yourself to be in a place of stagnation. But the way to open the door so that you can walk through it and experience the flow that is available to you is through deep, profound acceptance of self, acceptance of current circumstances - not in a throwing up your hands so that you are not endeavoring to create something better for yourself. That can never be the case. You will always be aiming to create something better for yourself because your very nature is expansion.

But acceptance of the circumstances in terms of okay this is where I am presently and dropping the fight and dropping their resistance both to the circumstances and to the self. When you walk through that door, you are able to see a myriad of possibilities that are not available to you. When you are subtly resisting yourself, even when you are unaware of it, when you are subtly resisting yourself, you are effectively putting on blinkers, which do not allow you to see the many opportunities that are available for you to move forward into flow and freedom.

The process of acceptance of self communion with self is like removing those blinkers. And the opportunities that have been there but just out of your line of sight will become much more obvious and will start to call you with subtle energy and you will feel it.

Kate: So I have experienced a lot like a number of times where I've been in flow over the last 25 years and I feel like every time I go get in to flow, something inside myself sabotages. You know, it's either my huge mental illness, it either - it's like lots of things. And then I'm back... I feel like I'm back at square one really dark again. And I guess also there's probably a lot of people that have got really huge mental illness like me; the bipolars, the border lines, the the old multiple personalities sort of. You know, those huge ones. What are they about? So what is it that we as humans... Why do we need to experience those? Because it's excruciating. So excruciating. How can we move away from that? Is that that reconnection to self again?

Oron: You can never move away from where you are in a level of flow and expansion when what you are doing is resisting what you are currently living. And we understand that the situation for you in terms of your mental illness is painful, as it is for many other people. There are also many other people on this planet that are living situations that are very, very painful for them that do not revolve around mental illness. And so what we wish to say is there is not one of you on this planet who is disempowered within the self. No matter what the external or internal conditions that are present, the truth remains that that divinity is always at the core of you.

And so each of you has your own energetic construction of self. Each of you has your own patterns and paradigms, and each of you has the ability to work out within yourself the pathway that leads you to the greatest flow given your current energetic configuration. That is not different for people who are living in poverty or in war zones or people who are living with mental illness.

We wish to express and Medha's heart feels very strongly about this, so she is encouraging us to express this with emphasis. And so that is what we will do because we also wish to emphasize this ourselves. We do not wish to in any way minimize anyone's experience. We know that there are very, very difficult circumstances being experienced by each of you. One of the things that Medha deeply cares about is the equality on your planet being rebalanced because she sees a lot of inequality and privilege and prejudice present on your planet at the moment.

And so one of the things that we have offered her is to consider that every single person on this planet, irrespective of what it looks like in their external circumstances, is just as powerful in terms of creative power as everybody else. It is just the external circumstances sometimes make that progress a little bit more difficult for particular people, given what they are living. But whether your challenge or pain is based on mental illness - and we understand that mental illness is a tricky one - because you can save of yourself as processing your experience through your mind. And so when you consider that your mind is ill or broken, it can create the idea that it's not possible for you to process it in any other way. But we wish to remind you that mind is one of the many ways that you process your experience both within yourself and your interaction with the outside world.

There are many of you and many of you that experience mental illness that nevertheless sometimes feel expansion, connection through the heart or through the body or through many other ways. Your wisdom communicates with you in many other ways, not just the mind. So we do not minimize the role of the mind, but we remind you that that is just one facet and one aspect. And so find within yourself, play within yourself with the areas that are feeling slightly more light and feel slightly more light in the future, and bring some of that light also to the places of the darkness. Because as you resist what you consider your mental illness or the consequences of it, it makes it more difficult for you to not wear the blinkers and therefore makes it more difficult for you to see all the available opportunities for you.

It is possible for every one of you to feel connected and all of you have felt it at one time or another. And it is possible for all of you to develop and foster that within yourselves more and more irrespective of the current circumstances, both in your inner world and your outer world.

You are powerful. You are whole.

Kate: I have felt that at times. I have felt my power. I've been a counselor and with people who have been very ill with drug and alcohol addiction. And I can see my skill and my power and all that. I just find that work very difficult because of... Because of my own background, and I don't think that's probably the right thing for me. And I guess I just don't know what is the right - where my flow needs to go, like in terms of creating meaningful work for myself. This is kind of a different topic again. Sorry.

Yeah. So I'm not sure.

Oron: The reason that that work does not feel in alignment for you presently is because there is a way which your energy is depleted and feeling somewhat heavy and that role is a very giving role. And so if you are somewhat depleted, it does not allow you to have the energy that is available for you to give without it having a negative impact upon you. So we understand and acknowledge the truth of that.

But also there is something that is somewhat out of your field of view at present, and we will offer it to you and you have the option of moving towards it or not, as feels right for you.

The reason there is a lot of heaviness a present is because there are ways presently that have become so habitual to you that it makes them challenging to see. They feel natural. But there is a level of rejecting the self, rejecting the circumstances that is present in you right now. And what that is doing is contributing to the depletion of your energy. And we know that because the mind is a large portion of how you interact with yourself in the world, and there is an idea there that the mine is not functioning well, it can become difficult to find a way to work this out.

But this one isn't really worked out with the mind in the way that you conceive. It is much more of a connection to the whole of the self experience. If you look back at your experience with yourself and life in the last long period of time, actually, you will find that most of your energy, most of your consciousness is living in your head space because your mind is taking the bulk of the energy in the processing of your experience of yourself and your life.

But as you play - and we say play with intention. As you play with idea of being just as present in the rest of your body as you are with your mind and feeling all of the guidance and intuitive knowing that lives in all of the other aspects of you that can support the mind, that will actually take some pressure off the mind. The mind at present feels like it is not functioning at its optimal and is being asked to take care of every single thing. And that is an exhausting place for any part of you to be.

And so rather than feeling as though you are aiming to connect more with your guidance and your intuition and your heart in order to demote the mind, if you consider it a level of support that is being provided to the mind so that it can start to relax and not feel like it is in charge of everything, there is a space that will be allowed there. But there is - we will start somewhere else.

We know that you have been on this path for a long time. We know that you know a lot of things. We know that you want a higher, more evolved perspective of things, and that is something that because Medha has also been on this path for a long time, she finds her self caught in also. But the truth is there is currently a need to relax into the experience of the self. Because when you allow that relaxation to happen, there is an openness. There is a releasing of the tension that occurs, which is what then allows you to drop the blinkers and be able to see the things that you may have suspected but weren't probably - correction. But weren't properly able to see previously.

There is many more opportunities for you to move forward with much more flow than what you are currently able to see. And it is a relaxation into the fact that right now there are things that you do not see and you wish to see them that will allow you to move forward in a level of flow to seeing them and following them, rather than resisting where you currently are and aiming to create something better than where you are standing.

Kate: So what you're saying is I need to do the Return to Wholeness process with my mind as the character.

Oron: That is an excellent idea, and we would never prescribe specifically. But anything that allows you to move towards to that place of supporting any aspect of yourself will be helpful. And yes, the return to wholeness process is one way of doing that. But also do not be bound by it. Play around inside yourself. And again, we say play with intention. Play around inside yourself to find the ways that have movement. You will notice that as you start to do work within yourself, sometimes you hit a block and that is normal. That happens to everybody.

And so you either play with seeing if it's possible to shift that block or you try a different way. So do not feel like the Return to Wholeness is the only way, but it definitely is a way.

Kate: I've developed lots of ways over time, so I know that's not the only way. I really enjoy playing with this particular way. It feels like it really makes a lot of difference, and it feels like there's lightness. Like I did one last night, and I did one on my lower belly area, and something from a past life came up where I felt like I was trapped and I could bring some kind of ease, a little bit of ease to that area.

I have to do that again, I think, because I need to be a bit more aware. So can it go to different lifetimes as well?

Oron: As any energetics or experience that come up are there because they need your attention. So play with whatever is coming up, and there is no need to label them either. You can allow that space of flow to permeate even your work in your personal development and with your Return to Wholeness process.

We wish to conclude by saying this: again, we understand that there is much knowing that you have around this, but there are things that you do not yet know. And the reason we bring this out is because we know that you have done so much, and we know also that you still feel stuck.

And so if you feel like you have tried everything and you are still stuck, what that is subtly telling yourself over and over and over again is that you will not be able to find movement. And so this happens to people who have been on the path a long time. And again, Medha has found herself in that place feeling like she already knew, but really she didn't. Otherwise, she would have found a level of flow that she was looking for.

And so we offer this to you. We acknowledge that, you know a lot. We acknowledge that you have your own processes. We acknowledge that you have developed a very subtle skills in this area. But the reason that you are not flowing is because there are some pieces of the puzzle that are currently missing. And if you feel as though you have all the pieces of the puzzle and it doesn't create the flow that you wish, you will not be able to see beyond the blinkers, you will not be able to see the opportunities that are there for you.

Kate: So we invite you to play with the idea that you have much more to learn not in a way that dismisses what you have already learned, but in a way that encompasses the expansive nature of the universe, and that will create a level of space for you that will enable you to create flow that isn't available when you are conscious of the fact that you know so much already, there is a saying. Beginner's mind is more open. Beginner's mind is more empty and so play with this, and we invite you to allow yourself to play with the idea of putting down the things you know and playing with them afresh and discovering new angles to them that you haven't discovered already.

Because the answer to you finding flow is absolutely available to you. Code you deserve will blow. You deserve the steep self acceptance that parts of you are craving. You deserve it. All flow is available. We love you, we love you, we love you.

Oron: Approach it.

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