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You’re interested in personal growth and development.

You’ve read mind-expanding books and done a workshop (or six!),

and although you’ve seen improvement in your self-awareness and in some areas of your life, your evolution never seems to impact your bank balance.

At least not to the degree you’d like.


Maybe you’ve taken a money mindset course - where you raised your vibration or tapped away your fears.

Which might have felt great at the time, but when you look back 6 months later, you realise that not all much has changed.


But don't worry. That's not because the abundance stuff doesn't work. It's usually because the course(s) or books didn’t take you into the inner trenches where the real, deep inner work happens. 


Freedom, fun and funds (in that order for a reason!) is the only program of it's kind that takes you deep enough to heal and clear the blocks between you and the money you need to live the life that you know is calling you. 


This intentional and powerful program uses a unique blend of money energy healing, channeled wisdom, practical strategies and money mindset work, to help you radically transform your relationship - not just with money - but also with yourself and your world. 


Because that’s the real key to living a life of choice, flow, and abundance, and of being able to expand your positive impact.


As you play your way through this program:

You’ll develop a loving, healthy relationship with money. No more feeling money = selfish, or that it’s wrong to want more of it, or that you “should be grateful for what you've got” (and not try for more).

Money will start to feel like a supportive friend rather than a source of stress and limitation.

You’ll create a conscious and fun relationship with money. You’ll know that if you’re meant to do something, the resources will appear, no stress required.

Your sense of being worthy and supported will skyrocket - no more feeling like you have to prove that you’re good enough to deserve love, money, or an unlimited yoga membership.

You’ll feel safer, happier and more self-accepting, and will naturally move from the old mode of beating yourself up (and creating more stress), to supporting yourself (and creating more flow).

You’ll have the skills to easily discover where you’re unconsciously blocking money and know exactly what to do to open the doors to money instead.

Money will start to come to you easily and joyfully, without you having to compromise what you care about most - your time, your family, your freedom.

You’ll be able to enjoy money - receiving it, spending it, gifting it - with no guilt, no feeling bad, no being beholden to anyone or anything.

I know that everything I’ve said so far sounds amazing.

And it is.

Let me be clear.


You absolutely CAN have these results. No question.

But you can’t have them if you don’t do the REAL work - the deeply powerful and transformative work - of addressing the things that are at the core of your current blocks to money.

And you cannot transform your relationship with money in any profound way, unless you do these

4 non-negotiable things.


You have to go deep. Much deeper than most people usually go.

You have to be willing to look at, heal and integrate all the parts of you that are NOT currently in alignment with prosperity. That means addressing your sense of safety and security. Your feeling of self-worth and your ability to receive. Your sense of empowerment, freedom and choice. How supported - or not - you feel.


This is big stuff. 


But it IS doable. Especially with support.


And it’s doable no matter what your current circumstances. Because you, dear one, are powerful AF. And if you’re not feeling that way, you need to go deep to reclaim it. 


You need to clear the crap. 

If you want to create the safety, security, self-worth and empowerment that you need to become a vibrational match to large quantities of money, then you need to learn to work with yourself in a way that does not reject any aspect of you. In a way that values and honours ALL of you. And encourages you to expand your potential with love and encouragement, instead of pushing and rejecting yourself as you are. 


Because, ultimately, the universe can only treat you as well as you treat yourself.


You need to build the awesome. 

This is where the affirmations, visualisations and gratitude comes in. No matter what you’re living, you already have LOTS of things going for you.


You can build on those. And as you build on your positive aspects and previous experiences, the energy of that grows.


Learning to find, connect to and enhance the awesome that you have (and ARE), is a fabulous way of escalating your evolution (provided that’s not ALL you’re doing!).


Shift your entire relationship with money. Not 'abundance', but money.

Many people who want to manifest ‘abundance’, prefer the word abundance to the word ‘money’. That’s because the idea of ‘abundance’ often feels more comfortable than the idea of ‘money’.


But that’s only ever true if you haven’t healed your relationship with money! 


You can’t attract decent amounts of money without addressing your thoughts, feelings and energy around money. There’s just no work-around for that.

Let me ask you a question:

Why do you want more money?


You might answer “to pay my bills”

“To go on a life-changing retreat”

“To leave my job and start a business I love”

“To take care of my kids and retire in a place I enjoy”


You want money for a million and one valid, excellent reasons. And you’ve tried everything to get it.

Working harder, longer hours. Vision boards. Thinking positively.

Affirming with as much feeling as you can muster. 


When the money just doesn’t flow, it’s always because there’s a block somewhere upstream.


Sometimes, the desire for money is really the desire to feel like you’re enough. 

Good enough. Smart enough. Successful enough. 


Sometimes, you want money so you can feel free and empowered.

And when any of that is tied up with your attempts to create abundance - then to put it simply,

your abundance can't come.


When you give money the job of making you feel secure, worthy, powerful or free, you're giving money a job that it simply can't do.


Which blocks money from coming to you.

(Would YOU want to work with a boss with unreasonable expectations and demands?)

This does not mean that you can't have your abundance.


It simply means that you have to recalibrate to safety, self-love, empowerment and freedom, and change

your ideas of what money is and isn't, before you can really open the doors for the money to come.

Okay, but what’s with the 'fun' part?

It may sound counterintuitive that clearing up your money crap can be FUN 

(But it can! And it should be!).

This program is all about FUN.


Fun is enlivening energy that feeds you. It’s your intuitive guidance system, pointing you in the direction that's right for you.


When you’re having fun, you’re not blocked. You're wide open.


And when you bring the energy of FUN to your goals and your actions, you bring that open flow energy into everything you create. 


And that’s why we laugh in this program ALL THE TIME.


We laugh at ourselves (with healthy self-acceptance), we make our goals into games, we make work time into playtime. 


It’s that lightness that allows us to move easily into the higher frequencies, where we can attract the resources we need.

and I am crazy passionate about helping you transform your relationship with money, because it was something I struggled with for literally decades.


And I don’t want it to be the same for you.

Hey! I'm Medha

I grew up poor. Proper zero-birthday-presents, no-electricity-today poor. And it sucked. But I was dux of my school and had the work ethic of a trojan, so I planned on leaving poverty in my dust.


But no matter how hard I worked, or how many affirmations I did, poverty followed me around for most of my life. Yes, it wasn’t dire poverty any more -  I always had $50 in my wallet and enough to get groceries -  so improvements were made.


But I still had to buy my clothes second-hand (not always by choice) and couldn’t afford holidays or nice dinners out. Or courses. Or all the books and stationery I wanted. Or all the presents I wished I could buy.

First I tried the hard work path. And then the spiritual path. In fact, I worked hard at that too! But my finances stayed anemic.

And then, after taking a course on money and energy, and years of exploration, I discovered that we each have a personal money energy. Each of us can only attract money at the level that we've cleared up our personal money energy. The more we clear up our money energy, the better we can align with the universal energy of prosperity. 


Then, around 2 years ago, I started spontaneously channeling a beautiful, incredibly wise collective of souls that I call Oron (for context - they’re a bit like Abraham-Hicks, but different). Oron confirmed this understanding that I was developing around money, and also around life: how to get freedom, empowerment, self-worth, choice and so much more.

I will hand-on-my-heart tell you that my relationship with money is absolutely the best that it’s ever been. That I’m investing in myself and my business in ways that I previously never thought possible for myself. And it effing rocks!

When you clear your blocks, and change your fundamental understanding of how money energy really works, you realise that the world really IS a prosperous place and that it really does give us the MAXIMUM of what we ALLOW. 


And if that’s not happening, then I guarantee that you are being shown the EXACT thing you need to address so that you can move into your next level of allowing and your next level of awesomeness


The universe never blocks you for no reason! It wants you thriving! It wants you succeeding. It wants you aware of what you need to address in order to create amazing things for yourself. Always!

And when you start to really know that the universe has your back and is always giving you what you need (and I mean really believing that - not just desperately trying to make yourself believe it) that’s when your money situation changes in ways that look miraculous.

That’s why I’m here. Because when people feel like their needs will be met, they are amazing. Supportive. Generous. Divine.


Imagine what our world will be like when the kind-hearted, conscious people allow loads of money into their experience and therefore control a sh#tload of our world’s resources!


That’s the world I want to help create, and that's the life that I'd love to support you in creating. 


So let’s heal the money crap!

"Medha's group money program is powerful beyond measure.
My capacity to receive more gets bigger and bigger. I am the most financially comfortable now, than I’ve ever been!"

Jess Gwynne

Sandy Beach

Here’s the practical stuff:

Energy infused, channeled content, to radically shift your money paradigm

This is where we handle the non-negotiable aspect of 'shifting your entire paradigm around money'.


The easy to digest video modules will start to massively shift your mind and energy’s relationship to money.. 


A powerful and supportive community (not on Facebook)

The power of this energy container is huge, and will support you as you move through the process of your transformation.


Sometimes the community will celebrate your wins. Sometimes they'll remind you that you’re worthy and fab just as you are, and sometimes they'll give you the exact insight you needed.

Live calls - hot seats, Q & A and money energy magic

2 live calls per week!

This is where you get your questions answered directly by Medha (or Oron, depending on what’s going on!!).


Money energy healings

These will be done for you by either Medha or Oron and you will receive them via video.


These are incredibly powerful energetic transmissions that will help you to go deep, clear the crap AND build the awesome.

Energy Practices and Meditation Vault

This library of practices in an invaluable resource in helping you work through whatever is coming up for you, as you uplevel your self-worth, empowerment, freedom and flow.


The program goes for 9 weeks.

But for this first round of FFF, I’ve been inspired to give you continued access to ALL FUTURE LIVE ROUNDS of this program. 


So yay for ongoing support in upleveling your prosperity over and over again!

Bonus 1: Return to Wholeness: How to Stop Self Sabotage and move towards what you want with no holding back!

A detailed and comprehensive course to teach you the Return to Wholeness Process. You’ll learn how to build your sense of safety, freedom, and self-worth from within, so that you can become a vibrational match to what you want. Includes many examples of taking people through the process, as well as many Q & A sessions

Bonus 2: Money energy healing library!

77 money energy specific healings that are ready and waiting for you to use and reuse to help you clear the crap and build the awesome!


Just hit play, relax and receive. Easy peasy!

Bonus 3:  "Creating Freedom: Using EFT tapping to create freedom from the thoughts, emotions & sensations that keep you stuck."

You’ll learn the why, what and how of Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka "tapping"). You'll see a demonstration of EFT being done simply and effectively. And you'll come away knowing how to use this powerful tool in your day-to-day life to get you unstuck, so you have more freedom to create the life you'd love to have."

Yeah, but … is FFF really right for me?

I’ve tried a million other things before...

Before we begin this bit, I wanna reassure you that I do NOT want to convince you to buy this program.

Really, I don’t. I would love to welcome you into the program if - and only if - it’s a good fit for you.

Q: I’ve tried meditations, affirmations, tapping, healing modalities, courses - but I’m still uncomfortable about money. Will FFF help me?

Abundance, money, wealth, freedom - they all have many aspects, many facets. Think of it like a huge jigsaw puzzle. ALL the pieces need to come together seamlessly to form the whole. 

From my experience, most people who are trying things to create abundance fail to address ALL of the puzzle pieces. They skip the non-negotiables.


In FFF we bring it all together. Together, we make your “money puzzle” whole again.

Q: In the past, I’ve seen some progress when I took a program, but after the program I went back to square one. How do I know that won’t happen again?

Like any other relationship  - your relationship with money requires continuous work. It’s not a one and done thing.

You can’t fix it one time and be done with it. You’ve got to keep working at it and nurturing it. 


FFF teaches you how to keep doing this money energy work with and for yourself, in a way that’s easy, and fast and effective. Plus if you sign up this round, you’ll get to participate in ALL future rounds of FFF. So you can keep your personal money energy healthy and shiny!

Q: $575 feels like a lot. Shouldn’t you charge less for work like this, so it’s more affordable for everyone?

Money is just another form of energy. Paying for a course, a program, or anything else really, is a form of energy exchange. FFF is best suited to people who already have a particular energy and a certain relationship with money. It is NOT for everyone. 


If $575 feels unattainable to you, then please don’t join this program right now. It’s not the right fit for you. I’d love to point you instead to my meditations on youtube and Insight Timer and to my podcast, A Clear Perspective and to my Money Energy Self-Assessment Playbook. You can find all of these resources on the 'free' page on my website. And you can use them to get started for free.


This first round of FFF is priced as low as it will ever be - because it’s the first time I’ve run the program, and we will be co-creating it together. When you join this round, you have the chance to help me make this *perfect* for you (and for future FFFers). And I’m grateful for your time and input.

Q: What is a money energy healing? And do they work?

If you’ve never had a distance energy healing, it can be a little hard to wrap your head around. 


Basically, a good energy healer can work with your energy to release what’s ready to be released and bring up what is ready to be addressed and healed. And they can do that either in person or via distance.


On a practical level, I’ll be recording a video while I do your money energy healings. Then all you have to do is watch the video for each of the healings in order to receive it. Easy peasy! And you can repeat each healing as often as you like!

If you still have questions, I'd love to answer them!

Just click the little bubble at the bottom right of this page!



$105 USD



$575 USD



Gold plus 3 x 1:1 sessions with Medha


$205 USD



$1,150 USD

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