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What is

Energy Healing?

The body and the psyche have the innate impulse and ability to move towards balance and healing. This is demonstrated every time we cut ourselves or catch a cold and the body miraculously heals itself with little, if any, conscious input from us. But circumstances, experiences and events can create beliefs and energetic patterns that can block the free flow of energy and prevent the body and energy system from re-establishing this balance.

Energy Healing is a natural, non-invasive modality that seeks to restore balance to the energy system. An experienced energy practitioner is skilled in the art of assessing and working with the human energy field to interrupt the established and repetitive patterns that keep creating more of the (undesirable) ‘same’.

What can Energy Healing do for me?

Energy Healing works on two levels. The first level – and the minimum you should expect from any energy treatment – is the basic rebalancing of your energy field. This is a passive experience that is effectively done for you. You lie on a table and the practitioner works directly with your energy to restore its alignment and balance. It’s like a massage for the energy system and usually results in deep relaxation and a general feeling of possibility and upliftment. You should feel more grounded, clear-minded and simultaneously relaxed and energised.

Releasing stress and regaining balance can be life changing. When you feel centred and confident, you handle life in a freer, more empowered way. You make better decisions, you don’t over-react to emotional stimuli and, put simply, you have more fun! Driving through traffic, getting things done, time with the kids, everything feels easier and more enjoyable when you do it from a calm and relaxed space. Energy Healing can help you reconnect to that.

This first level of healing can be enough to permanently shift energetic patterns and habits that have not yet become entrenched in the energy system. Chronic blocks can also be shifted, but this tends to require deeper work.

This is the second level of healing. If there is anything stopping your energy from flowing smoothly and with vitality, a quality practitioner will work with you to uncover and release the core energetic root of whatever problem or block you may be experiencing. They will help you improve your self-awareness and your ability to see, work with and transform any unhealthy mental, emotional and energetic dynamics. This puts you at the centre of creating changes for yourself, your body and your life. It is what allows the new that arrives to be different. Better. And it is also what allows you to start living from that relaxed, self-assured place in a more permanent way.

The most profound benefit of energy healing is that it teaches you to connect to your deeper self. To work with yourself instead of against yourself. To look beyond the superficial and to understand your deeper motivations. Most importantly, it helps you to heal any wounds or unhealthy patterns that keep you functioning in unproductive ways. It’s an extraordinary, transformative journey.

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