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Episode 24 – I just want to be everything I’m meant to be

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, Oron chat with Dors about the tendency that lots of conscious people have to value the energetic way above the physical. Oron mention Medha’s own misunderstanding about this when she first started bringing Oron through and worried that her personality or opinions were going to somehow taint the channelings. Oron explain how they helped Medha let that go and conclude by exploring something that we often do to motivate ourselves into action that has the unintended consequence of leaving us constantly dissatisfied.

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Alignment, allowing and inspiration [00:00:16]

Feeling urgency to regain alignment [00:08:45]

When you think there is one right answer [00:11:52]


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Oron: We are here and ready.

Dors: My question is, and I don’t know whether it should be personal in general, so I’m just going to say it. I feel like I’m on the edge so many times in my journey. But when I get there, I just run away. I cannot leave my humanness aside so that I can be all that I’m supposed to be.

Oron: We are very glad that you chose this as your question, and we wish to clarify something for you that is deeply important and will allow you to achieve the things that you wish going forward. Your aim can never get you to where you want to go if the path that you think you need to take is letting go of your humanness, putting aside your humanness. There is no way for you to stand in the deep acceptance and love if everything that you are, if you are choosing such an important aspect of yourself to try to move away from. You are human, you are also divine. And neither of those two things is more important than the other. Although often our human friends choose to believe that the energetic and the spiritual is more powerful. But the physical is just as powerful, just as important, just as energetic, as the energetic if you look deep enough into it. The path to what you want is through your humanness. Your humanness is not a limitation, it is not an obstacle to be overcome. It is something to be embraced and played with and allowed to expand into what it is that you want. Do you require further clarification? Do you have more questions about that?

Dors: No, that just really hit home. It’s… They’re not two separate paths.

Oron: They are not two separate parts, they are not two separate parts. They are not two separate parts. You are not different from us and we are not different from you. It depends what perspective you use to look through. We have used the example before of a table. If you look with a microscope, you see something that looks very different to what you see when you look with your human eyes. It is not that one is more true than the other. Both perspectives are true. So you can see yourself as physical, but the reality is you are both physical and energetic and always spiritual always spiritual. We will share with you that when Medha was in the process of learning to channel us to allow us to come through her, she had this misunderstanding which was very similar to yours; that she needed to not taint the process. She effectively attempted to lock herself in a soundproof cave inside her mind so that she did not taint the information, so that it could be as pure as possible. But we had to remind her, reassure her, affirm for her the fact that she is actually instrumental to the process. She is the prism through which we flow and she is a part of it. And you are a prism through which the divine flows and you are a part of it. You are not separate. You are not less than. You are everything.

Dors: Thank you.

Oron: You are most welcome. We will remind you again and again and again and again and again and again, and we promise we will never become tired of it.

Dors: Wow. I’ve been fighting so hard against it instead of just embracing them together.

Oron: Most humans do, but we want to go deeper on this with you, so we will ask you: why have you been fighting it?

Dors: And the first thing that comes to me is I’m not worthy.

Oron: And that is where the play needs to be, the work needs to be, the attention needs to be, because otherwise you will keep attempting to have achievements in the physical to soothe the pain of feeling not worthy so you can prove to yourself and others that you actually are worthy. And that way lies a never ending path that will never be resolved, that will never give you what you want, that will always leave you ultimately dissatisfied because what you want is your own love, your own validation, you seek it through others, but the reality is you deeply wish for it from yourself. And the miraculous thing about that is that when you begin to give it to yourself freely and you experience yourself receiving it from yourself freely, and it becomes a mode through which you live, the acceptance of self, the love of self will be mirrored back to you in the external world. Because the universe is a mirror, the universe is a mirror. If you are seeing in your external life things that you are loving, then wonderful. Keep playing that same way. If you are seeing things in your life that are not so wonderful, then there is some work that you need to do internally in order to allow yourself to experience the things that you want within the boundary of yourself, within yourself, before it can be shown to you by the mirror that is the universe. We remind you that when you look at yourself in a physical mirror, you do not attempt to change the reflection without first changing yourself. You make a movement and then you see it externally represented to you by the mirror version of you. That is the same as the universe.

Dors: Boom, boom, boom. Wow.

Oron: You humans say “mic drop.” That was a mic drop.

Dors: That was mic drop. Yes, yes, that was the biggest light bulb moment I’ve had in a long time.

Oron: We wish to remind you once again that it is your very knowing that is allowing that space to open up within you, that feels like a mic drop. The reason you are feeling that is because you feel the resonance between the words that we are speaking, the energy that we are emitting and your own knowing. And notice that you are an instrumental part of that. We cannot take you out of the equation and have a mic drop moment. You’re a part of the experience and it’s the same for you and living in the world in the divine, you are all intricately connected and cannot at all be separated. Which is why the attempt you had of trying to leave behind your humanness was futile and you felt like you could not achieve what you wanted because you cannot. You cannot be less than you are.

Dors: Yes. Yes.

Oron: You can pretend to be less than you are, but that game tends to not be fun.

Dors: No. That gets tiring.

Oron: And draining.

Dors: Yes, and draining. That’s where I’ve been.

Oron: But the drain is superficial because, again, we remind you that at the core of you, you are absolute divinity and there is nothing that can make you less than. But like children play their games, you can play the game of limitation. You can play the game of not worthy. You can play the game of not good enough. But you can also drop it. Then you have those moments. You have those moments. You have those moments but you dismiss them very quickly. You have moments of being really appreciative of yourself and really proud of yourself and really happy with yourself. But you give those moments much less credence than the times where you do not live up to your own expectations. You tend to focus on those a little bit more.

Dors: Yep. I do. Time for change.

Oron: Time for expansion, you are always changing, you are always growing, you are always evolving. It’s just whether or not you allow yourself to go for the ride or you fight and resist it. It’s much less fun to fight and resist it.

Dors: I’m tired of fighting and resisting, and I just really, really every cell in my body just wants to just accept the words coming through. Accept. Accept who I am.

Oron: That is the path to everything that you wish.

Dors: Yep.

Oron: The path of rejecting any aspect of self has not given you the fruits that you wanted because the fruits that you wanted are actually a part of the whole tree and the whole tree is of self love and self acceptance. Imagine the version of you who feels completely supported by you, who feels totally loved by you, totally accepted. Imagine that version of you. And notice, feel into yourself how you would.. How you would deal with criticism? How would you deal with something not going your way if you deeply, truly adored yourself and were your own best supporter? You would encourage yourself through that. You would support yourself through it and you would not take other people’s criticisms as a bat with which to beat yourself. Other people are a reflection. They allow you to say what is going on inside of yourself. And how you handle criticism and how you handle love from others gives you a very, very important clue as to how it is that you are handling those same things within yourself. And having a look at that and being aware of that is beneficial. And we challenge you to not berate yourself if you find yourself doing in ways that are not optimal. If you find yourself treating yourself in ways that are not optimal and you are used to the old model, you will want to berate yourself even in that moment. So catch yourself in that moment and hug yourself. Catch yourself, catch yourself. We mean by that: be your own net. Support yourself. Not catch yourself as in “you’re caught out and you’re in trouble and you deserve punishment to make sure you don’t do that same behavior again.” Catch yourself as a supporting net so that you can play on the high wires, you can take what some may consider risks, that you consider joy and play and expansion with the knowledge that no matter what happens, you have your own back. You are your own best supporter and you adore yourself through your growth and your expansion, because we guarantee you this: you cannot beat yourself into expansion, you cannot berate yourself into expansion, and you cannot tell yourself you are not doing well enough and get to a place of feeling good enough. But those things are not possible.

Dors: Thank you. Thank you.

Oron: We are happy to remind you over and over and over and over again. And again, we will never become tired of it.

Dors: Sometimes it does take me a while for it to sink in.

Oron: That’s because you have a lot of momentum of the opposite, you know.

Dors: Yes.

Oron: But all of that is on the surface. At the core of you is the divinity and the knowing. So we will tell you this: it will not take you as long to undo this as it took you to create it, because you worked hard to walk away from the feeling of connection to your divine self. That was repetitive. It was consecutive. It was repetitive. It was consecutive. It was repetitive. It was consecutive. And it happened over and over and over again. And that is not something to berate yourself with. It is so that, you know that it was hard to let it go because the truth is you never let it go. You are divine, you are divine, you are divine, you’ve never lost that. You have only lost your connection with it. And we guarantee you that reclaiming it is quicker and easier than it is to construct the illusion that you are separate and alone. We love you. We love you. We love you. And we are looking forward to the day where you feel that same love for yourself. It is not far. It is not as far as you feel and think it is. We love you. Feel the love that we have for you right now. Take a breath. Take it in. We will never be tired of supporting you, and neither will the universe. You cannot get it wrong enough times that the universe decides that’s enough tries. There is no such thing. You are doing nothing wrong. You are not broken, you do not need fixing. It’s just that you could be having more fun. We love you, we love you, we love you. Go well.

Medha: Oh, my God, my heart is going to explode and I’ve got shivers everywhere.

Dors: That makes two of us. Everything that was said this morning, I either texted to girlfriend this morning or it was so in alignment. It was just confirmation that I’m like –

Medha: That’s what they keep saying. It’s confirmation of what we already know. We’ve just put it aside and then they help us reclaim it.

Dors: And it’s like, oh my gosh, wow. It’s just… stuff… I’m speechless. I’m speechless. Everything I said, I was thinking about or talking about this morning.

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