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Episode 52 – How do I shine brighter?: Finding my sacred work

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, Oron chat with Lena about how we can shine brighter, and live our best life. They also discuss what you can use as guidance to know that you’re moving towards your sacred rather work. They conclude by exploring emotional sensitivity and how to harness it so that it feels more like a gift and less like a curse.

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Medha: Welcome to A Clear Perspective, the podcast that helps you remember who you really are, what you really want, and the easiest way to get it. I'm Medha and I'm a direct voice channel for Oron who gives a straight talking, practical guidance to help us live joyful lives of abundance, ease and positive impact the way we were meant to. In this episode, Oron chat with Lena about how we can shine brighter and live our best life. They also discuss how you can guide yourself towards your sacred work. Oron conclude by helping us to harness our emotional sensitivity so that it feels much more like a gift and less like a curse.

Before we jump into the episode, I want to let you know that we're taking a short production break. Our next episode will be released on Thursday, the 9th of September. And now he's Oron and Lena.

Oron: We are here and ready, and before we invite you to ask your question, we will share with you and those listening that there is an interesting transition going on in Medha's ability and method of channelling. We have mentioned previously that she used to think when she had an idea based, a mental based conceptualisation of what channelling was, that the process would be the same every time. And what she's discovering in herself is that as her energetics evolve and as the energetics of the universe evolve, which is happening in every instance, there are changes that are happening within her that require or invite her to connect into us and allow us to flow through her in a new way each and every time.

And so it is interesting to notice that when she feels a level of intensity within herself in terms of working out how to do it, it is much less flowing and more stilted. But when she takes the attitude of, "Oh, this is a fun game, I wonder what I need to do inside of myself today" to feel that connection, then it is something that flows much more quickly. Let's chat.

Lena: I have a question about how can I shine brighter because I know that I've been I've been called to share my medicine with the world and to become the fullest of my potential. But I can just feel the resistance inside of me and the fear that is stopping me.

Oron: We wish to address your questions specifically in terms of shining brighter. So you ask, how can I shine brighter? The answer to that question is to take away the sunglasses that are shielding your ability to see the brightness that already exist. There is nothing that you need to do in order to become a better, bigger, brighter version of you. There is, however, some letting go that could happen internally so that you can connect more to the experience of the shine that already exists within you.

You already know what to do. It is just that you want a roadmap to ensure that you won't get this wrong. But there is no such thing. Your life unfolds the way you decide for it to unfold, both in conscious and unconscious ways. And there is nothing that you need to do to please anyone outside of yourself, including the universe, in order to allow the things to flow to you that you can feel a calling you. There is, however, a process of allowing yourself to be in flow and in order to receive their impulses and then the results of those aligned actions.

You are already doing the work. You are already doing the play, you are already doing the expansion and there is no time frame that is faster. That is more right than the time frame that you are currently on. There is no problem here.

Lena: Thank you. And can you give me some insight on how can one know if they're going on the right track to their sacred work?

Oron: Your sacred work is not the big, heavy, serious deal that you make it feel as though it is. When you are doing what you call your sacred work, you are actually in the most flowing and the most expansive state of you. And you feel that sense of purpose and connection when you are connected to the depths of you, which is the infinite, which lives within you. And so there is nothing again that you must do in order to have that flow to you.

But there are processes available to you to release that from the depths of you more into the experiential realm and then more into the outer world for you. There is a misunderstanding that is imply with those of you that wish to be your best self, that sometimes is subconscious and sometimes you are aware of but still unsure how to move away from that you must become a better version of yourself. So we will keep speaking to this over and over and over and over and over again, because it is a message that needs to be heard many times by many of you in order for it to sink into your consciousness and also into your energy field.

There is nothing that you must become. There is nothing that you must do. But Joy can guide you to the alignment that you are looking for. And so the life that you want is not even necessarily of different external things, although that will come. The life that you want is one way you feel connected to yourself and to your purpose and to your flow and to your joy. So we would encourage you, if you wish, to move to what you called your sacred work, to connect into yourself and to determine that joy, that expansion and fun is your sacred work.

And when you use that as your guiding post, when you use that as your compass, you will find that you will naturally be flowing and evolving in ways that benefit not just you, but the whole.

Lena: Yeah, I sometimes have this feeling or I have this belief inside of me that work is not supposed to be fun, to work is not supposed to be joyful. And I think that's something that is preventing me from, from accessing and using joy as a compass. Do you have any insight on how to release that limiting belief?

Oron: We do, and we should begin by saying that you and Medha have worked together recently and she found it quite hilarious, although she forgot to mention that quite hilarious, that there is difficulty in experiencing joy when what your work is, is creating games. So we wish to return the energetics to you in this moment and ask you how you feel and what you think about that, the fact that you are finding it difficult connecting to joy when what your work is, is creating games.

Lena: It is silly or not silly, but it is funny and I've been thinking about it a lot and I don't know. I just have this thing that every time - I lost the joy in it, somehow I lost the joy of working on games, even though I'm creating games that bring joy to others. And somehow I feel like it's because I take it way too seriously. And I always put the serious hat on when I come to work. And it's like, this is not supposed to be fun.

This is work. So you have to work. And that just drags all the energy out of out of me.

Oron: You are very wise in your assessment, and you also know that you have this is a limiting belief and this happens with many of you humans where you have an understanding of yourself, but no real understanding of how to shift the understanding, the encouragement that we would give you is not going to be new to you. We know that you have been exposed to this already. Find the part of you that believes that work cannot be fun, that work needs to be serious, connect into that part of you and discover what is lying deep in its core, because you will find that a part of you has some beliefs and some understandings that lie below the depths of what you are already aware of that will then help you to meet the need of that part of you.

There is connecting with self journey that you are on. You have been going on this journey for a while, but there is a deepening that is happening now. And it is not a coincidence that you are able to see the fact that your belief in your work in Congress currently and that you are wanting to go deep with it. And so we would again remind you of the fact that nothing is wrong and the part of you that does believe that in order to fulfil your responsibilities, you need to take on a rigid heaviness.

There is nothing wrong with that other than it is not as effective and efficient as what you would like it to be. It is not congruence with the rest of you. And so what you are being asked by your energetic system presently is to find a level of harmony between all of the aspects of you. Most people, when they are aware that a part of them feels and believe something that they wish they didn't believe, tend to shy away from it and reject that aspect.

But that never brings you to wholeness. That only creates division within you, and lack of wholeness is reinforced. You are never not whole, but your experience of yourself can be of lack of wholeness, and so we would invite you to not only accept and not only love, but to nourish the part of you that has fallen under that illusion and discover what is lying deep in its core and find a way that supports it to be able to connect into the fact that joy and ease and flow are expansion and therefore more effective in creating its ultimate outcome that it deep down wishes for.

But until you really connect into that aspect of you and create a level of acceptance and nurturing and joy and bring it on board for the journey that most of you wants to be on, it will be difficult or even impossible for you to move in a level of wholeness that will create the results of expansion that you wish to create with not just this work, but everything that you do.

Lena: It makes sense because, yeah, I tend to I tend to start things I really love to start things, which brings me this expansion of joy and play and happiness also with work. And then I start to putting this rigid hat on and then the energy just flows out of it. And then actually my tendency always was to just start a new project then or start a new thing. Instead of actually finding maybe the joy in where and where I am.

Oron: And isn't it wonderful that your awareness has expanded to the point that you are now aware that the old pattern isn't going to get you to where you wish to go? Because it is not a coincidence that you have become aware of that in this moment. And at this point in your life, you are wishing to move to work that feels much more fulfilling for you. But we would counsel you to do the work while you are in this place now so that when you move to the next thing, it is from a place of moving towards rather than moving away from and without taking the pattern with you, that tends to take the joy out of what initially inspires you forward.

Lena: Thank you. I also can see on myself that I very easily take on emotions of others, and I start mirroring them most of the times with my partner when when I when he's nervous or angry, I become angry or nervous. But I know that it's I'm not. But I react that way. How can I work with that? How can I take responsibility for my own inner space and not take on other people's emotions?

Oron: The way to do that is counterintuitive to some people, so we will start from the beginning. Sensitivity is a gift, but it is only a gift when you learn to handle it before you learn to handle it. Sensitivity can feel like a burden, but sensitivity when you have learnt to connect in with yourself and address all the aspects of you and meet your own emotional needs, the sensitivity that you have guides you so that you can hear the whispers of the universe and move forward to those quiet whispers rather than needing the messages to be loud and dramatic in your life, your sensitivity allows you to feel the energetics of something and to know what to say in the right situation or to know to call in just that moment.

And it guides you forward with such subtlety when you are in a state of flow. And so many people who are this sensitive have some difficulty with allowing that sensitivity to exist, because the heaviness that comes when you are not sure how to let that go and move that through you, the heaviness that comes can feel like a burden. And so the first step we would advise you to consider is to embrace the sensitivity and see it as the gift that it is to not try and hide and against it.

When you create rigidity, you create a level of holding and contraction that is not beneficial for you. Medha had this same issue herself and something that she started to play with that really opened. The energetics of it for her was to imagine that she had holes at the back of her and she could open them up so that the people's emotions as she sensed them, could move through her and did not feel as though they got stuck. She played with that quite a while and it was very helpful and beneficial.

And then her awareness became more subtle and she realised that the other people's emotions would only stick to her when she had something similar within her. Otherwise that would just move through quite naturally. And so we would invite you when you feel that you have picked up emotions, not once they are in you to not consider them as the others emotions, but to feel the connection that you have with them and then, if at all possible, to take yourself away and to allow them to be and allow yourself to work through them.

Because as you do, it is almost as though you are doing it in a spring clean because it is easier to work with and process what you can perceive as the emotions of others sometimes than it is to do it with your own emotions. But because those emotions only stick to you when there are energetics in you that much as you do, that process is almost as though you are washing someone else's clothes and your clothes are becoming clean.

Lena: Thank you. I don't think I have any more questions. Thank you.

Oron: We know that you do not have any more questions, but we wish to guide you to a connection with your heart in this moment. Take your awareness into your heart space. And take a moment to admire what you find. The strength and the breadth and the depth and the power that lies in that space. As you start to connect into it more and celebrate it more and honour yourself more, you will find yourself flowing and being carried by life you do not need to fight against and you do not need to push.

And nothing is wrong. That is not advice in terms of losing your discernment, because your discernment is part of your wisdom and your guidance. But as you connect more and more deeply into your own heart, as you start to drink from that well, as you start to nourish yourself with your own heart, by your own heart and nourishing your own heart so that you are simultaneously the giver and the receiver, you build up your connection with yourself and your interaction with the world and with those around you is had from a full place.

And when that is what is happening us so much more authentically yourself, because you are not interacting from a base of lack, you are not suddenly demanding anything from anyone. You are in a place of flowing and you are in a place of shining. And that is the feeling that you are after, is who you are and who you are learning to connect into experientially so that you can move forward in every step of your life with being that you, the you that is already there, that you that already exists.

There is nothing that needs to be manufactured. There is nothing that needs to be created. But it is possible to have a relaxation into the truth of who you are that will allow more fun, more joy to naturally percolate within you and touch everything that you do, including your work. We love you. We love you. Love you, Go well.

Medha: If you're getting value from the podcast, we really appreciate your help in getting the word out. You can maybe be posted to socials, share it with friends or rate and review the podcast. It really makes a difference. And we'd love your support. A reminder that we're taking a short break. Our next episode will be released on Thursday, the 9th of September between now and then. I highly recommend listening to previous episodes. I do these religiously myself and never fail to uncover more gold.

Plus, I love hanging out with Oron and relistening is a fabulous way to do just that. Thanks for listening. And in the words of Oron, go well.

Medha: I got really hot then. Sometimes when I've been channelling them lately, when I put my glasses back on, I get all steamy. Really hot. They said they talked about it like the channel is changing. It's inside me, like the process is different and it's quite cold here. But right now, I'm feeling hot. Anyway, how are you feeling?

Lena: I'm feeling really good. Thank you. To you and thank you to Oron.

Medha: Normally, they leave when people run out of questions, so it was interested in why they weren't leaving, which was very cool.

Lena: Yeah, yeah.

Medha: What cool about that the healing that they do goes out to everyone that listens to it as well. So it's like super powerful. It did all make sense to you. Have you got question any of it.

Lena: Yeah it did. It did. I kind of forgot half of it so I'm happy that it's going to be recorded. Can relisten to it again.

Medha: Yeah. That happens to me as well. I tend to listen to the podcast episodes like at least five times each. I feel like what happens is everything they say their words are very simple, but it's like it has to my mind has to stretch to feed it into my head. And the more I do that, the more I feel like my consciousness expands. And so it's like I can't hold it all in my head.

Lena: Yeah, it was beautiful. And also it's funny. It's always funny with these things because but that's how I feel like with every type of healing and therapy and so on that like deep down I knew all of this.

Medha: Yeah. Yeah.

Lena: But, but I need somebody to like like show it to me because I just don't trust it. I don't trust that tiny little whisper. I'm like no, no, no, it's.

Medha: Yeah I know, I know what you mean. And that's the feedback that most people gave. It's like after you hear you go, "Yeah, I knew that", I think what they do is I bring out knowing more to the surface and we recognise that. And so we go, yeah, like I know. I know. And it's funny how we don't trust isn't it. It's like we slowly have to reclaim that ability gradually. Yeah. They said some other thing before.

There's a there's a thing on YouTube. I kind of put the link in it and I'll give you the link as well. They said something about humans want to go from not trusting to complete and utter trust, and they want to think of it like the branch of a tree. And so if a branch is only just growing, you can't stand on it and expect it to hold your weight. So, we try and go from no trust to total trust before we've built the strength of the trust.

And then we stand on the branch. The branch breaks, we fallen our arses and then we go up, "More evidence I can't trust!". What they're saying is all that means is like it's evidence to not put all of your weight on something that you've slowly started to develop. So they're very the advocates of this slowly, slowly practise to not really try and fast forward to stuff.

Lena: Yeah, but it makes sense because there is there is no fast forward. It's just.

Medha: Yeah, yeah. They said all the time. But I've learnt it too. Say the more you're OK with it being slow, the faster it'll be, the more you want it too fast the slower it will be.

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