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Freedom, Fun and Funds are currently closed for new members.

Buuuut, get on the waitlist to be notified when the doors open!


Freedom, fun and funds (in that order for a reason!) is the only program of it's kind that takes you deep enough to heal and clear the blocks between you and the money you need to live the life that you know is calling you. 


This intentional and powerful program uses a unique blend of money energy healing, channeled wisdom, practical strategies and money mindset work, to help you radically transform your relationship - not just with money - but also with yourself and your world. 


As you play your way through this program:

You’ll develop a loving, healthy relationship with money. No more feeling money = selfish, or that it’s wrong to want more of it, or that you “should be grateful for what you've got” (and not try for more).

Your sense of being worthy and supported will skyrocket - no more feeling like you have to prove that you’re good enough to deserve love, money, or an unlimited yoga membership.

You’ll have the skills to easily discover where you’re unconsciously blocking money and know exactly what to do to open the doors to money instead.

Money will start to come to you easily and joyfully, without you having to compromise what you care about most - your time, your family, your freedom.

You’ll be able to enjoy money - receiving it, spending it, gifting it - with no guilt, no feeling bad, no being beholden to anyone or anything.

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