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Episode 10 - Physical healing for the Earth and its creatures (which includes you!!)

Updated: Feb 28, 2023


How do we create physical healing for the Earth and it’s creatures, including humanity? This video explores Oron’s somewhat controversial ideas about the state and health of the Earth and what we can do as individuals to help and support her.

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Oron: We are here and ready.

Jess: I’d like to chat today about the physical body and energy and maybe starting with where or how energy manifests itself – positive and negatively – in the body.

Oron: There is we – do not wish to say negative energy. We more wish to say blocks. When there are blocks in the natural flow of the energy and they are maintained over time, there is ultimately a physical result. The body, like everything in the universe, is made of energy and as it is allowed to flow in the way that is natural to it, vitality and health is also natural to it and it is able to bask in that natural state. When the energy is blocked, for example, that kinking a hose and the water is not able to flow through the hose. When the energy is not able to flow through the physical system in the way that is natural to it, it creates over time a physical manifestation of that lack of flow, which is what is called disease. Lack of ease.

Jess: Yeah, it’s true that we sort of understood that for a little while. I am probably asking the question for maybe as our consciousness grows, an updated version from you about how we can unblock that energy. If you have something to say about that.

Oron: You are all energy healers. You are all beings of energy. You’re all capable of directing your own consciousness and your own energy. You direct your own energy, in fact, with your own consciousness. And it is entirely possible for you to stand somewhere, to lie somewhere, get completely relaxed and take your consciousness through your body and scan it for yourself. You do not need an MRI machine. You do not need an X-ray machine. If you develop the sensibility, the sensitivity, you are able to feel the energy of you in really subtle way. And if you scan your body in this way, you will feel that there are areas that feel less energized, less vibrant. There is less of you present. You can work with that, but we encourage you to do that work in a playful way. Do not, when you encounter blocks, consider them bad and wrong. Because you’ll be repressing them by rejecting them and you will be discouraging them from coming into wholeness. The process of discovering the blocks, bringing your attention to them, and then bringing openness to them, it is openness that is going to allow the blocks to start to dissolve. When your energy is blocked, you cannot bring the attitude of rejection, which is the blocking off of energy in order to encourage more flow. That is literally impossible.

Jess: So similar to how we talk to maybe energetic – well, energetic blocks. That is what it is, isn’t it? Energetic blocks in our body, we can do the same with the physical blocks in our body.

Oron: Yes. Some of the work that Medha does with her clients is indeed that. If people are experiencing a level of pain, if you are guided into – you do not need to be guided into it. You can do it yourself, but sometimes initially it is easier to be guided into it. You can be guided into an experience of conscious awareness of what is actually going on for you. Your intuition is unlimited, your guidance is unlimited, and there is no reason for you not to be able to explore the inner depths of you, not just in the energetic realm, but also in the physical. You can do that with your attention and your consciousness. Some of you do it regularly. It is just that you do not perceive it as this. Sometimes you feel a headache coming on before the headache is present. This is an example of that.

Jess: I’m assuming then too, that our body will hold a lot of wisdom in those places on what maybe it needs to be healed.

Oron: Yes.

Jess: When you’re looking at this physical energy and the body, can you talk more about ancestral stuff that we bring in to our body? Maybe some blockages and things that we bring through from our ancestors?

Oron: You carry the experiences, sometimes the beliefs, the energetics of those who have come before you. But you also tap into those with the collective. However they are yours, your your forefathers and foremothers have not been responsible for you feeling and thinking what you do because what you think and what you do are your responsibility. So if it helps you to consider the impact that has been had by the experiences of those who came before you, do that. If it makes you feel that you are bound to be experiencing this and have no power to change it in the present, let that idea go. You are always powerful in the now to create what it is that you want, and no one is responsible for anything that is happening with you and in you other than yourself.

Jess: It feels a little at the moment by what’s happening in the world that there is some healing going on that’s bigger than just us as individuals. Is that true? Is that what is happening at the moment?

Oron: We would invite you to say more.

Jess: So with the coronavirus and that almost the slowing down of day to day life, it feels like it’s giving people, the earth, energy time to heal. Is that what’s going on?

Oron: Yes, that is correct. Although we wish to say something that may be experienced are controversial. It is obvious that the Earth is having impact based on the industry of humans. We want to reassure you that the health of your earth is much more deeply ingrained than what you can see. We would still encourage you to make effort to – we don’t want to say heal because it implies that she is broken and in fact she is not. But nourishing her, giving her love and attention and doing things that you know would be beneficial for her is similar to the act of bringing flowers to your birth mother, your human mother. The act of honoring her in this way is helpful to her healing, but also to yours, because we remind you that you are not separate from the earth. You, in fact, are the earth. She made you from the essence of what she is. You are not made from something that is different from what the earth is. You are not different from her. You are made from her and she is one with you and you are one with her.

So, yes, as you heal yourself, you help to heal the earth and as you heal the earth, you help to heal yourself. But the word “heal” does imply a level of brokenness that does not exist either on the Earth or with you as individuals. At the core of the Earth and at the core of you is absolute divinity, power, freedom and flow. Is just that on the surface it sometimes appears as different and you are disconnected from that as your lived experience. And we are encouraging you to know that that is at the core of both her and you and connect into it so that it becomes more of a lived experience for you. And in that way, you will be uplifting the energy of the earth, of the planet, of yourself, of those around you. And that is beneficial because it is joyful, not because you are trying to heal something that is broken, but because it is joyful. That is reason enough. Well, we hope that that is, for you reason enough.

Jess: That is a little controversial because it sort of goes against what most people think that we do have to fix the Earth at the moment. So is it true in saying that we have the power to either heal and, or more appropriately, improve our conditions or hurt more our earthly conditions based on a conscious level. Would that be right?

Oron: You are capable of hurting the earth or healing her to the same extent that you are capable of hurting yourself and healing yourself. Again, it is obvious that industry has had an impact. We are not denying that in any way. And it is beneficial to improve the cleanliness, for example, or the levels of toxicity being reduced. All of that is obviously beneficial. The point is deeper than that: that the earth is not broken. She is carrying some burdens, but there is more hope and more availability for growth and change for each of you as individuals, for the collective and also for the planet. We – our message is one of hope. Our message is not one of, “Oh, don’t worry. The earth is fine. Do not make any changes,” because that won’t feel good to you because over time you will see more impact and more pollution and more things that you do not want to live with. You are at a point where you are wanting to, much more on the collective, change a lot of the patterns that you have been doing, both as individuals and also on your planet that have not been effective in terms of getting to where you want to be. You wish your rivers to be not polluted. You wish your oceans to be not polluted. You wish your animal populations to not be depleted because you choose expansion and you haven’t always done that in the past. So the process that is currently being undergone by the Earth and also by the humans on it is a process of expansion and evolution. But you have always been in a process of expansion and evolution. And when you know better, you do better.

Jess: Yeah, that makes sense. Almost, as you say, the universe is a mirror that the earth is a reflection of us and the more joyful and healthful that we are, the more joyful in healthful the earth can be. Would that be right?

Oron: Also the more joyful and healthful that you are, the more aligned you and you are inspired to actions that benefit those around you, including the planet. It is when you are mired in lack and fear that you take actions that do not benefit those around you in the same way. Although the universe is much more intricately balanced than what you understand, there is benefit to be had from all experience, but when you are aligned, you are inspired to things that are obviously of benefit to those around you and the planet.

Jess: Is natural rhythms on Earth, in us as humans, in the planets everywhere. There’s natural rhythms everywhere. Is there a way we can play with the natural rhythms for more joy, more health, more expansion?

Oron: Yes, do that if it feels playful to you. Do you not do it because you are trying to create an impact in yourself that has any kind of force or rigidity to it? As you naturally reconnect more into you and spend more time in nature and start to drop away some of the paradigms that you have picked up that are not helpful, the natural flow of the rhythms of nature and the cycles of the weather even will be more supportive of you and you will be more in flow with them. That is a more natural state of living. But we just wish to always encourage you to not attempt any of this work with a level of rigidity or a rejection of what has been or what currently is. If it feels inspiring to you in this moment to play around with us, then we do invite you to do that. If it feels like, “I don’t like how this is, I am going to change it,” with a level of rejection of the present, it is less likely to allow you to relax into the playfulness that we do hope that you are seeking.

Jess: As individuals, do we have a natural rhythm of rest times, creation times, growth times? More so than new day to day?

Oron: Yes, you do. But that also changes person to person, day to day. So rather than having – although if it helps you to have a general idea of that, then again, we invite you to play with it and uncover that for yourself. But we would also invite you to be moment to moment aware of what feels right for you so that you haven’t got a chart that tells you on Thursdays I am more upbeat and on Fridays I need more downtime. In rather, we invite you to ask yourself on Thursday, how do I feel? What is it that I want? So that you don’t accidentally create any levels of rules for yourself and you are constantly connecting into your own wisdom about what feels right now. Because as you discussed earlier, the energies change. There is a change that can be imperceptible, but it can lead to large differences in what may or may not be advisable to you in order to feel more joy and more playfulness. Sometimes seeing your friend feels really uplifting and energizing. Sometimes seeing your friends feels a bit draining and hard and difficult. It is not the act of seeing your friends that creates the energetic relationship that you experience. Is your experience of your energy in that moment that determines whether or not seeing your friends will be uplifting or slightly draining. So we invite you to again connect into yourself and guide yourself moment to moment, moment to moment, rather than based on an understanding of what your rhythms are that are more mental or head based than your own experience.

Jess: It feels like personal permission to go with the flow.

Oron: We hereby grant you permission to go with the flow under all circumstances and in all ways. Although our permission means nothing if you don’t grant yourself that same permission. So we invite you to do that for yourself moment to moment, day to day.

Jess: It seems so simple, but it feels like at the base of it that’s everything almost that we’ve discussed ever. Go with the flow.

Oron: And it is and we will discuss it again and we will go deeper every time, and it is not a problem that humans often need to hear the same message many, many, many, many times so that they can go deeper with it. Because, remember, there is the fact that you have been told the opposite and inculcated in you is the idea that you have to strive and work hard and earn all of the things. And we are here to remind you as many times as it takes that that is not required. You do not need to earn anything. You will be in constant exchange with the universe. That is what you are here for. You are here to do that so that it gives you joy, not so that you earn anything. And we guarantee that as good as the idea of sitting by the pool drinking cocktails feels to you when you are tired, if you were to do that for two years, you would be bored, your energy would go down. You are here to invest your energy into things and have that be fulfilling and delightful and have an impact of joy for yourself. And when you have joy for yourself, you have joy for others, and you are a force of light and good in the world. And that is what you intended. Going with the flow is the process that supports you in this. And it is okay that you forget and it is okay that you remember, and it is okay that you forget again and it is okay that you remember. And we will say it to you again and again and again. You deserve all of the good things. You do not need to earn them. As you connect more and more into all of the aspects of yourself and love them into wholeness, you will support yourself in moving forward in a way that is joyful and light and playful the way you did when you first entered the planet. We love you. We love you. We love you. Go well.

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