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Go from a personal development addict to your own personal success story.

If you’ve been working on yourself for what feels like forever, Oron & Medha is a spiritual consultancy that helps you joyfully support your damn self, instead. (After all, the universe can only give you what you feel you truly deserve—and that's where we come in.)

Fall wildly in love with yourself and become a manifestation rockstar
(vision-boards not required - not even on Pinterest!)

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If you really wanna create a jaw-droppingly amazing life—then you're gonna need to feel completely deserving of it before you can create it. 


Do you, just as you are right now, feel completely deserving of success? Completely worthy of ease and adoration? Of support? Completely worthy? Without needing to earn it? Or pay it back? Without guilt or hesitation? Because if you wanna move your visualisations from your mind out into your actual life, that’s the energetic foundation you need to build first.


And getting there - REALLY getting there - isn’t about booking in more massages or making it to a weekly yoga class. It’s about transforming your relationship with YOU. With your fear and doubt. With giving and receiving. With safety, security and support. 


Ultimately, you need to learn to truly and unapologetically adore yourself.


To move from self-care to self-love, you need to address how you talk to yourself. How you feel about yourself. How you celebrate your wins (do you celebrate your wins?). And how you encourage and support yourself (especially when you’re not kicking goals). 

Your Best Self doesn’t need to be created. You don’t need to add or subtract anything to who you are now, to become them. They're already inside you, hidden by the weight of the self-criticism that you’re using to try to motivate yourself so that you can *cue the irony* - become your Best Self!

Telling yourself that you need to toughen up’, ‘stop limiting yourself’ and 'do better’, is trying to grow via self-criticsm.

And honestly, if that worked, wouldn’t you be there already?


If you want your Best Self to rise from the rubble, wipe the dust from their fabulous pants and lock arms with you as you strut your way to your awesome then you’ll need a profound transformation of the ways you love, support and encourage yourself.


Because the more that self-love becomes your default state – rather than something you have to remind yourself ‘to do’ – the more that the universe will lavish you with aaaaallll of the delicious things that are an exact match everything you want.


Wanna know your current proximity to the sparkling icon of awesome that is your Best Self? Easy. Just answer this question: how do you treat yourself moments after you realise that you’ve majorly fucked up?

Supercharge your personal growth - with way less effort than you’re putting in now!

When you wish your jealousy, resentment, fear or doubt would go away and leave you alone, you’re not just rejecting those emotions - you’re rejecting the part of you that holds those emotions. And this is quite a hefty little problem, for 2 reasons.


The first is that you’re on both sides of this transaction. Which means that when you reject those parts of you, by either trying to ignore them, or arguing with them (‘I shouldn’t feel that way’, ‘I'm being too sensitive again’, ‘if I keep thinking this crap, I’m gonna manifest it’), what you’re really doing is rejecting yourself. Because the message that you give any part of you is the message that you give the whole of you.


Here's a little snapshot into the ways you may be unknowingly rejecting parts of you, rather than lovingly working with all of you.


Think about what you’re really saying to the parts of you that are scared, or in doubt, when you refuse to listen to them:


‘I don’t care what you have to say’.

‘You and your concerns are not important to me’.

‘I will only listen to you when you’re more positive (i.e. when you’re different —  better)’. 


If you think that you’d be your Best Self if only you could change or get rid of the parts of you that insist on feeling resentful or jealous or angry, then the constant message that you’re giving them – and therefore you – is that they are not good enough as they are.

You are telling yourself that you’re not good enough. Over and over and over the fuck again.


Is it any wonder, then, that your self-love tank is not sitting at ‘FULL’? Or that you often – despite your best efforts – end up looking for validation, or proof of your worth and value, outside of yourself? 


The second reason is that when you keep ignoring the parts of you holding these low-vibe emotions instead of addressing them, you’re splitting your own energy. And you're effectively (and unconsciously!) guaranteeing your actions are never fully aligned. 


Think about it. If a(n admittedly big) part of you is excited for you to move forward into your dream career, but another (quieter) part is terrified that you might stuff it up, or that it may cost too much of your time, or your freedom – if you move forward without addressing this, you’ll be moving forward with one foot on the break and the other on the accelerator. You won't get far, and you’ll wear out your engine. (If you’ve been getting frustrated with your apparent inability to create the things you want, this is where to start looking.) 


It’s NOT that you haven’t been powerful enough to create a magnificent life that sets your soul on fire. It’s that the parts of you that you’ve been trying to deprive of oxygen are just as powerful as the rest of you. 


They’ve been working their asses off to keep you safe from what they perceive to be threats. And every time they try to talk to you about it, you ignore them. So they decide to protect you the only way they can. By slowing your movement forward. 


If, instead, you can get them onboard with what you want (not by arguing with them, but by genuinely listening to them, uncovering their concerns, addressing them and supporting them), they’ll change positions. They’ll stop fighting you and work their asses off to help you create what you want instead. 


Can you just imagine how much easier it’ll be to create what you want when you’re no longer spending a large chunk of your energy fighting yourself? When you get your FULL self, with FULLY ALIGNED ENERGY, working with you to create your marvelous life?

Relax, knowing you can more than handle everything that comes your way—ease and joy included.

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When your self-love-o-meter is sitting at anything below 88%, there’s a constant low-grade fear that you have to earn everything that comes your way. And because your worth and value feels like it depends on your output, you’ll be consistently wanting to pump out high-caliber effort. Which means the kind of relaxation that you need before you can access ease and flow will be hard (impossible?) for you to access.

However, when your worth and value is no longer in question, you get to act from inspiration and flow. When you learn to build yourself up, instead of tearing yourself down, you'll be so resourced that you’ll surprise yourself with how much extra energy you’ll have. And from that place of feeling fully loved, massively resourced, and like you know how to work with yourself (instead of unconsciously fighting yourself), you, my friend, will feel like you can handle anything!

If ‘you have all the answers inside of you’ feels like bullshit to you, it’s not because you don’t have the answers. It’s because you’ve lost your connection to the answers.

Ever notice that trying to ignore your negative emotions is a bit like trying to keep a massive beach-ball underwater? It requires a lot of tension and effort. And the moment you let go, you’re back to where you started. 


There’s a reason for that.


When you try to get rid of your ‘limiting beliefs’, or negative emotions without first healing and integrating the part of you that holds them, you’re not just walking around in circles – you’re also hitting the pause button on your growth. And therefore your dreams.


You never feel anything for no reason. 


When fear/doubt comes knocking – that’s not random. It’s your consciousness and energy system using their deepest wisdom to bring to your attention anything that is standing in the way of you creating the things that you want.

And if you want to become capable of creating them, you’re gonna need to address the things that are not yet a vibrational match to that.  They are being lovingly shown to you in real time specifically so that you can address them. Because that’s how supported you really are!

You can’t get to what you want by trying to go around the parts of you that you consider ‘bad’. Those parts are actually the doorway to everything you want. And when you start to see them that way – as wildly important parts of you that are getting your attention to help make what you want possible –  they’ll stop frustrating you. 

And you’ll naturally respond to them with the same nurturing, compassion and care that you freely give the people you love. (You already know how to do this! It’s just that you’ve reserved it for other people!)


The result is not just that you’ll feel deep and profound love for yourself. That you’ll feel – and BE – infinitely supported, and valuable and loved (because that’s the message you’ll be giving the parts, and therefore the whole of you).

You’ll also reclaim your power. Because when you reconnect to the previously rejected parts, you automatically reconnect to their gifts. (There is power in anger. There is discernment in resentment. There are gifts in all of it) 

The answers are inside you. It’s just that they’re being held by the parts of yourself you’ve been trying to ignore.

Every single part of you is valuable. No part of you is bad. Or broken. And you resolutely do not need to be fixed.

But you could do with more inner peace and harmony. With learning to love and support yourself the way you would a scared child that you adored. You deserve that kind of care. 


You can’t get there by trying to split yourself into ‘good’ bits and ‘bad bits’. 

You get there by Returning to Wholeness.

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