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Episode 2 - Turning the crap into gold:

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

using the state of the world to create expansion rather than contraction

2020 has been intense. It’s easy to feel like your world has turned to shit. But it’s possible to use the current state of the world for expansion instead of contraction. Oron say that the current tumultuous times are bringing a lot of collective fears to the surface. And they guide us in how to use what looks like a crisis to facilitate the expansion of you and your world.

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Oron: We are here and ready to play.

Cara: I wondered if you could share a little bit about your perspective on the current state of the world at the moment.

Oron: The current state of the world at the moment is challenging for a lot of people. But also, life in many ways and on many levels has been challenging, ongoingly, for a lot of people. And it has been easier to be distracted in the past with activity than what it is for some people currently. There is a lot of darkness that is coming up to the surface, but that darkness is not new. The crisis is bringing to attention areas that have been requiring attention for a long period of time. But humans find it easy to dismiss, to look away from things that are not impacting them in strong ways personally. And there is a transition that is happening for the planet. There is a bringing up, a dredging up of the things that have been buried for a long time. And that process can be extremely challenging and extremely difficult. But just like everything that happens in your life, there are ways to feel empowered in it and there are ways to feel disempowered in it. The truth is that you are always, always, always, always, always empowered in it. But you are so powerful that you can fall into the illusion, build the illusion, immerse yourself in the illusion of your powerlessness. That is not what’s true, although it can be felt as a lived experience by you. But the reality is that you are all powerful. Each individual of you is powerful. You can be at the effect of things when you are not connected to that sense of power within yourself. But the reality is, the more you connect inwardly to that power source that lives inside of you always, the less you will feel at the effect of things. You are not here to control the external. We will say that again. You are not here to control the external. Some of you conceive of power when we discuss it as control. Power is not control. Power is flow. Power is influence. Power is the inner knowing that you are, that you have that you emit, that you receive all of the things. There is nothing that gives you any kind of experience from the external world that you feel anywhere other than inside of you. All of your experience is housed within the beingness of you. The externals are triggers. The externals are not causes in the way that you perceive them to be. And as you look at the difficulties that are currently being experienced on the planet, they are not difficult to all the previous experiences – correction – they are not different to all the previous experiences that you have lived in your life. They are there to show you what active wound you have what active triggers are available for you right now to look at, to clean up, to heal, to move beyond, to expand beyond. Because if you don’t look at them, if you don’t heal them, if you don’t address them, they will continue to limit you. And it’s okay if you choose to be limited. But those of you that want to choose otherwise, this is an extraordinary opportunity to look deep within and discover what you really think and feel without the distractions of the past. If you feel fearful about the current conditions, we guarantee you that you carry fear within you from things that you have lived, from things that you have experienced, from beliefs that you have created. And all of that would be – it would serve you to look at it, to clean it up, to allow that to be integrated into you. So look at this as an opportunity rather than as a crisis. Because within every perceived crisis is absolute opportunity for growth and for expansion.

Cara: Yeah, that’s really cool. I like it because it feels like an empowering way to hold it as well. I just wonder about like in my own experience with connecting to my personal power, knowing it’s there, but almost like a veil to fully feeling it. And then recently I was able to connect into it in a more powerful way. And I was kind of like, “Oh, wow.” It was like a veil being … being lifted. And I wondered, is there a way that we can help that lifting of the veil? That…yeah, where we just can’t see something that’s there.

Oron: Yes, look at the veil without making the veil wrong. While simultaneously understanding that you created the mirage or the illusion of the veil. The veil is not really there. There is nothing that is inward in – correction. There is nothing that is inside of you that is stopping you from connecting to your power. You are seeing the veil as an energetic representation of the fact that you are not deeply connected to the lived experience of your power. But know this: you are always connected to your power. Whether or not you’re experiencing is the variable that can change depending on what is going on inside of you and in your perspective. But you are that powerful person. You are capable of creating and flowing with life in a way that will appear miraculous to people who don’t understand what you are doing. Even though what you are doing is the most natural thing in the world. You are incredibly powerful and that still frightens you. That’s why you maintain the veil. You are… You are not a small weak bird in life. You do not need to be protected from anything. You do not need to shy away from risk. But what you do need to do is create a sense of safety within yourself so that you then feel like you can take not unnecessary risk in an unconscious way. But when something feels risky, yet aligned – correction. Risk is not the right word. When something feels exciting, unknown, yet aligned? When you can move towards that, you don’t feel like a small, frightened bird. You feel like an eagle. You feel like you can soar along the thermals with a minimal amount of effort that’s required to keep you floating and floating and flying and flying and moving towards where you want to go. That is the experience that you’re here to live. You are not weak, you are not frail, you do not require protection. But until you feel that within your being, you will want to protect yourself, you will want to stay weak.

Cara: So how do we cultivate a feeling of safety from within?

Oron: Take a deep breath now. Feel the ease with which the air moves into and out of your body. Be mindful of the fact that you are not scared that there won’t be air in the next breath you attempt to take. Take your attention to your feet. Unless you have any kind of ongoing issue in the physicality of your feet, become aware of the fact that you don’t tend to fret about the safety of your feet. You feel a level of safety within the physicality of your feet that you are not conscious of. Where you put your attention, you bring energy and that grows. So become aware of all of the ways that you are supported, all of the ways that you are safe. Become aware of the safe feeling that you feel when you tuck yourself into your bed at night. When you enter a home that feels like a sanctuary, when you have a really connected conversation and you have a vulnerable space that you share your open, honest self with and the person in front of you loves you. Take your attention to those times and expand that energy within yourself. Humans have a tendency to focus on problems. Your mind are problem solving machines, and they are amazing and they are a gift. But as you train yourself to become more aware of the blessings, the gifts, the safety, the security, the support, the love that you receive on a regular basis, you will tune yourself more to that.

Cara: I just… I feel just from what you just shared, that sense of safety. I can feel that it’s there.

Oron: Can you feel that there was nothing that we did to ram safety into your system?

Cara: Yeah.

Oron: The feeling of safety is within each of you, even if you are not connected to it in the same way that the feeling and the actual power of you lives within you, whether or not you are connected to it. You touch it regularly. You touch the joyful you regularly, the powerful you regularly, the generous you regularly, the loving you regularly. It’s just that you dismiss those experiences a lot more easily than you dismiss the ones of fear. The ones of doubt. The ones of pain. The ones of disappointment. So think about a scale. If you have fifty one percent of your attention on your blessings, I get – we guarantee that your life will change in a dramatic way and very fast.

Cara: That’s beautiful.

Oron: And as you know, like attracts like. So once you’re sitting at 51 percent, the growth will be exponential. And it will… it gets easy. It gets to be easy.

Cara: Yeah. What is that…that thing about when how sometimes it’s like how can it be that easy? I’ve had experiences of such ease recently and it’s like, “Wow, how can it be this easy?”

Oron: It was that easy when you were born. You were taken care of. All of your needs were. If you survived into adulthood, that means that that happened. You were fed when you needed to be fed, you were warmed when you needed to be warmed. It is what is actually natural. It’s just that it has become, for you, unfamiliar.

Cara: Yeah…

Oron: But it doesn’t take long to make it familiar because it is home. It is who you are. It is the core of you. And so it takes less attention, less effort, to reconnect to the familiarity and the naturalness of it than what you currently perceive.

So rather than striving to experience the ease, it’s more about allowing it or relaxing into it.

It’s literally impossible to strive towards ease. You cannot have a destination that is not the same energy as the journey.

Cara: Yeah, that’s really cool. Um, I wanted to ask about – at the moment about the… I suppose that quality of connection, connecting to other people as it seems like it’s a real time for people to connect to their own truth. And there’s a lot of different experience – everyone’s really having their own experience at the moment and and some people are sharing that experience with others. And, yeah, I guess I’m wondering about how can we cultivate connection with others, with ourselves. And it’s just interesting with with the mask wearing and the social distancing, it’s like a physical disconnect in a way. So I’m wondering, how can we cultivate connection?

Oron: Connection is like riding a bike. It is – once you know how to do it and you are born knowing how to do it – you do always know how to do it. It’s just that sometimes minds and perceptions can get into the way and create ideas that block the experience of it. But you are correct in that the prioritizing or the noticing of the value of contact is being heightened for people. There is a tendency to take things for granted when you experience them regularly and easily, and when they are removed, you notice in their absence how much they meant to you. Medha watched something on social media very recently. And it was two children in America who had been physically distanced from each other. And when they came together, they were allowed to hug. And you could see that they were awkward at the beginning. And then once they started hugging each other, they began to cry. There was deep tears because they missed that physical connection. That was very moving to Medha. And it is noticeable that once people come back together, when they have the opportunity to do that, there is a chance to re-prioritize.

There is a chance to re-establish what values are and what you care about. And connection, for most humans, is actually really high on the list. But if you look at the actions of what has been happening, that has not looked as though it has been an active priority in a lot of them. So as absence sometimes happens, it can bring awareness to the importance of it. But we do want to remind you that you are not at the effect of what is going on in your external world in the way that you think you are. You can still experience connection. You can experience deep connection within yourself and with other people. You are all energy beings. You are not just in bodies. And yes, physicality, sensuality, physical contact is delicious. That is as it was intended and it is a beautiful experience to have. But it is not the one and only way to experience deep connection. You can find deep connection when you share yourself openly, when you share yourself vulnerably. That is available through very many means and not just through physical contact. But if there are people who are in the current situation experiencing a lack of physical contact, be mindful of what that means to you. Some of you will be deeply affected by that. Some of you less so. But all of this experience that is being undergone by humanity on the planet is a recalibration of priorities if you choose to use it as such.

Cara: Yeah, that’s beautiful. It’s, in a way, showing what our values are, what we really value.

Oron: It is for some people who are engaging with the situation constantly. For some people it is bringing up their fears and they are doubling down on them. So it is not a one size fits all for the interpretation and the experience of this crises. It is something that is being experienced differently by each individual, depending on their level of consciousness, their intention and their attitude towards the present experience. But that is how it is always with all humans and all of life.

Cara: So what’s the the best thing or the most valuable thing that we can individually do during this time?

Oron: You can turn towards yourself and find the pieces of you, the parts of you that are needing something and give it to them.

You can spend time without the usual busyness and stimulation that keeps you distracted from how you really feel. You can use that time to learn who you are and how you work, how you really work inside of yourself. If you were to become a scientist of your inner world and realize that you can, not control, but manage and nurture and work with your inner space, to guide your experience, to guide your mood, to guide your attraction point, you will become so much more powerful and this time will become some of the most productive of your life. If you can use this to come into wholeness with yourself, to take care of yourself in a way that you haven’t before, to stop telling yourself that you should do better and you should be more evolved and you should be more successful and you should be more this and more that.

If you could instead turn towards the parts of you that are still traumatized from previous experiences or fearful from previous experiences, if you could turn to them and love them the way you would if they were your children, if you could bring the compassion that you can find for adorable animals to yourself, if you could bring that level of love and care and nurture and meeting of needs within you, if you could learn how you work so that next time something happens in life, rather than berating yourself or being angry at whoever caused the perceived slight, if you could turn to yourself and go, “Why am I feeling upset about this? What’s coming up for me? How am I feeling? What does this remind me of? Have I experienced this before? What is it that I wanted from that person? What is it that I wanted from this experience? Is there a way that I can give that to myself now? And then meet that need? Each individual and the collective would be transformed dramatically, quickly and powerfully, and you would be grateful for all of the experience that led to that knowing and that expansion and that wisdom. And that is all available to those who choose it, but not to those who don’t.

Cara: Yeah, that’s beautiful. That’s really cool. Oh. I guess I just had one more question, but in a way, I kind of feel like you already answered it. But, I guess what I kind of feel a bit in the collective or maybe in myself is something to do with the the fear of death coming up. Like it’s quite a primal fear that I feel this is triggering. And it could be death of self, it could be death of a loved one. And so I’m really curious about, yeah, about that. About that fear of death.

Oron: There is a lot of fear in the collective currently and the fact that your economic systems are being challenged so intensely in ways that they haven’t for a long time is really connecting to people’s fear. Survival fear and money are tied deeply together. And fear of death is the most primal of all of those. But there is a lot of generalized fear in the collective that you are tapping into.

Medha’s worst fear was that her dogs would die. She’s experiencing emotion as we are speaking this. So we are going to take a moment to calm and soothe her. She dreaded the death of her dogs ever since she fell in love with them. For her dog, Swami, who helped her to come out of a very severe depression, she particularly dreaded his death and wished that she could give away a decade of her own life to keep him with her forever. Bodhi was also adored by her and she didn’t worry about the death of her loved ones other than the dogs. They died in December last year and they died within six days of each other. And Medha never thought to worry about both of them dying at the same time, she only worried about them as individuals.

That experience brought her to her knees. And it was one of the most challenging that she has experienced. And although she still has emotion about it, there was nothing wrong in her dogs dying, even though her personality rallied and railed against it and wished that it could be different. The fact that they died was not wrong. The fact that anybody dies is not wrong. There is a cycle that is in place. And the reason that you fear death is because you feel that physicality is more real than energy.

That is not what’s true, and as Medha has grieved and moved through the pain of what she perceived as the loss of her dogs, she has come to a place where she feels like she can – correction – she can really connect into their energy now. It’s not the same as when they were physical, but the connection is in many ways just as deep and even deeper. Which is the same as what can be experienced by the people who are in current physical isolation. You do not need the physicality of another person in front of you to feel connected to them.

You are all energy beings. You are all the universe. You are made of the universe. You hold the universe within you. You are not actually separate from each other, which is why you so desperately desire connection. It is because you want to merge back with the whole, but you have never disconnected from the whole. Medha facing her worst fear helped her to realize that life goes on without the extreme death-like anguish she expected to live forever more when she used to fear the death of her dogs.

She is still happy. She’s having a phenomenal life. She is adoring Nelson, which is the next angel puppy that has come into her life, and she imagines Swami and Bodhi walking with them regularly. Swami and Bodhi are still a part of her life because death does not mean an end. It means a change. It means a transition. And sometimes there is a need to face your biggest fear in order to realize that it won’t crush you permanently.

Cara: That’s beautiful. That’s all the questions that I had. Is there anything else that you wanted to share?

Oron: Your hearts are incredible. Your hearts are large and big and powerful, and they do not need to be protected. You fear the pain of your heart in a way that your heart does not actually fear its own pain. You try and protect it from things, but know that you are so resilient and so strong and so powerful. And when you create blocks against the things that you dread experiencing, you block your own energy and you block your own heart. You cannot block the things that you are scared of without blocking your heart. You cannot just block the negative stuff out. You dull your heart when you do that. And in order to live a full hearted, open hearted life, which is what most of you deeply want, the facing of the things that you fear is a really productive way of ensuring that you’re not erecting walls between the things that you love and your heart; between yourself and your heart.

All your heart wants is connection. And those walls of protection that you create in order to minimize its exposure to pain, they do not help the heart. The heart does not require them. You do them to take care of yourself. You do them, you create them to create protection for yourself. But they actually create a dullness. It’s like you then live in black and white instead of color and you are here for color. You are here for vibrant lives of expansion, of joy and of connection. There is nothing standing in the way of that because you are not a small bird. You do not need protection, you are powerful, you are love and nothing, nothing is less – correction. Nothing is more powerful than love. And that is the essence of what you are. We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

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