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Episode 44 – How do you learn to meditate and channel?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, Oron chat with Deena, who asks how to learn to get into the channeling state. Oron explore how best to work with our minds and ourselves, in order to cultivate a level of safety. They also talk about how to build a meditation practice.

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Oron: We are here. And before we invite you to ask your first question, we wish to share with you the inner process that Medha just went through to connect in with us. She had a conversation in a session with a friend earlier today where the focus was very much on relaxation and her old habitual mode of action, having a level of effort that included a kind of rigidity and her moving away to action now from a place of relaxation and openness and allowing. The truth is that if Medha is not in a relaxed state, in an open state, in a high vibrational state, it is difficult for her to allow us to come through her because she's not in an energetic space to allow that flow to happen. And that is true. And the same for all of you. There is many of you on the planet who feel like to create your dreams and to create the things that you wish to create for yourselves in your world, there is a level of effort which you kind of translate as pushing; like trying to push the universe into the configuration that you wish it to be. But what you will find is the universe is a mirror, and if you push it, it pushes back. However, your point of power is not in manifesting in the external by manipulating the external. Your point of power is by coming into where all your power is, which is within and creating within yourself the energetics that you wish to live. And then the universe will mirror that back to you. We talk frequently about fun and lightness and playfulness, which a lot of adult humans have relegated to the "When I have time" category. But the reality is, if you want to live your best lives - and all of you do - the criterion of fun and openness and relaxation is not optional, but mandatory. And so re-conceptualize within yourself what relaxation is. It is not something that you have to earn by working hard and then putting your feet up at the end of the day. If you incorporate relaxation into the action that you take into the movement that you do, you will be configuring yourself with the energetics of flow, of magic, of miracles. Because those things cannot come to you when you are tense and closed. And that is the state you are in when you are trying to push the universe into a configuration. Relaxation, ease, play, joy. Make that your goal. And then the other external goals that you have will come much more naturally to you. Do you have a question?

Deena: That was absolutely perfect. One of my questions was actually going to be: how do you get a state -

Oron: We know.

Deena: Where you can channel freely?

Oron: That is how you get into the state where you can channel freely. And we wish to expand your definition of channel. Because channeling isn't just what Medha does. Channeling is what someone who is writing a song does. That is what someone does when they're in a state of play, in a basketball game, when they're in what you call the zone. The zone is a place of focus. It is a place of effort, but it is not a place of trying to force and be rigid. And Medha has spoken before of the fact that when she first came across Abraham Hicks, all she wanted was to be a channel. And there was years where she tried to force the universe to give that to her. And it never transpired. It did not transpire until she let it go completely. And it was not a coincidence that the first time we started to come through for her was when she lay on a massage table. There is nothing that allows Medha to relax more than the act of receiving a really, really good massage. And so she lay on that table and activated that point of relaxation within herself, which is what allowed us to come through. But we were never far away. We are never far away from any of you. And so channeling is something that you do every day. Do not make it a hard, difficult thing that only the chosen few are able to access. That is what Medha thought in terms of Esther initially. And as she has trained herself, she realizes that, of course, everyone has the ability. Of course everyone has the ability. And we do it in lots of different ways. But do not expect your form of channeling to look or sound or feel like or even be like anybody else's, because you are all individual prisms through which the energy flows. The other thing that Medha has learned is that as a channel, she is not separate to the experience and she is not separate to the energetics of it. She used to think that she had to be clean and clear so that she did not interfere. But she understands now that she's actually a prism through which we flow. And as that interaction happens, as we flow through the prism of her, the energetics comes out in a particular way that appeals to particular people. And so all of you can channel different beings, different energies in different ways, different amounts of creativity, different kinds of creativity. All of you can do it always. So do not make it something hard and do not make it something for the chosen few, because none of that is true. But the first step is relaxation. And the first step before that is feeling safe enough to allow yourself to relax. And you build that sense of safety with yourself inside of yourself. It is not something that is granted to you by your external world. There are many of you who are living safe situations currently that feel unsafe. And there are some of you - quite a few of you, in fact - that are living situations that externally look unsafe and yet you feel safe. Medha herself is currently going through a physical experience where she's having some physical issues in relation to her health and something that has really surprised her and that she feels very pleased and proud of herself about is the fact that she feels safe. There are moments when she feels fear, but there are moments, deeper moments, many more moments where she feels like everything will resolve itself and she will be fine despite the fact that she is experiencing some debilitating physical conditions at present. And so someone looking at her would wonder why she can feel safe when things keep going wrong with her body and doctors cannot find a solution. But her feeling inside herself, which she has worked for years to build, consciously - not pushing, but with attention and focus - that feeling that she carries within her is the antidote to the doubt and the fear. It is allowing her to relax into the experience. And so we come back to relaxation, feel the sense of safety within you, because if you do not, relaxing becomes impossible. You cannot ask yourself to let go and relax if you feel unsafe. So the journey in terms of your question to finding that place of relaxation is to relax if it's available to you and if it is not, work consciously with yourself to build a sense of safety because that is a precursor to allowing and relaxation.

Deena: So for - I work with a lot of clients and I have some that are stuck in mind loops at the moment and cannot relax. How would they break free from those loops so that they can find that safety within themselves?

Oron: Embodiment. We have spoken before about the fact that there are not many of you on your planet right now who are terrified and in fear and experience anxiety around the potential of damaging your little left toe. And so your little left toe is not in fear for itself. There are ways and times - many, many times -where you actually do experience a level of feeling safe. Even those of you that are suffering with lack of safety do not - correction. Even those of you that feel that you are constantly experiencing lack of safety, you have moments when that is also not the case. The issue, however, is the focus is mostly given to the times when you feel unsafe because that calls your attention and it makes sense. So it takes conscious intention and effort to find the moments where you actually do feel safe; when you are in a bath, when you tuck yourself into bed at night, when you are able to trace the thoughts that you have been having that allow you to create the experience, not in order to overrule your mind or deem it wrong for creating anxiety for you, but to work with your mind to encourage it to become much more mindful of the times and the places and the areas that do, in fact feel safe for you. You all have access to that. And so if you are feeling deeply unsafe, do not demand of yourself that you find safety immediately because that means that you are making your own inner space unsafe. You are rejecting the part of you that is feeling unsafe. And so turn towards the parts of you that need something, that need reassurance, because all of you have multiple experiences at once and you often try to silence the scared negative emotions and amp up the volume of the ones that are saying positive things. And so be mindful of where you are and what you are feeling and when it is possible for you to feel connected to the parts of you that do feel safe. Rather than trying to yell with them to silence the scared parts, turn to the scared parts and attempt to offer the feeling of safety that some of you already experience to them. Create a dialogue with yourself where you are really honestly curious and ready and listening to the parts of you that have got things that they are carrying that they no longer wish to carry. You need to learn to be there for yourself in a way that is accepting and loving of self, and that is actually how you create safety. You cannot attempt to create safety with self rejection. And if you are rejecting the part of you that feels unsafe or scared or resentful or jealous, if you are rejecting any of them, what you are building inside of yourself is lack of safety because you never feel anything for no reason. There are things there that need your attention. Whenever you are not feeling expanded, there is something that would love your attention. But what it would love is your loving attention so that you can bring to it what it needs. Glean the gold from what is there, and then allow yourself to uplift all of you instead of trying to uplift some parts of you and squashing others. That will never lead to wholeness, that will never lead to expansion, that will never lead to the creation of your dreams because those of you that wish to create a life full of your dreams want to do that. And that is fabulous. That is as it is intended. But your ability to actually manifest that in your physical 3D world is dependent on you having one pointed energy and not having energetics that are pulling you in opposite directions. Some towards fear, some towards expansion, and parts of you rejecting your fear is a splitting of your energy that does not allow the miracles that are in your path to manifest for you in the 3D physical world.

Deena: Perfect. I want to go back to you mentioned that Medha is a prism when your energy is coming through. I might have that wrong. And I just wanted a bit more clarification around that.

Oron: Clarification around the prism.

Deena: Yeah.

Oron: If you think about - we will not use the word prism. If you think about a crystal, if you think about a magnifying glass, if you think about light energy moving through a crystal, you know about the fragmentation. As it moves, as that light, as that energy moves through the crystal - or the prism, if you wish to use that word - there is an energetic change that occurs so that if you are looking with your eyes, you are able to see different colors and lights being sprayed in different directions based on the interaction of the light or the energy and the crystal and the prism. And so the co-creation that the energetics and the channel are doing is a process that infuses the energy with the energy of the channel. There is no such thing as a completely clear channel because all of you are vessels of energy. And as the energy of, for example, us moves through the energy of, for example, Medha, there is a co-creation that occurs. And so as that energy goes out, it is not as though Medha's energy is disentangled from it. We have said to her before, "You are not a body that we hijack." It is not your job to be absent. You are a part of the creation. And that is true for you and all of you in terms of anything that you wish to create and in terms of any energetics that filter through you. The energetics are changed by their contact to you, through you. And that is a wonderful thing.

Deena: Hmm. That is beautiful. I have a question about meditation, because I'm not the best at having a meditation practice. And I know that meditation is amazing and I love to meditate when I do find the time to meditate. And I have kind of flipped my thinking around meditation as to think of my life almost as like a living meditation and potentially so that I don't feel bad, that I don't make the time to meditate. But how important is it, maybe is the question.

Oron: We actually wish to take your question in a different direction and we wish to speak to what you just said in terms of not making me feel bad for not doing it. This is what we are talking about in terms of the building the safety within yourself. Many of you try and use negativity - and in some ways bullying of the self - when your actual aim is to create expansion for yourself. If you look at this situation with meditation, the reason you wish to meditate more is because you know it will be of benefit for you. But what you are doing when you are finding yourself not meditating, rather than inspiring yourself towards feeling like meditating by thinking about the times, for example, that it has felt exalting for you, by thinking about the expansive release that you have experienced in the past, by activating the positivity around it. What you are doing instead is using the contrary. The "I should feel bad. I am not doing. I should do more. I should work harder" energy. And that is going to - if you do it consistently around your meditation practice, the energy of that will be tied to your meditation practice and you will be less and less inspired to working with it. Whereas if you encourage yourself through benefit, if you move towards the things that you want, rather than trying to beat yourself into expansion - which is extremely inefficient, but most of you do constantly - you can align to the energy of the result that you wish. But the contraction of "I should do better," which most of you beat yourselves with regularly, cannot lead you to the expansion that you seek. You only wish to do things for the expansion that they bring you. And so cut that bit out. Skip the middleman and go straight to the expansion state. And from that state you are inspired to the things that are aligned with that good feeling state that already lives within you. And so, again, as you relax and allow yourself to be inspired forward to what feels good, you are in states where you can call forth to you, from you and through you, the expansive, joyful, playful experiences that all of you seek. The way towards expansion is never through contraction. And so beating yourself up, denigrating yourself, criticizing yourself so that you will remember to do better next time, feel into that. Feel in your own experience as we speak these words, how inefficient that is as a mode to move towards expansion. Feel the energy of "You should do better." You cannot move towards expansion from that place. And so next time you are trying to inspire yourself to take an action, be curious as to how you are motivating yourself to take it and see if it's possible for you to attempt to inspire yourself forward rather than motivate yourself with contraction. You are meant for joy, expansion, relaxation, ease, magic and miracles. That is what you came forth for, and it is what is entirely available to you, and it is not as difficult as it seems. We remind you safety, build the sense of safety that will allow you to build the sense of relaxation. And learn to talk to yourself, nourish yourself, encourage yourself, love yourself the way that you love others. That is the doorway to everything you want, because when you are full, you bring forth from the universe things that match that fullness. You will not be acting from a place of disempowerment or lack. And what will come forward to you will match that. You deserve all the good things. You deserve all the good things, you deserve all the good things. You deserve all the good things. And you do not have to earn them. You do not have to earn them. You do not have to earn them. But you need to be a match to them for them to be able to make their way to you in the 3D physical world. And that is more than possible. You can do it. It can be joyous, it can be easy, and it can be light. And that is the way to a life that feels the same way. We remind you, you deserve it all. You deserve it all. You deserve it all. We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

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